Aircall Review – Details, Features, Benefits, and Pricing

Are you looking for a call center solution?

Are you looking for something that can help you easily create inbound and outbound call centers with it, using only one system?

Let me introduce you to Aircall that is a kind of cloud-based phone system.

In this Aircall review article, I would be providing you with a brief review of its features, benefits, pricing, and overall functionality.

So let’s get started!

Aircall Review

What is Aircall?

Aircall is an excellent solution for the business. It is a kind of cloud-based phone system that provides you with well-known CRM and helps desk tools.


Aircall is a kind of call center solution for modern business. You no longer need a physical phone line to build your support team.

Through this, all you have to do is install a VOIP system, and you are directly connected to your customer. You can easily create inbound and outbound call centers with it, using only one system.

Features of Aircall

Easy Integration

You can integrate it with just one click. Its system is built in such a way that it already knows that you have your workflow.

You can also incorporate Aircall applications with platforms like SalesForce, Hubspot, and Zendesk. You can do all this with just one process.

Powerful Dashboard

Through this, you will be able to manage support teams and sales from only one place. You will even be able to monitor your team and see all their activities. For this, its live feed feature is present. Apart from this, you will also be able to listen to live calls.

You also have analytics and filter options to monitor all the operations going on in the call center operation.


Aircall is easily accessible to your team members through the mobile app as well. Through this, you have the flexibility that your team will be able to easily use whether your team is on a computer or mobile.

Anyone can use its easy to install dialer. Its mobile app is designed in such a way that your team can manage phone calls through the mobile app as well.

Smart System

Its modern phone system solution is designed for business only. With easy setup, your team will be able to use it. Its VOIP system allows you to create numbers in more than 100 countries, through which you can give your service to anyone around the world.

Matrics are also easily generated so that you will see which of your team members are working and which are currently available. Along with the modern features, you also have old traditional features like call conferencing, automatic phone guides.

Benefits of Aircall

  • Working hours per user.
  • Great for teamwork.
  • You get shared contacts.
  • You can make real-time modifications.
  • There is access to the shared call inbox.
  • Mac and web app.
  • You can also set up custom music and messages.
  • Unlimited concurrent calls.
  • Desktop notifications.
  • Manage multiple users.
  • Ability to work anywhere.
  • Click to call.
  • Calls made easy.
  • Call transfer.
  • Detailed Analytics.

Aircall Integrations

AvomaMicrosoft Teams

Aircall Pricing Plans

Aircall offers the following pricing plans:



This plan comes for $30 per month per user. It includes call recording, ring groups, instant dial numbers, voicemail to email, parallel calls, click to dial, call distribution rules, custom music and messages, shared contacts, tags, conference calls. Phone support, intelligent queuing, unlimited inbound calls (which exclude toll-free calls) are also free via the app.


This professional plan comes for $30 per month per user. All essentials plan features are included in this plan, but some extra benefits like live call monitoring, Salesforce integration, unlimited concurrent calls, advanced analytics, and reporting and power dialer. 


For custom pricing, you need to contact their support. All professional plan features are included in this plan and some extra features like custom analytics, access to API developer support, unlimited outbound calls, service level agreement, and customer onboarding.

Aircall Alternatives

1. CloudTalk

This software is designed for customer and sales support. It is a Cloud-based call centre solution. The company claims superior call quality. It can be easily integrated with helpdesk and CRM. The advantage is that the service agents get the visibility of the customer base. Its workflow is drag and drop, which is relatively easy. Also, the intelligent dialing function is easy and automated.

2. Genesys Cloud

Genesys cloud is a cloud contact center solution with managing chat, phone, and email in one place. It is an all-in-one tool using which you provide a pleasant experience to your customer. Your team will have a tool where they will be able to manage all communication services from one place.

3. SpitFire

Spitfire is a contact centre solution in which you will get to see something different. You get five types of dialing modes: manual dialing, quick connect, predictive, fixed-rate, and preview. It offers premise, cloud, and hybrid call center solutions. Which API you can easily customize it. 

Aircall Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Aircall

What languages does Aircall support?

Aircall supports the following languages: English, French, Spanish, German.

How much does Aircall cost?

Starting From: Aircall offers plans starting from $30 per month. 
Free Trial: Available

Who are the typical users of Aircall?

The typical uses of Aircall: Small business and medium-sized businesses.

What other apps does Aircall integrate with?

Aircall can be integrated with the following apps:
1. Zendesk
2. Typeform
3. Shopify
4. Zapier
5. Callingly
6. HappyFox
7. Gorgias
8. Magento
9. Nicereply
10. Microsoft Teams.

Does Aircall offer an API?

Yes, Aircall offers API.

Does Aircall offer a free plan?

You get a free plan.

Does Aircall support mobile devices?

Yes it does.

What level of support does Aircall offer?

It offers the following level of support:
1. Phone.
2. Live support.
3. Email.

What is the deployment type?

It has a cloud based deployment.

What payment method does Aircall support?

It supports Monthly and Annual payment methods.

Which operating system does Aircall support?

Aircall supports the following operating system: Windows and Mac.

What are the main features of Aircall?

The main features offered are:
1. Call Recording.
2. Virtual Call Center.
3. Blended Call Center.
4. Call Monitoring.
5. Inbound Call Center.

What are the top alternatives for Aircall?

Following are the top alternatives for Aircall:
1. RingCentral.
2. Freshcaller.
3. SpitFire.
4. Genesys Cloud.
5. CloudTalk.

Wrap Up

Overall it is an excellent VoIP system suitable for businesses. It offers excellent value for the price you are paying for it.

The user-friendliness and features of this tool are tremendous. You have a high number of integrations available. Its customer support and usability make it a top tool in its segment.

If you are looking for VoIP software, you can consider it. Its free trial provides you the option to check it for one month to make your decision whether you want to upgrade it or not.

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