Airtable Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Benefits

The first thing to ask yourself before you actually start using software is whether or not it is the right enough tool for you. The same goes for Airtable. Is it the tool that you need?

Airtable has always been the star of the environment. It has always maintained to keep up its decorum in the surrounding circles.

But the question here is: how better or worse has this software has become now than what it was earlier? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

Source: Airtable

The Airtable review here is going to clear all your doubts and answer all the questions that you have. This will also help you get an insight on whether or not it is the best project management tool for you and for the members of your team to consider.

So, let’s read it through.

Airtable Review

What is Airtable?

Airtable is software for collaboration. It is very easy to use and mostly has a database and spreadsheet for users to play around with.

It basically is for restaurants and for any type of industry that has to do with food. The software is very adaptive.

For teams to work together and share their ideas on the subject, the platform provides a centralized database, adding more to the efficiency.

Source: Airtable

With this project management software, you can add different cells, records, and so on to a table. The workspace of Airtable is a grid view which is a convenient interface to look at.

Moreover, what Airtable does is combines all the features of Google Sheet and Excel and joins them to embed a simple interface of its own. The spreadsheet of the platform is very easy to use and helps in:-

  • Building CRM software.
  • Managing the data in the inventory.
  • Tracking Lists.

Features of Airtable

The software offers tons of features to its users. The pre-made templates, custom views, task management, and so on.

Wondering how this tool became so popular?

Well, let’s find out by reading out the features that this software has to offer.

Custom and Pre-made Templates

If you are using this software for the first time, setting up the workspace could be a tedious job *Phew*

However, there are thousands of pre-made templates that you can easily choose to use in your project. The themes they offer are pretty realistic and match the business in use.

You are very likely to find pre-made templates in the Airtable database that will fulfil all your requirements.

Documents at one place

With this software, you have the flexibility to store all kinds of file attachments directly in your database. The storage space that Airtable offers is pretty huge and extends up to 100 GB.

Therefore, an exceptionally great way to save your data and files without having to worry about losing them or about losing space.

The Airtable app offers its support to all kinds of attachments like PDF, Images, Videos, CSVs, and so on.


Tracking and Management

It is quite known to us that earlier, Google Sheets and Excels were the commonly used methods.

Not anymore ever since the project management tools have come around to showcase their efficiency.

The tables that are present in the workspace of Airtable lets you enter data and tasks. It also depends on how a certain amount is spent on a task.

It helps in getting the latest status of your project and then keeping it updated on an everyday basis.

The flexibility is so extended that it also lets you share the calendar view with the members of your team and helps in effectively managing project timelines.

Benefits of Airtable

It is a considerable deal beyond just being a spreadsheet that unlocks some doors.

Let’s see some of its benefits.

Easy to Adapt

The user interface of this project management software is more than just a format of a spreadsheet that allows businesses of all kinds to fit in easily.

Additionally, users using the platform get to freely make a choice between the kind of view they want and are even free to customize their data in multiple formats like Dates, Strings, Text, and so on.

Additionally, it allows integrating third-party apps that helps in streamlining existing workflows.

Share Files Easily

It is clearly evident by far on the ways the software helps in making up for the lack of features it shows. One such excellent benefit of using Airtable is being able to share files and data easily.

Files are easy to access if you are using a desktop or iOS platform. This lets you access your files from anywhere.

Starting from sharing your spreadsheets with links to using them on your website, the file-sharing process is carried out quite specifically. The importer also lets you transfer the data right into your Google Sheets.

Why You Need Airtable?

The primary need of having this software for your business are: –

  1. It is highly customizable. Therefore, you can customize the rows and columns which will depend on how much you need. You can also play around with the table view.
  2. For teams, using Excel could be a nice option to have. It is also very adaptive. Users can get the best out of the platform when the dices are rolled neatly.

Airtable Integrations

Google DriveTwilio
Google CalendarGithub
FacebookGoogle Contacts
Airtable Integrations

Airtable Pricing Plans

It offers three pricing plans:

  1. Free.
  2. Plus.
  3. Pro.


The Free plan lets you use unlimited bases and a total of 1200 records. For every base, you get 2GB of storage. The Plus Plan of Airtable costs $10/monthly and also lets you use all the Free plans features. In addition to that, it offers 5GB of storage space per base.

The final plan is the Pro Plan which provides 50,000 records for use and offers a storage space of 20 GB for every base. Along with that, you can also use all the plans from ‘Plus’.

Airtable Alternatives

1. ClickUp

ClickUp is a free-to-use tool that allows unlimited members to be a part of the platform. The interface of ClickUp is also similar to that of Airtable and is also compatible with Airtable and Google.

2. Basecamp

Doesn’t exactly resembles a spreadsheet UI but aims to achieve the same prospects as does Airtable. All the projects totally depend on the features you use, so Basecamp lets you use the feature that works in the best possible way for you.

Airtable Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Airtable

Can I upgrade or downgrade the workspace plan?

Yes, you can change the upgrade plan of your workspace simply with a laptop. Go to the current plan and from there, Change the Plan to the one that suits your business the most.

Can I change my Airtable Account Email Address?

Yes, you can easily change the account’s email address by visiting directly from your laptop.

What is the different information that can be added to an invoice?

Simply add all the information to the workspace’s name. Currently, this is the only way to add information to the invoices of Airtable. This way, everything is included in the invoice.

How can data be transferred from one base to the next?

There are different options to do so. The most way of doing it is through Table Sync. Another option is to export data as a CSV file and then easily import it to some other base.


Looking for a relational database that happens to be cloud-based?

Airtable is the optimal solution for such a need. However, it isn’t a tool for project management. Still, it pretty much does the job and helps the end-users to get what they actually want.

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