Animaker Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Pros

Whether you want to boost your brand on social media or increase sales of your product, videos have emerged as an important aspect of digital marketing.

It helps to attract more audience and produce a better influence on clients. 

However, the videos you are creating must be engaging and impressive. For this, smart tools are required. This is what Animaker offers. 

What is Animaker?

Animaker is a robust video-creating platform and is valuable for beginners, non-designers & professionals. It helps you to easily construct animation and live-action videos for every moment of your life.


It is used by 10 million users including big companies such as Amazon, Unilever, HP, Nokia, GSK, and many more.

Features of Animaker

Video Making

Animaker allows you to create, edit and design videos for every purpose. You can create any type of videos such as GIF, short videos, live video editing, and many more.

Powerful HTML5 Engine

It is robust software and runs on HTML 5 engine. Thus, offering you seamless performance on optimized browsers.

Professionally Crafted Templates

Animaker offers a wide range of premium templates through which you can create stunning videos within minutes. You can even customize them according to your preference.

World’s largest video asset library

Animaker offers a larger collection of animated characters, properties, BGs, icons, images, videos, and more so that you can create the most beautiful design.

Character Builder

It offers 15 facial features and more than 10 accessory slots so that you can create the best character for yourself. You can customize the character according to your video requirements.

Extensive Facial Expressions

It offers more than 20 facial expressions for your characters so that you can make your character and video look more real.

Auto lip-sync

Animaker offers auto lip-sync so that you do not need to spend time animating the character’s lips. You can simply add voiceovers to your characters.

Smart Move

With the help of Smart move, you can easily animate complex animations with just one click. Thus, helping you to save your time and work efficiently.

Simple Action+

With the Simple Action+ feature, you can easily string together animations and change the expression on your characters.

Customize everything

Animaker allows you to alter backgrounds, character appearances, properties, and more to ensure your style reigns.

Gradient backgrounds

You can add up to 5 colors to your background and create a magical environment.

Live Video Editing and 4K Video Quality

With Animaker, you can pick, create, upload or edit videos all in one place and with high quality. 

Subtitle Your Videos

It also helps you to easily add subtitles to your videos.

Watermark Your Content

You can add your signature and watermark to your videos to give them a personalized touch.

Music Tracks & sound effects

Animaker offers more than 100 royalty-free music tracks and thousands of sound effects in our audio library.

Record your own Voice

You can even record your voice and use it in the video.

Import your Assets

You can import your log is, in ages, videos, music, soundtracks, etc, easily and thus, create your personalized library.

File upload size

It offers up to 20GB of file upload size.

Multi-User Collaboration

Animaker allows you to easily collaborate with your team members. You can easily work with your friends or team members on the same video and produce the best result possible.

100+ Social Channels to Export

Once you have created your video, you can easily share it on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and many more. Let the world engage in your amazing videos.

GIF Exports

Not only videos but with Animaker, you can also export GIFs. You can create videos of any duration.

Curate your workspace

Develop your organized workspace consisting of folders, naming your projects, adding your assets, create teams, sort shared projects, and more.

One-Click Resizing

It allows you to resize your video for different platforms instantly.

Benefits of Animaker

  • You can create amazing videos for any platform.
  • It also helps to create slideshows more creatively.
  • You can develop amazing Instagram and Facebook posts with Animaker. 
  • Enhance your marketing strategy with the marketing video creator. 
  • It also assists to generate amazing invitation, birthday, or anniversary videos. 
  • It helps to easily create a tutorial video with a drag and drop interface. 
  • It also allows you to easily and creatively edit your photos, add filters and different effects to make them stand out. 
  • It provides premium video templates for all types of videos. 
  • It also offers a large collection of animated characters, properties, BGs, icons, images, videos, and more.
  • You can build a unique character for your video with Character builder and customize it according to your needs. 
  • You can add your signature and watermark to your videos to give them a personalized touch. 
  • It delivers more than 100 royalty-free music tracks and thousands of sound effects in our audio library.
  • It is easy to use.

Why do you need Animaker?

Animaker is a great video-making tool. Whether you want to create a video for your business or personal use, it provides premium templates so that you can create every type of video easily.

You can also use it to edit your photos, add filters, create slideshows, banners, and more. It provides several creative features through which you can create extraordinary videos within minutes.

Animaker is quite easy to use and is trusted by major brands like Amazon, Philips, Nokia, and more. 

Animaker Integrations


Animaker Pricing Plans

It has 4 pricing plans to offer:

  1. Basic
  2. Starter
  3. Pro
  4. Enterprise


1. Basic

This is available for $10 per month. It includes:

  • 5 Premium Downloads per month.
  • HD quality videos.
  • Build 5 Custom characters per month.
  • 10 Premium Asset credits per month.

2. Starter

This is available for $19 per month. It includes:

  • 10 Premium Downloads per month.
  • Full HD quality videos.
  • Build 15 Custom characters per month.
  • 20 Premium Asset credits per month.

3. Pro

This is available for $39 per month. It includes:

  • 20 Premium Downloads per month.
  • 2K quality videos.
  • Build 30 Custom characters per month.
  • 45 Premium Asset credits per month.

4. Enterprise

For the pricing of this plan, you need to contact the team. It includes:

  • Unlimited Downloads.
  • 4K quality videos.
  • Up to 20 GB Files upload.
  • Build unlimited characters.

Animaker Alternatives

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark helps you to create high-quality content for any platform. It comes loaded with several free images, icons, templates, colors, logos, fonts, and more.

It allows you to create incredible content within minutes. It also offers a free plan. 


Canva is one of the most popular designing tools. It is user-friendly and you can use it from any device.

With Canva, you can create and develop any type of content like social media posts, stories, banners, photos, posters, slideshows, and more. It also offers stunning templates, royalty-free images, icons, GIFs, stickers, logos, etc. 

Animaker Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Animaker

What features does Animaker offer?

Animaker oof fees several features like templates, images, icons, stickers, custom characters, soundtracks, voice-overs, HD quality videos, subtitles, gradient background, and many more. It also allows you to easily collaborate with your team members or friend and work collectively on a video.

How many plans does Animaker offer?

Animaker offers 4 plans to choose from. These are:

Basic – For personal use
Starter – For small organizations
Pro – For growing businesses
Enterprise – For larger enterprises

Does Animaker offer a free plan?

No, Animaker does not offer a free plan. However, it has a free trial that you can sign up for without a credit card.

Is Animaker secure?

Yes, Animaker securely protects your data using SSL encryption. You can also enable 2-factor authentication to your account to ensure the complete safety of your information.

Wrap up

Animaker is one of the best platforms for video creation and editing. It is suitable for both beginners as well as professionals.

It offers a wide variety of features and you can create videos of any type and any purpose. It has a user-friendly interface and you can easily collaborate with your team or friends and work on video editing.

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