Avaza Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Pros

Are you tired of juggling between multiple applications to get a job done?

Are you tired of all the inconsistencies that occur while dealing with multiple apps?

Do you want to run a business with a bird’s eye view of your entire process?

Avaza is an all-in-one software that helps you run a business by collaborating, scheduling tasks, time tracking, invoicing, and managing expenses in one place.

Then Avaza can provide you tremendous use. They provide all the services required to run your business with a seamless and productive platform.

In this Avaza review, we will see about this software in detail.

What is Avaza?

Avaza is a seamless and productive platform used by businesses to get more done faster with task collaboration, discussions, file sharing, activity feeds, and more.


Avaza is one of the best project management platforms and is rated 4.5+ stars in all the leading software review sites like FinanceOnline, Capterra, GetApp, G2 Crowd, etc. It is trusted by the world’s leading organizations like Oxford University, Infosys, Loreal, Schneider electric, Stanford University, etc. 

It has a list view of your projects that helps you visualize, filter, and group tasks within or across projects. You can easily schedule tasks in a smart way to utilize the resources efficiently. 

Avaza also has a fully functional messenger that allows you to have topic-focused and clear communication with your team and clients.

Features of Avaza

Some of the remarkable features are:

Project Management

Avaza allows you to successfully run a project by team collaboration, task assignment, file sharing, discussion, etc. You can easily switch between Kanban, Gantt, and list view of tasks. You can also convert an email into a task easily. You can visualize and group tasks within or across projects.

Resource Scheduling

It allows you to manage team time utilization, resource assignment, and intelligent task scheduling. You can see team availability, Assign tasks based on the resource availability, schedule, and assign tasks with easy drag and drop features.

Time and Expense Tracking

You can easily track time spent on any given task with the help of their timesheets. You can set rates for the time a resource is used and enjoy hassle-free billing.

You can also create a new timesheet workflow to fit your needs. They also have features to track the expenses of your staff.

Your staff can easily upload the receipt of their expenses easily. You can easily digitize the receipt, approve the expense and set recurring expenses. Time and expense tracking will help you make intelligent decisions.

Quoting and Invoicing

Avaza creates professional quotations and Invoices for your business. You can customize the branding and formatting of the invoices.

You can easily convert estimates to invoices. And generate recurring invoices to save time. And best of all you can get paid quickly through their payment gateways.


The Avaza chat is as simple and easy to use as our social media messengers.

You can have private conversations, group chats, topic-oriented meetings, and share media files. This allows you to connect with your team and customers faster.


Avaza allows you to generate and share more than 50 real-time reports and analyses at the same time.

You can gain insights into your staff utilization and performance, project progress, time and expense, unbilled expenses, etc. You can also automatically deliver these reports through email.

Benefits of Avaza

Some of the benefits of Avaza are:

  • It is easy to learn and use. Any novice can use Avaza.
  • It increases the productivity of the team by intelligent assignment of tasks to the employee.
  • The time tracking allows you to easily bill for usage per hour.
  • The expense tracking allows you to automate your staff expense thus making it uncomplicated.
  • You can establish trust and connection with your clients using its chat.
  • You can make intelligent decisions through their powerful reporting feature.
  • You can also boost the performance of your staff by sending them the reports and telling them how they can optimize.
  • The resource scheduling helps to maintain balance without the staff or the resource being idle for too long. This results in increased productivity.
  • They provide a birds-view of the project so that you can assign tasks and manage any projects without any complication.
  • They have a fully functional free for life plan for you to test their product.

Why You Need Avaza?

  • To manage a project completely from listing tasks, assigning tasks to track task completion. Avaza will assist you all the way through successful task completion.
  • To create professional estimates and invoices with personal branding. This will save you lots of time and increase the trust of your client. Thus resulting in more conversion.
  • The time and expense tracking allow you to digitalize the receipts and resulting in easy billing and getting paid.
  • To connect directly with your clients and your staff through Avaza chat thus establishing clear communication.

Avaza Integrations

Google ServicesQuickbooks
DropboxGoogle Drive

Avaza Pricing Plans

There are four pricing plans available for their customers. Let us look into them.

1. Free
2. Startup
3. Basic
4. Business


1. Free

They have a fully functional free plan with access to all their basic features with some limitations to the number of people with access to their timesheets, invoice access, resource schedule access. They allow you to deal with 10 customers, 5 team members, 5 projects and generate 5 invoices per month.

2. Standard

Their Standard plan costs $9.95 per month with access to unlimited customers, 5 team members, 20 projects, 10 GB storage, and 50 invoices per month.

3. Basic

Their Basic plan costs $19.95 per month with access to unlimited customers, 5 team members, 50 projects, 20 GB storage, and 100 invoices per month.

4. Business

Their Business plan costs $39.95 and they provide unlimited access to almost all of their features with 30 GB of storage. They provide you with priority support.

Avaza Alternatives

1. Trello

Trello is a leading project management software that allows you to create tasks in a pipeline list view. This helps you to manage projects and assign tasks in a clutter-free manner.

2. Asana

Asana helps you to manage your team and coordinate their work by creating clear tasks, processes, and responsibilities. It is one of the most user-friendly software out there.

3. BigTime

It has everything you want in a time management application from effective time tracking, easy invoice generation to advanced reporting. It also comes with great integrations.

Avaza Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Avaza

What is Avaza?

It is a project management tool with all the features like task scheduling, task assignment, time tracking, expense tracking, etc.

What is Avaza used for?

It is used to manage and organize all the tasks in a project to complete it.

Is Avaza Free?

It has a free plan with a limitation to the number of people who can access it. However, you have to upgrade to access the full features.

What is the pricing of Avaza?

1) They have a free plan.
2) They have a startup plan that costs $9.95 per month.
3) Their basic plan costs $19.95 per month.
4) Their Business plan costs $39.95 per month.

What is the best Trello alternative?

Avaza is the best Trello and Asana alternative.

What does Avaza do?

It allows you to collaborate on projects, schedule resources, produce estimates and invoices, track time and expense.

Can I create recurring bills with Avaza?

Yes, you can set up recurring expenses and generate an invoice for that.

Can I convert an email into a task?

Yes, you can directly convert an email into a task.

What does the Avaza chat do?

It creates a project-focused chat where you can streamline your team communication and drive projects forward faster.

Wrap up

Avaza is an excellent project management tool that supports you with every tool required to run manage your projects from resource scheduling, time and expense tracking, invoice generation to reporting. Avaza earns extra points with their chat feature.

You can sign up for Avaza and gain access to their free plan right now. You can easily upgrade to the plan of your choice once you are satisfied with their services.

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