Bandicam Review – Features, Pricing, Pros, and Cons

Screen recording becomes a requirement when you want to capture your screen while playing your favorite game or going forward to continue to capture your video tutorial. 

Well, the thing that goes best for situations like these is a screen recorder to take care of all your screen recording-related requirements.

Bandicam has become quite popular in such a case which is also a popular program that helps to capture your screen in the right and efficient manner.

Let’s dive into the Bandicam Review.

What is Bandicam?

Bandicam is an on-premise solution for computer systems that helps in recording your screen as and when you want it. For professionals, this works as a great option to record the content they want. In addition to that, users also get the accessibility to capture screenshots and maintain screencasts suiting to their needs.


It can be easily used as software that you use to exhibit for your gaming purpose. Alternatively, if you intend to create short videos, you can do so with this program. Therefore, recording academic sessions, gaming sessions, and etc can be easily managed through this software.

Bandicam also offers different mode for recording like video recording mode, game recording mode, device recording mode, and screen recording mode.

Once you successfully record the videos, you can do so in AVI Format, MP4 files, and so on. It is known for being the best software recording software for a reason. On a daily or weekly basis, users can also opt to schedule meetings or recordings to begin with instant recording.

If you are into the world of gaming, then you definitely know about game apps that are built on DirectX, OpenGL, and so on. This tool helps in capturing videos of such intense gameplay as well.

Furthermore, its Bandicut feature also adds more enhancement by offering users to trim or cut the length of one video or multiple videos and convert them into a file.

Features of Bandicam

Some of the primary features of Bandicam includes the following: –

1. Different Modes for Different Purpose

There are three main modes of Bandicam.

  • Device Recording Mode: You can record any external device like your phone or webcam. Additionally, you can also record your XBOX for that matter.
  • Screen Recording Mode: With this mode, you can record the screen of your computer. You can decide what is that you are looking to record and therefore, you can record either the whole screen or a specific area of your screen depending on what you need. However, sadly, it doesn’t quite work well with high fps.
  • Game Recording Mode: You get to record your gameplay footage along with the content of your Media player. Also, you can easily record your other channels like your webcam, HDTV, and so on.

2. Extensive Abilities

  • It is widely used for Game recording purposes.
  • Record specific areas of your screen or the full screen.
  • Allows users to draw for real using the software.
  • Mixing own voice.
  • Overlay for Webcam.
  • Mouse Effects to make a better channel.
  • Capture Screen.

Benefits of Bandicam

Using Bandicam is a great way to have an outbound experience when it comes to recording your screen etc. Some of the benefits to extract out of Bandicam includes:-

1. Easy to Use

When you have the right kind of access to the settings, you can toggle from one mode to another.

When you are recording your screen through the screen recording mode, you don’t need to set up anything. This is the best part of this recorder mode.

However, for the game recording mode and device recording mode, you might need to spend some extra time on the kind of settings that work around.

2. Seamless Recording

The effective recording speed with Bandicam ranges from 1 to 144 fps and there are plenty of codecs to choose from.

There are many options that you can consider when it comes to enhancing the resolution. Also, lets your customers enhance to allow a recording up to 4k. So, if you are a YouTuber, this is great news for you. If you have hardware that is strong enough, you can enjoy privileges of settings that are indeed high quality.

3. Functionalities

Some of its functionalities are very fun to easy, making collaborating easy with people of the right kind.

Interesting options like pencil functionality enables users to draw and scribble around. This also helps the end-users to come out with output that indeed is customized in the right manner.

Bandicam Integrations


Pricing Plans of Bandicam

There are different pricing plans for Bandicam that users can use to comply to their reqirements. Here is a detailed overview of how things work.

Buying license for Bandicam is a one-time thing. You don’t need to pay a yearly fee. Once you have the license, you don’t need to pay for the entire life as long as your policy is in place.

Bandicam Pricing Plans

1. 1-PC License

$39.95 is the price you need to pay for getting a license for lifetime if you go for 1-PC License of this software.

2. 2-PC License

$59.95 is the price you need to pay for getting a license for a lifetime if you go for a 1-PC License of this software.

3. Bandicam + Bandicut

$60.90 is another price that you will need to pay to use Bandicam and Bandicut as a whole.

Also, if you are looking for a license upgrade, then you would need to pay $27.79/month.

Bandicam Alternatives

1. Camtasia

This software is more than just a mere screen recorder. It offers various tools that allows you as a user to customize your videos and gives to the kind of tools you need to enhance your videos.

2. Icecream Screen Recorder

Use it as a screenshot or a video file, Icecream Screen Recorder will work both ways for you. You can then save it as a screenshot or a video file. It is an easy-to-use software offering accessibility for professionally capturing the screen.

Bandicam Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Bandicam Review

What is the best alternative to Bandicam for Mac Users?

OBS and Screenflick are the two screen recorders that work best for Mac Users.

Is Bandicam available to use for free?

Yes, you can use Bandicam for free. You can record your screen, edit them, pencil around without having to pay a penny and without any limitations. However, if you have the license, your videos will showcase Bandicam.

Wrap up

That was all we had for Bandicam, a software that works wonders when it comes to recording your screen, device, or a game that you are playing. Considering this article was helpful, make sure to try this software out to see how it gets along with your business or non-business needs.

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