Baremetrics Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Benefits

Regardless of the business, you opt for, it is indeed a lot of work to be able to successfully handle complex data.

However, when these things are not done in the right manner, it could lead to errors. Manual intervention in the process also results in inaccurate results which could not only cause loss of efforts and time.

Well, thanks to tools like Barametrics that helps in making decisions that help to perform tasks that are indeed tough.

Source: Baremetrics

These offer a lot of features that help businesses to extract the maximum revenue and in turn results in inaccurate reports that deal with the process. In this review, we are going to talk about Baremetrics in detail to understand how it works and helps in adding more to business.

Baremetrics Review

What is Baremetrics?

Let’s help you understand Baremetrics in the easiest way we can.

Baremetrics is a subscription software primarily made keeping businesses in mind. It works really well for SaaS companies who have recurring bills and also use Stripe as your mode of payment.

Source: Baremetrics

If you have your own business that aims to offer subscription products to its customers, then Baremetrics is one optimal solution for you to use.

All the different metrics like Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), Cancellation, Churn Rate, and so on could be easily found out through Baremetrics. All of these are very useful for growing business processes.

Therefore, if you have a business that is not very much into subscriptions, then these metrics are not going to be of help to you.

Features of Baremetrics


Baremetrics offers a dashboard that contains global reports. Overall, the target here is the subscription business.

These global dashboards contain all the necessary and important metrics that a business might need for subscriptions.’

These dashboards run a total of 20 metrics in one place, for example, monthly recurring revenue, refunds, etc.

In addition to that, there is also a way to stream through recent transactions which slide in right beside the dashboard. All the transactions starting from upgrades to transactions that fail are listed here.

That is not all. There is also a different mechanism for an individual dashboard that highlights all the 20 metrics and elaborates on the details too.

These individual dashboards are comparatively easy to understand as they highlight all the details.

Source: Baremetrics

Well, Baremetrics has definitely done a great job here providing all the required help and details for all the metrics.


Baremetrics also deals with Forecasts. It majorly showcases forecasts for three categories.

Cash Flows

The cash flow is a chain of the total bills that are calculated for the customers in general. These contain all the bills of the customers over a course of time, specifically 12 months.

Monthly Recurring Revenue

Depending on your churn rate, you monthly recurring revenue in one year gets recorded in the dashboard.


This forecast mentions and speaks about the likely customers you are going to acquire.

Notifications and Emails

Baremetrics does a pretty good job when it comes to sending or emailing reports.

You can easily send these notifications out to your team members or partners so that they also have an update about the business activities that are happening around.

Some of these reports that are sent through emails talk about the transaction status of customers keeping you posted about the upgrade or downgrade of their recent plans or it could be them discussing the churn rates in general.

Therefore it is a fantastic feature to have.

Benefits of Baremetrics

Some of the primary benefits of Baremetrics are: –

  • With just one click users get the accessibility to connect to their Stripe account. Receiving data also becomes easy and spontaneous.
  • LTV, MRR, etc lets you understand the needs of the customers and know what they actually want.

Why You Need Baremetrics?

There are many reasons why one would need Baremetrics for their business.

Here are a few reasons: –

  • Segmentation – Adding more insights to your dashboard is always helpful. Therefore, having segmentation counts as a need of the platform to let customers organize and compare their insights.
  • Track Growth: When you are working on one thing or the other, it is crucial that you know how things work and what growth you are making. Baremetrics lets you do just that by allowing you to perform quick checks to see how the customers are growing.

Source: Baremetrics

Baremetrics Integrations

Google SheetsXero
MagentoQuickBooks Online

Baremetrics Pricing Plans

The pricing plan of Baremetrics is pretty neat as it offers a flexible 14-day pack for trial. There are four plans available for users to choose from.

Baremetrics pricing plans

Startup Plan

If you have a well-to-do business that aims at generating monthly recurring revenue at around $10,000, then this is the plan for you.

As for monthly basis, users need to pay $50/month. Some of its extensive features includes email reports, slack and instant alerts and a lot more that you can avail easily.

Professional Plan

Considering that you have a medium-sized business, you will need to pay $100/month. Additionally, this plan also lets you manage a recurring revenue that generates $50,000/month.

Some of its features includes forecasting, analytics review, comparison of plans, and so on.

Business Plan

Now, if you have a business generating monthly recurring revenue at $200,000/month, then Business Plan is the one to consider. For switching or even buying this plan, you will need to pay $250/month.

Some of the extensive features includes revenue breakouts, managing profiles of customers, and so on.

Enterprise Plan

If you pay $500/month, then you can easily get to manage your monthly recurring revenues for about $50,000. This is very ideal and a great option to have. In addition to that, it also includes all the features that the above three plans bring forth.

Baremetrics Alternatives

1. Sisense

A software known for its awards mostly and also helps to analyze and organize the data of the right kind for your business.

2. Qualtrics Research Core

Most commonly used by business professionals and different academic institutions to leverage AI in all sectors. Alternatively, the use of AI in surveys and analytics are also some of its great features.

Baremetrics Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Baremetrics

What are the possible way to improve metrics?

The best way to improve your metrics is to do it through MRR i.e. Monthly Recurring Revenue. It is the pillar of SaaS metrics
You can improve your MRR instead using two ways i.e. by increasing the revenue or by decreasing the revenue.

What is Recover?

If you lose your revenue by any chance, recover is the way to prevent it and then further recover it. It helps to fight churn and eventually helps users add some money to their fitting pockets.

What is Baremetrics?

Baremetrics is a platform for SaaS analytics that is mostly used by businesses. Moreover, the most recommended payment method, in this case, is Stripe payment. It is very convenient to use. All it needs is one click to get the hang of it.

What are the different pricing plans of Baremetrics?

Baremetrics has 4 plans each of which offers a 14-day trial. The plans include Startup, Professional, Business, and Enterprise.

Wrap up

In cases like these, integrating with the right platform is absolutely necessary and therefore, the best way to do so is to establish a partnership. Therefore, the right thing to do would be to keep an eye on the business and then record every possible metric.

Baremetrics is a great option to consider if you don’t hesitate to spend more money on yourself and on your business every month.

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