4 Best Affiliate Marketing Software of 2022

There is so much affiliate marketing software out there and it could be tough to choose the one that will suit all your requirements. There are so many factors to consider like features, benefits, pricing, etc.

If you are an affiliate marketer, then you certainly have performance scattered all over your mind, right?

Well, you know what to do, don’t you? Traverse through other options and affiliate programs and see if they work as you would want them to.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner who is just starting or are experienced, some great affiliate marketing software could help you out to structure things more carefully for the future.

Therefore, let’s dive in to figure out the best affiliate marketing software and understand what all they have to offer.

Top 4 Best Affiliate Marketing Software of 2021

To make sure you get the best affiliate marketing software, you need to have the right options. Hence, let’s just get started and figure out the affiliate software that will work in just the right way for your business.

1. ThriveCart Affiliate Marketing Software

Thrivecart Affiliate Marketing Tool is an affordable option and also one of the software out there.

Moreover, you can also manage your entire affiliate program starting from how commissions work to refunds. You can have them all under one roof.

Alongside, you can also expect a lot of features from this platform some of which are Webhooks integration, A/B Testing, 2 Factor Authentication, Two-Steps Cart, and there’s so much that you can expect.

thrivecart-affiliate marketing-software

Key Features

  • With ThriveCart, you get detailed statistics. This lets you easily track sales and manage promotions.
  • You can also share all your data in the most intelligent manner. This gives so much time to run your business smoothly.
  • It allows you to create funnels, sell more, and hence, you can create fast funnels in a matter of time. You can also customize buttons to embed them on your page.
  • ThriveCart calculates the numbers in such a way that you get the right idea of the sales tax. Tax is calculated based on product type and location. This saves time from integrating with other services.

Thrivecart Pricing

You need to get in touch with the representatives to figure out how the pricing will work. For now, there is a special offer going on. You can avail of a lifetime membership of the tool.

2. Tapfiliate Affiliate Marketing Software

Without any argument, Tapfiliate affiliate marketing software is the best option to consider. Primarily because it has the simplest User Interface and tons of other features.

SaaS businesses and eCommerce websites benefit the most from this tool. Furthermore, it is an ideal choice to make for sales and conversion. Additionally, you can also track, create, optimize, and manage all your affiliate programs.

There are more than 30+ applications that Tapfiliate shares integrations. Some of them are Zapier, WooCommerce, Stripe, etc.

tapfiliate-affiliate marketing-software

Key Features

  • You can directly and very easily approve affiliate commissions. This can be either done manually or you can also let automation take care of it.
  • It has a wide label of integrations that includes 34+ apps such as WordPress, Stripe, Recurly, and so much more.
  • The interface is very intuitive and can be customized depending on the needs and requirements an enterprise has.
  • You get a free trial for 14-days to use their features and see how compatible they are with what you need.

Tapfiliate Pricing

There are three premium plans that Tapfiliate offers. You can choose them depending on the needs you have. You also get a free trial for 14-days which is enough to explore the features.

  • Essential Plan – $69/monthly.
  • Pro Plan – $149/monthly
  • Enterprise Plan – You can get in touch with them to find out the quotes.

3. Scaleo Affiliate Marketing Software

The next in our list of Affiliate Marketing software we have Scaleo. In addition to being an affiliate marketing software, it also specializes in being a tracking software that lets you and your team members understand the dynamics of the affiliate business.

There is a lot you can do on Scaleo starting from redirection tracking and followed by managing reports and analytics. This tool lets you complete all your tasks on time and be efficient.

Moreover, the UI customization of Scaleo fits with the kind of branding your company uses. To ensure and eliminate fraud traffic, it follows the anti-fraud logic approach.

scaleo-affiliate marketing-software

Key Features

  • The UI customization tool that Scaleo offers is an add-on to what it offers. You and the members of your team get easy access to redesign the interface so that it aligns with your company’s brand.
  • In affiliate marketing, insights have a very crucial role to play. To make sure that the insights offered are the best, Scaleo has reports and analytics that help users. This makes it easy for advertisers to figure out their income and to understand how the statistics are working.
  • Artificial Intelligence is another great feature of Scaleo. It lets you use AI for so many different reasons. The traffic redirection feature allows you to enable monetization for every click that is made. Secondly, AI lets you automate the workflow so that you gain efficiency as well as productivity.

Scaleo Pricing

The pricing plan of Scaleo goes like this.

  1. Professional – $299/month
  2. Enterprise – $499/month
  3. Custom – $999/month

4. Post Affliate Affiliate Marketing Software

Post Affiliate Pro is the next one on our list of affiliate marketing software that allows tracking of affiliate programs in a very enhanced and systematic way.

Moreover, it can establish connections with payment gateways and more than 170 CMS to an extent.

The dashboard is pretty simple and intuitive and for both i.e., merchants and affiliates, there is a special program that takes care of the whole thing.

In addition to all these, Post Affiliate also offers excellent support to provide a base for eCommerce websites and shops. This helps in boosting and monitoring the whole process such as payouts, commissions, and so on.

Navigation on the platform is also easy. Therefore, making it easy for users to navigate through the bunch of features they come across. You can simply sign up and start using the platform and it will just take 5 minutes or less to onboard you and get started.

post-affiliate-affiliate marketing-software

Key Features

  • Provides extensive support to different kinds of affiliate links. The program is very flexible and depending on the requirement, you can choose the affiliate links that match the most to your needs.
  • There are so many features that Post Affiliate offers its users. Some of them include campaign automation tools, multi-language support, tracking features, and so on.
  • Understanding the features and how they work is equally important and hence, you get an overview of the whole workflow. You can figure out all the events that include impressions, clicks, and even affiliate commissions to reach out to the maximum date range.
  • This software also ensures protection. Along with offering rigid protection against fraud, you can also expect protection against other clicks and orders. There is a lot it does behind the wall only to make sure you are safe.

Post Affiliate Pricing

You get a free trial for 14 days with Post Affiliate Pro. Here is how the pricing works for the tool.

Pro Plan – $97/month
Ultimate Plan – $197/month
Network Plan – $477/month


Wrapping it up, there is a lot more affiliate marketing software that you will find out there. However, it is extremely crucial to have and use the software that works best for you and your business,

Having the right tool does save a lot of time and we know how tedious it can get to figure out just the right tool.

This is exactly why we have compiled the list of Best 4 for you. All the suggestions are equally good and established.

You can go for the free trials and see how effectively these tools prove to be for your business in the coming time.

All the Best!

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