5 Best Email Verification Services 2022 (Free & Paid)

How difficult could it possibly be to find the best email verification services in 2021?

How about we stop you from moving forward right away? However, it’s always a good idea to grab the knowledge about the subject before getting started.

Everything You Need To Know About Email Verification Services

In simple words, email verification is a very common term for marketers who are into email marketing.

Email verification is very important for everyone who is in the email marketing business. It is a way of finding out if the email address that you are using is valid or not. Usually, in business, people end up sharing their email addresses which are faulty or invalid.

This is where Email Verification plays its role.

It could be quite a troublesome job to hunt for the best email verification services and hence, to make it easy for you, I have sorted out the list of email verification services that you can openly use.

Not only will they help in email validation but will also help you out with the verification work.

So, let’s go ahead and check them out.

List of Best Email Verification Services


5 Best Email Verification Services in 2021

To run a marketing campaign and being successful in that needs the contribution of so many factors and the primary one being, email verification.

Let’s take a look at the list of email verification services and how beneficial they can be.

1. EmailListVerify

EmailListVerify should be the optimal choice for you if you are in search of a verification service that is budget-friendly. For 1000 email validation, it costs $4. Furthermore, integration is also a cakewalk as you can easily integrate its real-time API.

This helps in verifying every email address before they are directly added to the database.



  • For large enterprises and companies, it is a perfect choice to make since bigger the company, more email addresses will be linked up to it. Hence, to ensure 99% accuracy, you can go for EmailListVerify as they claim to be forward with their solutions.
  • For verifying bulk emails, this software allows you to upload the email address in multiple format like CSV, TXT, or XLS.
  • Some of the major things it aims to focus includes Email syntax errors, spam traps, role-based emails, hard-bounces, duplicate email addresses, catch-all server detection, etc.

EmailListVerify Pricing

With a free account, you can get 100 emails for free. You can then upgrade your plan. Therefore, it is best to choose pricing options that will go best with your business.

Pay As You Go
No. of CreditsPay as You Go
1,000 emails$4
5,000 emails$15
10,000 emails$24
25,000 emails$49
50,000 emails$89
100,000 emails$169
250,000 emails$349
500,000 emails$449
1,000,000 emails$559
2,500,000 emails$1,190
5,000,000 emails$1,990
10,000,000 emails$3,290
Monthly Subscription Pricing
5,000 emails$139
15,000 emails$289
35,000 emails$389
50,000 emails$589
75,000 emails$689
100,000 emails$989

2. ZeroBounce

With offering an accuracy of 98%, ZeroBounce claims to be the best email verification service out of all the options that you get. There is a lot it can do like figuring out bad domains, spam keywords, Invalid email addresses, and so on.

Moreover, it also helps in removing complainers from the list. Once the verification process is successful, you can expect a brand new email address list. This significantly improves your ROI. Furthermore, ZeroBounce is so effective that in just some minutes, it can verify email addresses easily.



  • ZeroBounce supports Domain and MX record identification.
  • The reports that you get out of ZeroBounce after succesful verification accounts to 98% acccuracy.
  • For assistance, the ZeroBounce team is available 24*7 and you can expect their help through phone, chat, and email.
  • The platform is cloud-based and hence, it is easy to access ZeroBounce from anywhere. It takes only an hour to verify more than 10,000 emails.

ZeroBounce Pricing

Here is how this email verification service works.

Pay As You Go
No. of CreditsPay as You Go
Up to 100Free
2,000 emails$0.008
5,000 emails$0.0078
10,000 emails$0.0065
100,000 emails$0.0039
250,000 emails$0.003
500,000 emails$0.0022
1,000,000 emails$0.001755
2,000,000 emails$0.001525
Monthly Subscription Pricing
No. of CreditsMonthly

3. Clearout

Clearout is an email verification service, cloud-based, and focused on sorting out email addresses that aren’t valid. It is known for its accuracy.

You can freshen all the invalid emails from the list of emails that you provide and can expect the best results.

Simply upload the client list with emails and in return, you will receive an email list that is ready to be shipped off to clients.



  • Highly accurate results can be expected out of Clearout.
  • For any email address that you send, it will inspect the measure time and respond accordingly.
  • It uses high-end technlogy and algorithm to understand and figure out spam.
  • You can download results in CSV Format.

Clearout Pricing

With a free account, you can expect 100 credits to begin with. Here is a detailed structure of how Clearout pricing works.

Pay as you Go
No. of CreditsMonthly
3,000 credits$21
10,000 credits$58
100,000 credits$350
250,000 credits$625
500,000 credits$850
1,000,000 credits$1,100
Monthly Subscription Pricing
No. of CreditsMonthly
5,000 credits$31.5
10,000 credits$52.2
50,000 credits$261
100,000 credits$315
250,000 credits$562.5
500,000 credits$765
1,000,000 credits$1,100
5,000,000 credits$4,050

4. Xverify

The next one on the list of email verification services would be Xverify and has a major role to play in email list cleaning.

The best part about them, however, is how convenient it is to contact directly with the email consultant. To ensure that the email addresses are correct, it uses Send Shield technology.

Send Shield is a technology and a multiple-level process that lets you validate email addresses and provides accurate results after the validation is complete.

There is a whole lot of process that it checks before making deliveries and they include high-risk emails, roll-based accounts, online frauds, etc.



  • After verification, the results delivery is 98%.
  • It is also known for having Data Intelligence which will immediately indicate the email accounts that are not safe.
  • Sender score improves and gets better with data quality. Therefore, Xverify engages in the best practices and makes sure that deliveables are so high.
  • You can clean large datasets easily. With the simple drag and drop feature you can do it effectively.

Xverify Pricing

You can sign up for their free trial to know how Xverify works. Here is how the pricing works. There are no fees for setup and you can pay as you go.

Pay As You Go
0 – 5.0K$0.0100
5.0K – 10.0K$0.0080
10.0K – 25.0K$0.0070
25.0K – 50.0K$0.0060
50.0K – 100.0K$0.0050
100.0K – 250.0K$0.0040
250.0K – 500.0K$0.0030
500.0K – 1.0M$0.0020
1.0M – 2.5M$0.0015

5. Listwise

Listwise is one of the very established email verification services that you will find in the market right now. Mainly, it is designed keeping in mind the requirements of B2B businesses.

Furthermore, you can also verify emails and verify them, and then, you can expect accurate results.



  • The error correction functionality of Listwise lets you remove invalid characters from the list of emails like comma, space, etc. If your email has any character that is invalid, it will discard.
  • This email verification services ensures that the address appended before @ is valid or not. It will check if a valid mailbox exists or it doesn’t and based on that, it will continue forward.

Listwise Pricing

Here is what you can expect from Listwise, pricing, and subscription-wise.

Email CreditsPay As You GoMonthly
1 Million$995$860


All the mentioned list of email verification services is perfect. Depending on your budget and requirement, you can easily choose the one that will match your business needs.

Moreover, all these validation tools and services are going to help your business in the long run.

Therefore, make sure to try them out for your business to see the level of advantage you receive from them.

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