15 Best Live Chat Software [Ultimate Guide]

What is the first thing that you expect in the digital world from your customers? Well, Indulgence, Satisfaction could be some of the valid names, isn’t it? Trust me when I say it, there is nothing wrong in it.

Long gone are the days when getting back to potential clients took place over the phone or email. The rules honestly don’t apply anymore. Therefore, the need for live chat software is one of the best options for businesses that function online.

If we look at the statistics, there is an overall rate of satisfaction of around 83% all over the globe with the help of these live chat software. If you opt for the best live chat software that we are about to discuss in the article, you might get an idea of the chat software that will work best for your business.

Live chat software is a great way to communicate with multiple customers at once. Simultaneously, you can also know about the history and chat behavior while you build communication with other customers. Customer loyalty is a key and these live chat software are best to ensure the statistics.

Additionally, you can also implement this live chat software right on your website. Here is a list of the 15 best live chat software tools.

Without waiting much, let’s get started already.

15 Best Live Chat Software

Drum rolls as the 15 best live chat software with all details are about to start.

1. LiveChat


If there is a live chat software/tool that works the best, it’s LiveChat. The excellent features that it comes embedded with are what make it unique for businesses and offer customer experience.

With the help of chatbots, you can create help tickets, chat over with other platforms, and generate leads.

You can also boost your sales by displaying your product cards. The channelized AI makes routing through chats in the most effective manner


  1. With LiveChat, users get a chance to chat with their customers on more than one channel. This includes WhatsApp, FB, Website, and so on.
  2. If you are already using different apps for your business, you can use LiveChat to connect with them too. Some of the apps that you can integrate with LiveChat include ChatBot, Salesforce, and so on.
  3. Dashboard customization is easy and makes it easier to get the list of visitors who stumble across the website. To identify leads, classify the data, and apply appropriate filters to extract the data that you need.


  • Engagement of customers with easy questions and responding to them with the most accuracy.
  • Customization of chat window as your business needs it.
  • Depending on the chat history and wait time, customers receive support.
  • Blends easily with other eCommerce platforms


You can opt for a 14-day trial or go for an Enterprise plan. You need to pay $16/month to opt for the regular plans. It can go up to $50/month.

2. Tawk.to


Tawk.to is another live chat software that is best known for its capabilities. It allows easy access to maintain relationships with businesses and customers. It is also considered one of the best chat software of all time. You can easily reach out to your customers with the help of your mobile application and website.

Easy integration with apps like WordPress, Magneto, etc. is also manageable.


  1. Allows you to communicate through group messages.
  2. The application allows support to over 27+ languages.
  3. You can easily connect your messages and convert them into your preferred regional language.


  • Filtering out messages that you like is easy.
  • Customization of widgets for customers also enhances the website.
  • A predefined shortcut that allows making responses quickly.


Tawk.io is completely free to use for any user. Users need to just sign up for free to continue using this live chat software.

3. Drift


Drift is another leading live chat software in the world of marketing. It is also a great way to shift buyers with the help of a sales funnel and allows conversation in real-time. Additionally, it also helps in maintaining and creating relationships between customers and buyers.

You can also leverage other features that will help them to connect to customers directly.


  1. To easily convert visitors/members to leads, you can leverage the playbook to schedule meetings.
  2. A mobile application that functions in the most effective way and makes recording, chatting, and tracking easy. Additionally, you can call users anywhere and anytime.


  • Support for live chat and other features for making conversations.
  • Chat to Call feature makes it easy to make clients call and convert them into potential clients.
  • Booking meetings is significantly a nutjob with chatbots.


The freemium plan provides all the enhanced features. Other plans include Essential and Premium plans for $400 and $1500 respectively.

4. Pure Chat


To add live chat to your website directly, it is important to opt for the easiest and fastest method. With Pure Chat Live Chat Software, users get accessibility. Its installation is pretty neat and hassle-free. Furthermore, users also get the advantage of getting access to a free account.


  1. Access to unlimited chatting with more than 3 users at once. This is by far the most convenient feature to have when opting for other sources is trouble.
  2. It is compatible with mobile devices.


  • The app is completely customizable.
  • Comes with free automated message bot tool – ArtiBot.io
  • Users are charged by plan than through messages. It becomes easy to grab the opportunity.


A free plan doesn’t cost a penny. However, for the Growth Plan, you have to pay $39/month. The Pro Plan would need $79/month.

5. Chaport


When you look for live chat software, you need to install and be able to use the widget post-installation in the most effective manner. The UI of Chaport is very friendly to its customers and makes it an effortless task to chat, email, and call under one umbrella.

To get your hands on more than one customer at once, you can easily do so to boost efficiency and grab more opportunities.


  1. Extensive support to more than 29 languages at once to serve users on a global level.
  2. Device compatibility with iOS and Android to chat with customers and allow easy integration and UI.
  3. Send messages to users by customizing them.


  • Compatible with mobile and desktop which includes Windows, iPhone, and Android.
  • Customer interaction is effective.
  • Link Chaport with CRM to extract customer-related details.


For the paid plan, you need to pay $9.80/month. Chaport also has a freemium plan that includes all the significant features.

6. ProProfs Chat


Speaking of SaaS-based chat websites, ProfProfs Chat leads the chart. With the help of ProProfs Chat, it becomes pretty easy for businesses to get a hold of potential and sales. Furthermore, with the live chat tool, making a connection with customers in real-time is one of the enhanced experiences.


  1. Allows integration with more than 50 platforms at once. Also, users get a chance to have their own bundle and customize them as they need them.
  2. Chat greetings and announcements feature helps in engaging customers in the most effective way.


  • Pre-chat and Post-chat feature allow capturing details and feedback.
  • Instant support to customers with the help of live chat app.
  • Self-help repository that is available through chat widget. Use the required knowledge with the continued integration.


Free to use for a month. However, if you opt for the essential plan you will need to pay $15 and $20 if you go for the premium plan.

7. Acquire.io


We can’t at all miss Acquire.io when talking about live chat software. Easy integration of the platform with more than 50 services is what makes it the most effective. Some of the integrated apps include Zoom, Skype, and so on.

There is no challenge that a user will have to face to view or interact with the audience. This can be maintained through screen share sessions to provide better support to the customers.


  1. Integration of the support channel with email support will add more to the birds-eye view. Also, you can keep an eye on everything from a centralized point.
  2. Segmenting and triggering automated messages is also an effective feature to use.


  • Doesn’t require any coding experience to create customized chatbots.
  • Depending on the branding needs, video chat customization is also possible.
  • All conversations recorded on live chats are highly confidential and hence, encrypted. Some of the major security standards that it meets include SOC 2 and GDPR.


Depending on the requests made, the pricing model differs.

8. REVE Chat


REVE Chat is an all-in-one channel that focuses entirely on customer engagement to bring more sales. The platform is enabled with AI which makes it even easier to convert visitors to leads. This is also considered one of the greatest live chat software.

There are tons of engagement tools that back up the whole enhancement. Some of them include video chatting and co-browsing features. It is software that ensures its trust all over the globe. It is linked up with enterprises like Samsonite and AI-Tijari.


  1. Personalization of customer chats that are conducted on video and voice is easy. It can be further maintained through visual engagement.
  2. Real-time guide to connect with the audience and guide them better by providing them effective responses.
  3. Deliver a great experience of messaging to the audience by customizing the website as you would want it to function.


  • For live chats and video options, it uses Mobile SDK.
  • Affordable business plan for all types of agents.
  • Omnichannel messaging feature.


The different plans include Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise for which users have to pay $13.5, $22.5, and $45 respectively.

9. Podium


Another one on our list of live chat software is Podium. It is an omnichannel that also acts as a messaging tool for customers. It is an effective option for businesses that are embedded with web chatting features.

The software allows local businesses to manage reviews and collect timely payments. Additionally, users also involve themselves in receiving feedback. Also makes chatting with customers easily through texts, video, and so on.


  1. Allows receiving messages from customers in an inbound fashion.
  2. Sending and receiving Facebook messages is comparatively hassle-free.
  3. Text link feature available to collect payments.
  4. Templated messages.


  • The ‘Webchat’ feature is very conventual and unchallenging to use. Getting your hands-on customer phone number and name is easy. Furthermore, you can continue to chat with the audience too.
  • Teamchat experience is a must-have.
  • Podium VideoChat also works in the finest way and allows users to quickly connect with different customers over a video channel.


You can request a custom price quote as the pricing feature is completely customized for users.

10. JivoChat


JivoChat is another popular and easy-to-use and install live chat software that aims to offer customer service. It is highly recommended for e-commerce companies. Also, many companies build 360-degree support to connect through funnels and customize them freely.


The VoIP functionality of JivoChat is what keeps it most distinctive from other software. Other features include proactive response submission to customers and generating timely reports about agents.


  • Free plan.
  • UI is simple to use and very interactive.
  • Provides support to more than one channel i.e., Facebook Messenger and Telegram.
  • One of the finest VoIP calling tools out of the lot.


The free version of JivoChat offers unlimited chatting and website options to users for every plan that they are a part of.

The first five agents use the basic feature of the app completely free. However, for the professional version, users have to pay $13/month. This will give users accessibility to use all the features.

11. Comm100


Next up in our list of live chat software we have Comm100.

It is more of a communication tool that is a one-stop-shop for everything that a user desire. It also has a tool for live chat that is also one of its primary products. You can use a mobile app or web version to control the kind of conversations you make with your client.

Some of its most highlighted feature includes co-browsing, auto-translation, customization through a single window, and so on.


  1. Allows users to leave offline messages in case of emergencies.
  2. Pre-chat and post-chat surveys are very crucial.
  3. Allows handling more than one chat column at once.
  4. Chatting is permissible in 13 languages.
  5. Transfer and removal of agents are quite easy.


  • Integration with other websites is pretty easy like social media and SMS Support.
  • Extended knowledge base that allows free online training


There are three plans for pricing for users which they can easily opt for. It includes Team, Business, and Enterprise which costs $29/month, $49/month, and Quote-based respectively.

12. Userlike


To convert long-time chats to customers, Userlike has a key role to play.

There are tons of inexplicable qualities that make it a considerable choice for live chat software. It provides capabilities for multiple channels, real-time chatting experience across different websites, WhatsApp, and so on.

It is exactly a live chat tool and more or less works like one. This is usually when the agents are active. It works like a messenger app when the agents are offline. There is a lot you can do with this website if you understand the functional aspects of it.


  1. Allows leveraging the Sticky Chat rule feature that will allow connecting to users and maintain relationships in the most effective way.
  2. Automatically allows the building of multiple customer profiles at once to store their information and to deliver as per their needs and requirements.
  3. Customization of the main text, color, etc is accessible to offer a branded experience to users.


  • Chatbot integration is easy.
  • Feedbacks are incorporated as a part of pre-and post-surveys. To track the performance of the operators, customer ratings play a major role.
  • Give guidance to users on and off-page to engage more customers and to offer enhanced support.
  • Reaching out to customers by catching up on missing opportunities that are mostly taken care of by chatbots.


The paid plan begins from $29/month and can go up to $299/month. Some free plans are also available with basic features.

13. Bold360


To manage and deliver personalized interactions, Bold360 is the ultimate choice of live chat software.

It uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to connect to the target audience. Bold360 makes enhancing and engaging a hassle-free job regardless of the hurdles. This is probably what makes it the best choice as live chat software.

It gives the flexibility to its users to seamlessly work across multiple platforms for AI and interactions based on agents.


The live chat platform of Bold360 provides users with facilities that includes email, messaging, and other engagement that happens via social media. It also helps companies to maintain interactions and conduct them in the most streamline way possible. Furthermore, its quick access to tools like remote access, co-browsing adds more to unified experience.


  • NLP support extends and offers conversational chatbots.
  • Manages more than one channel at once.
  • Segregation and Integration is conveniently easy for the platform


It is completely a quote-based package that depends totally on the kind of business you are dealing with. However, the different plans that Bold360 offers include Starter, Plus, and Artificial Intelligence.

14. Olark


For businesses, it becomes a crucial job to be able to manage and chat in real-time. Additionally, organizing data and understanding the customer rights to enhance the user experience also has a role to play.

Olark allows users to store conversation transcripts and keep them in the CRM software. This helps in understanding the customers in a better way. It provides a lot of flexibility to the users in general.


  1. The live chat transcript feature helps in receiving valuable feedback about the services and products in use. Additionally, the easy search, sorting, and filter features make data easily readable.
  2. In order to manage and monitor the agent activity, decode the level of satisfaction of users, and chat volume that helps in managing and prioritizing the data in the most precious way.
  3. The live chat automation tool allows to boost engagement and enhance the workflow.


  • Allows tracking frequency of the chat, customer satisfaction, and responsiveness of the agents.
  • Integration with CRM is an added benefit.
  • To deliver services that are more context-related, the shopping cart of the user plays the desired role.


Olark has a simple pricing plan starting from $19/month.

15. HubSpot Live Chat


Many of us are already familiar with HubSpot and the way how it effectively manages to be an all-rounder live chat software. It has a free CRM tool too that provides extensive support to the functioning of free live chat software.

This is one reason why it is a great choice for small businesses and startups who are looking to embed a set of tools in the process. It allows recording of transcription of every chat that helps in understanding the behavior and covering the working of agent performance.


  1. Allows leveraging the chatbot builder with the help of which that bots enable to qualify for leads and deliver instant answers to questions asked.
  2. Chat widgets have designated time for office. This helps users and customers to understand the flexible time that is available for them to chat.


  • Outlook and Gmail Integration allows access to contacts, emails, etc at once.
  • More friendly experience with chatbots that works well with CRM.
  • Creating lead ads on Instagram and Facebook is easy through automation.


HubSpot Live chat software is free to use.

Frequently Asked Questions on Live Chat Software

What is a live chat software?

There are many options nowadays in every industry that allows users to stand out and create their own space.

Live chat software is one such software that allows businesses to willfully be a part of users’ needs all the time.

Live chat with potential customers helps in driving focus and create a personalized goal for everyone who is a part of the process.

What are some of the things you should look for in Live Chat Software?

Some of the primary things to consider in live chat software are:-

1. Pre-made responses
2. Complex triggers
3. Omnichannel compatibility
4. Integration with third-party
5. Reports and Analytics


If you respond quickly to your customer, it is going to boost their loyalty towards you in the most significant way that is possible. This is where the live chat software comes to play to shake hands with the customers and meet their needs.

All the live chat software that we have mentioned has some unique set of features. Therefore, it is important to make the selection in the rightful manner. So, read all the 15 options carefully to find out the one that works the best for you.

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