4 Best SERP Tracking Tools (Free and Paid)

SERP Tracking Tools are the best especially if you are looking for the one that makes it easy to monitor your keyword and confirms the rankings of your blogs.

So if yes, then you have landed in just the place which will tell you all about it.

When did you have a take on your blogging career? Well, even if it wasn’t a long time ago, you must have been pretty adjustable with the way SERPs, keywords, and blog positions would have worked for you.

Rank checking methods are very tedious and fetch so much time and less to mention, you can expect tons of errors.

This calls the need for software or a tracking tool that will manage the efficiency and take care of it for you.

Trust me choosing the one that will work best for you could be difficult since we have so many choices to offer but let’s keep moving.

Coming up is the list of best SERP Tracking tools that you can consider using even with your eyes closed.

Right before we jump to the types of it, let’s quickly find out what exactly are SERP tools and the reason you need them.

SERP – What is it?

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page.

Understand it this way, whenever you take a trip to Google and write something for Google to search, the results page that appears is known as SERP.

For now, SERP is capable of presenting 10 results on a page. Therefore, you can call your blog to be on Rank 1 if you see it on the first result of Google.

Easy, isn’t it?

Why do we need a SERP Tracking Tool?

Honestly speaking, if you are here reading this right now, you require a SERP Tracking tool. If so, then let me tell you why you need this tool.

Some of the common reasons why the SERP Tracking Tool is important to include: –

  • No more efforts are needed for manual checking of tasks. You can simply SERP it.
  • No data interpretation.
  • You can check and monitor how your competitor’s websites are performing.
  • You can figure out how well your website is doing in general.

We could just slide in more and more reasons but the primary ones are out!

Let’s quickly jump to the list of SERP tracking tools that you can use.

4 Best SERP Tracking Tools

Here we go!

1. AccuRanker – SERP Tracking Tool

The efficiency of AccuRanker is known to everyone especially if you have been using it for a while now. So far, it is one of the most widely used SERP tracking tools that are available for people to use.

Many tools fit another purpose but AccuRanker only provides SERP rank analyzing functions to the one who is using it. Companies like McDonald’s, HBO, etc are efficiently using the services.


Key Features

  • Using one account, you can track SERPs of so many other accounts under it. There is unlimited domain to choose from. Moreover, you can also invite team members and clients as you want.
  • Every 24 hours, the rankings on AccuRanker are modified. This helps in changing the SEO strategy if you see a dynamic rush on the flow.
  • You also expect data that will provide all the details about your SERP rankings. You can then track the performance too.

AccuRanker Pricing

Its pricing plan is pretty neat in regards to its pricing plan. You can expect so many features at such a reasonable price. However, there are restrictions for SERP rankings.

To track 1,000 keywords are: –

  • Monthly – $109/month which will exhibit so many features.
  • Yearly – Billed annually, you have to pay $99/month.

2. Advanced Web Ranking– SERP Tracking Software

None, I repeat, none of the options that you get is any close to Advanced Web Ranking in terms of the features it offers.

It has been 18 years now that the software is doing the needful of offering its services. Advanced Web Ranking is opted by so many organizations and agencies since it meets the requirements for almost all of them.


Key Features

  • It is by far one of the most definite SERP tracking tools that will give you the data based on your request. You can ask for data whenever you wish.
  • You can check your ranks up to 3000+ search engines. You can visualize the ranks and the way the results are addressed. Advanced Web ranker will also make sure to add your search engine to the list if it isn’t already there.

Advanced Web Ranking Pricing

Here is how the pricing plan works.

  • Starter – $49/month using which you can track 2,000 keywords at once.
  • Pro – $99/month using which you can track 7,000 keywords at once.
  • Agency – $199/month using which you can track 14,500 keywords at once.
  • Bulk – $499/month using which you can track 35,500 keywords at once.

There are many advanced features that you can expect out of it.

3. SEMrush – SERP Tracking Tool

Very certainly, you must have heard of SEMrush, and is also one of the finest ones to consider. Many people who are aware of the SERP Tracking Tool are using this tool and it is by far, hands down one of the best tools to consider.

Its SEO or PPC features make it stand out from the lot. Companies like HP, Quora, etc have been using it for quite some time now.


Key Features

  • Using the SEMrush SERP Tracking tool, you can frequently check the rankings of your website using your device or desktop.
  • Moreover, you can also expect SEMrush to spot new competitors in the process and even monitor their rankings.

SEMrush Pricing

SEMrush acts as an SEO toolkit for your website. It is a lot more than just tracking software. Therefore, you need to get a package if you wish to use its services for your website.

  • Pro – You can monitor the SERP rankings of three websites by paying $99.95/month.
  • Guru – You can monitor the SERP rankings of fifteen websites by paying $199.95/month.
  • Business – You can monitor the SERP rankings of twenty-five websites by paying $399.95/month where you can choose up to 5,000 keywords.

4. Serpstat – SERP Tracking Tool

The last one in our list of SERP tracking tools is Serpstat.

It is a complete software that aims to offer tracking tool abilities and many other features. Moreover, you can also expect it to offer SEO tracking tools like keyword research options, competitor analysis, on-page site audits, and so on.

Less to mention, it has also been immensely popular with many SEO agencies. This is how it manages to be on the top ratings and also, to be a part of reviews.


Key Features

  • Serpstat uses the finest algorithm to track SERPs. As soon as the data related to SERPs is gathered, it sets a target on the competitors and gives you the meaningful data and information that you can use to surpass these data.
  • With Serpstat you can also group similar keywords, all in one place, and track the SERP rankings.
  • Moreover, you can also add as many team members as you want for them to collaborate. This helps them as well as you to improve the organic reach of the website.

Serpstat Pricing

The pricing plan of Serpstat is very budget-friendly despite being so great at the services it offers. Not only has it become a go-to tool for agencies but freelancers have also extracted the maximum benefit out of it.

Monthly and yearly billing cycles are available at a discount of 20%. Here is what you can expect from the pricing.

  • Lite – $69/month that lets you track 10 websites and use 15,000 positions.
  • Standard – This plan is available for $149/month and you can track 50 websites that offer 60,000 positions.
  • Advanced – At $299, you can track 75 websites and do 150,000 position checks at once.
  • Enterprise – With $300, you can track 100 websites and check 300,000 position checks.


That was all you guys about the best SERP Tools. It is high time to pick the one that suits your enterprise the one.

If you know the tool that you need, it is best to make a wise decision and choose the one that will benefit your website rankings.

For any queries that you might have, feel free to cross along.

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