11 Best URL Link Shorteners of 2022 (Free and Paid)

As it turns out URL and Link Shorteners are a very effective and efficient tool that helps in converting links as well as URLs and adjust them less than or approximately to 20 characters.

URL and Link Shorteners are tools using which it gets very easy to create short and easily readable URLs in no time. These URLs redirect to the right page adding more to the users’ convenience. Social media network extracts the best use out of these shortened URLs and Links where there is a limitation set over the characters, for example, Twitter.

With the help of URL and Link Shorteners, there is also a way to figure out the analytics and track the clicking rules on shortened links. There are many media platform nowadays that helps in offering software products and also enhances the use of link shortening actively. These can be done with the help of URL Link Shorteners tools.

Best URL Link Shorteners

Coming right up is the list of best URL and Link Shorteners that you can openly use for any purpose that needs it.

1. ClickMeter


Commonly known as a sister brand to Rebrandly, ClickMeter is a great alternative and a solution for you if you are an affiliate marketer. For advertisers, marketers, and even for media influencers this URL and Link Shorteners is more on the technical side but does the job perfectly.                       

Just like other URL Shorteners, ClickMeter is known to offer conversion tracking feature as well.


User Base

This product has been made keeping in mind the technical aspects of the marketers, advertisers, and affiliates. In the present time, they count for more than 100,000 user bases providing its extensive support to other high-end brands. Overall, they bring around 1 billion links from all over the world along with traffic to ensure that the technology they use is solid and worth the cost.

Link Branding

If you own a branded domain, link it with your URL link shortener at zero cost. Additionally, you can also integrate your URL with other URL and link shorteners so that your brand gets a shortened one. This also makes the process of conversion very easy.

Education Quality

Many blogs have now gotten used to old content which is very helpful and relevant to the users who are a part of it for the longest time now. However, it’s not too late to commit to a change and these shorteners are on their way to bring the additional pump to your blogs and websites.


The different pricing plans of ClickMeter includes the following: –

  • Medium – This plan will need you to pay $29 every month.
  • Large – This plan will need you to pay $99 every month.
  • X-Large – This plan will need you to pay $349 every month.

2. Rebrandly


Rebrandly is one of the best platforms that helps in link management and to track and shorten URLs. Additionally, it also lets users to use custom domains by sharing shortened URLs. Also, it becomes easy to connect with other members of the team. To collaborate better with the members of your team, you get the accessibility to create folders that are team-specific. Therefore, you can also view the shortened links and brands without having to go through any confusion.

Some of the effective key qualities of Rebrandly are: –

  • Branding – This allows you to add your brand name directly to the links and hence, share and enhance the visibility of your brand.
  • Integrate – Existing tools and workflows allow the management and integration of the related links.
  • Tracking and monitoring your social media becomes easy and convincing.


Link Retarget

Adwords, Facebook, and other social media platform allows to easily add traffic by retargeting the links in the media. With the help of branded links, it becomes easy to send and retarget pixels in the same manner.

Domain Care

It allows managing of: –

  • Custom SSL
  • Domain Redirection
  • 404 Redirection
  • SSL
Deep Linking

Allows you to drive through a specific landing page as and when required. This also adds to the enroute traffic and drives them more to the link you append. Depending on many of the other factors, you also get a redirection to a mobile application.


There are five plans that you Rebrandly basically has to offer.

  1. Free – This plan will need you to use this URL and Link Shorteners tool for free.
  2. Starter – This plan will need you to pay $29 every month.
  3. Pro – This plan will need you to pay $69 every month.
  4. Premium – This plan will need you to pay $499 every month.
  5. Enterprise – This is a custom price option which you can mould as per your needs and requirements.

3. Bitly


Bitly sits on the top of the chart when we speak of best URL and Link Shorteners. It has been more than a decade now and Bitly has continued to show its presence to the audience.

Bitly aims to end up offering the finest technique to shorten URLs and further to share them with different users over Email, SMS, and everywhere else. Bitly counts as one of the finest URL and Link Shorteners out of the lot. Additionally, it also helps users to convert more than half a billion links in total to convert them to a shorter and simpler version that helps in easy sharing.

Well, none of us really want to be a part of the story where we have to copy extended and long URLs. At some point, we all wish to avoid such cases and this is where the limitation barges in. It also limits the usage of sharing data and this is when Bitly comes to the rescue.

Many brands and companies opt for Bitly as their go-to tool to be conveniently able to share their links on a margin. This application lends a helping hand if you wish to share links over Twitter that mostly contain characters of 140.


Some of the key features of Bitly includes the following

  • It gives the accessibility to shorten URLs and links by allowing users to remove bulky numbers and strings right from the URL. This makes the URL look tidy and attractive at the same time.
  • Users get the accessibility to share the links and URLs optimized over emails or even share them on social media for wide use across the Internet.
  • The paid version of Bitly also helps to customize brand links and improvise over them.
  • To get hold of the latest trends, it also allows users to get insights and track the individual links and their analytics.
  • For users the basic URL and Link Shorteners tool is completely free to use.


Bitly basically is free to use but you can also opt for the priced one. There are two plans for enterprise users and below is the details.

Free: The software is completely free to use for life. Using the free version of this URL and Link Shorteners allows users to share them all over the internet.

Basic: On an annual bill, you will have to pay $29/month. There are tons of features that comes along with the plan and can be exclusively used.

Enterprise: This plan is available for users on a quotation basis. There are tons of custom integrations and branded links that user can be a part of while using the Enterprise plan.

4. Owl.ly


Another best one out of the lot of URL and Link Shorteners would be Owl.ly which is openly available for iOS as well as Android Users.

One thing that you must know before using Owl.ly would be to have a Hootsuite account before you start using this URL and Link Shortener. It is now a part of a leading management tool.

Owl.ly was known to be an autonomous service that requires no login or registration from its users. To incorporate more enhancement, Hootsuite was introduced as a laidback.


Owl.ly generates URLs and Links that are Indexable and flexible. Additionally, they are redirectable too making it more on the SEO friendly side.

Gives complete control to the users to shorten the URLs and Links as they might want them.

A single dashboard that contains all the details of the shortened URLs and social media links.


The available pricing options and plans currently active for Hootsuite.

Free – Allows URL shortening and auto-link sharing a part of the process. Free to do so for a lifetime.

Professional – $17.5/month which includes a bunch of additional advantages like key performance metric tracking and post scheduling.

Team – $91.67/month which will also include professional, custom, and analytical reports.

Business – $625/month that will handle everything while allowing certifications, social media, and so on.

5. TinyURL


The list of URL and Link Shorteners is never really complete without a mention of TinyURL. It has the flexibility to add more short aliases that aim to enhance lengthy URLs and will make the tracking and sharing of the whole thing easy.

In addition to all these, it also has an option that allows links for a cool preview feature that will ultimately allow users to preview their shortened URL at no hidden cost. You also get ultimate access to use these links and URLs pin them to the toolbar of the browser.

You shouldn’t really expect a lot of advanced link tracking and managing features from TinyURL. Users can generate as many short URLs they want using these URL and Link Shorteners tool.

Furthermore, users don’t have to worry about its compatibility as it is pretty much compatible with all web browsers and versions.


  • Clear User Interface – TinyURL has a simple interface for users to use. All you have to do is click on ‘Make TinyURL’ by adding your web link in the box and you are good to go.
  • The different types of URL links that it offers are long link, preview link, and short link.


TinyURL is completely free for you to use.

6. Sniply


Sniply also is one of the best URL and Link Shorteners out of the lot here. If you are a content creator, Sniply is a great option for you to choose. Whether you want it to bring traffic to your website or hustle up to create your own email, Sniply works around with both.

However, there are a few downsides for the users using it. Usually when you click on a click that you see on a website, you tend to get redirected to another website, but is that really another website? Basically, what happens is you get a pictorial data which shows ‘Join my list’ and etc advertising Sniply.

Honestly, it isn’t a very great strategy to implement and people now have figured out ways to get rid of such strategies, therefore making it a win-win in all cases especially for users.

Also, it adds a lot more to the user experience making it much worse than it already is.


  • Connecting to custom domain is easy.
  • Buy custom domain for the benefit of users.
  • UTM Builder
  • Allows to link privacy
  • Tags
  • Uses retargeting
  • Changing destination URL with ease


The different plans that Sniply offers includes: –

  1. Basic – For $29/month, you get tons of added facilities like brands, clicks, and so on.
  2. Pro – For $79/month, users get everything included in the basic plan along with some additional pro benefits.
  3. Business – For $149/month, users get pro and basic pricing plans for free. Additionally, the added benefits of Business plans too.

7. T2M


Another version of URL and Link Shorteners is known as T2M which is very helpful and an excellent tool to manage URLs and Links in the right way. Mostly, this is a great option for businesses and universities.

T2M is mostly a cloud-centric URL shortening process that helps users to undergo a process that is smooth and hassle-free. Also, it allows accessing custom URLs without any problem. There are many other advantages that you might get out of T2M and they include providing custom URLs, adding password security, and CSV import, etc.

With the help of T2M, all these features are accessible at no cost at all. Also, users can get all these features at once for just $5. That’s a pretty good investment.


  • Unlimited redirection and links allow users to shorten as many links as they want
  • Exporting of URLs and CSV import gets parallelly easier.
  • API compatibility is added to all the portals.
  • Name branding and customization of the URLs also becomes an easy process to go for.


T2M is friendly with your budget. Also, you get a money-back guarantee along with well-held yearly plans. The plans of T2M are: –

  • Basic: – Pay $5/month as a one-time payment. The plan has plenty to offer.
  • Standard: – Annual billing of $89.90
  • Pro: – At a price of $269.91 annually, it was a recent plan that came out recently with new features.
  • Premium: – To get the premium version, $809.91 on an annual basis you get plenty of advanced features to pick from.
  • Dedicated: – It is on a quotation basis. It also has a lot to offer.

8. URL Shortener – Zapier


Zapier has recently come up with an URL shortener that helps in automatically creating and saving links. In return, it also allows users to create automated workflows to use them on social media and public platform.

It is well-known for its way to shorten links and URLs in a jiffy and to share them even through SMS if required. Also, you save a lot of bucks in case you are looking to fit extra characters in the links. Additionally, this is one of the URL and Link Shorteners that will help to automatically shorten the link as you may want it. It offers its integration to more than 2000 apps.


Some of the features of Zapier includes.

  1. You can add Zapier URL in any URL of your choice and then you can automatically shorten the links and URLs along with the parameters that you might need.
  2. Allows integrating more than 2000 applications at once which also includes social media applications, marketing tools, and so on.
  3. Users also get unlimited links as a part of Zapier at absolutely zero cost. Also, users can create as many short links as they want with Zapier.


With all the Zapier Plans, it is completely free for users to use.

9. Polr


Another great URL and Link Shorteners in the list would be Polr. You are bound to be impressed with the number of options this one brings your way. Polr is an open-source app that is flexible and is yet very powerful by all means.

When it comes to the best URL and Link Shorteners, Polr successfully slides in making its way successfully. Additionally, you can also have your own shortener with Polr which can also be your personal favorite just in case.

Polr follows a modern approach to the whole process making it very minimalistic and easy to be a part of. Also, the best part about using Polr would use it for no cost at all. Therefore, create your own links and URLs starting right today.


  • For users to be able to access this link Shortener, it is open-source and completely free for one to use.
  • For the branding of URLs it provides extensive support to custom URL keywords and so on.
  • It allows integration with other tools and services offering a semantic API that is completely optional to have.


As we already mentioned, Polr is completely free to use and you don’t have to pay a penny to use it. However, you need to get a domain and web hosting of your choice that is likely to make all the difference in the world. Therefore, if you already have these with you, you’re good.



YOURLS which stands for Your Own URL Shortener is again one of the finest URL and Link Shorteners of all time. This is also an open-source option to shorten URLs and Links. Alternatively, you can also create long and short URLs depending on how you would want them. It also has small PHP scripts that will users to run URLs in any manner they would want.

Some of its added benefits include its ability to provide a terrific architecture for plugins that will help users to create and maintain new custom features. In addition to the below, YOURLS also allows creating sequential and custom URLs with keywords.

Also, you get power and smart analytics to track all the significant parameters like tracking location and traffic.


  1. Bookmarklets with YOURLS allow creating and save your short links right in your browser.
  2. The developer API of the application also allows to customize, add, and enhance additional features to the most part of it.
  3. Output formats like XML, JSON, or even raw text can be a great deal to turn on to.


Since YOURLS is an open-source platform to use and be a part of, you can use it for free.

11. Tiny.cc


Users can easily sync on to a route depending on the languages. You can also target pixels to walk yourself through campaigns.

The next and the final one out of our list of URL and Link Shorteners would be Tiny.cc which is also a link shortening tool. All you have to do is paste the URL in the text box and hit the ‘shorten’ button. It will only be a matter of seconds to get the URL in front of you. Additionally, you can also customize the links that you get from shortening.


  1. Adding logo preview to shorten the links so it creates more links for new and old users.
  2. Managing multiple clients at once and to customize through a single account.
  3. Bluetooth low energy.


The four plans that Tiny.cc offers include:-

  • The Basic plan for $5/month
  • Business plan for $25/month
  • Pro plan for $44/month
  • Enterprise plan that would be based on quotations.

What are some of the features you should expect from URL and Link Shorteners?

Some of the basic features that every URL and Link Shorteners must have are: –

  • One of the best features to have in any URL and Link Shorteners would be its Analytical ability. The reports of analytics will bring in the traffic with the help of different URLs, significantly. Additionally, you can also get a hold of your strategies and plans for the long run. Optimization of your campaign also becomes an easy thing to look forward to.
  • When it comes to large businesses, they look for a small business plans that requires many advanced features to be a part of. However, it doesn’t always require the audience to pay for it. There are many free tools available to get that done for you.
  • There are many marketing tools including CRM that helps in integration. It also helps in rebranding and providing a shortened link for the longest time. For these too, you can use URL and Link Shorteners that will make the whole process comparatively easier.

Frequently Asked Questions on URL and Link Shorteners

Why is Google’s URL and Link Shorteners tool, Goo.gl not longer used?

It was last year when google shut down its URL shortening service which indeed was a shock to many users using it. Later, it came to the limelight that the reason behind was to focus on advanced mobile-centric service which is now known as Firebase Dynamic Links. Google undoubtedly is keeping itself aligned with the audience and the trend.

What are URL and Links Shorteners?

With the help of URL Links Shorteners, you can easily cut down the length of the URL. Additionally, you can also get to rename the URL and customize it to be aligned with the branding requirements.


That is all we had on the list of URL Links Shorteners. Well, each tool is known to offer its best and has its own USP. Additionally, it also has a lot of standard features for people to be a part of. We have made sure to offer you the best free and paid URL and Links Shorteners to make it easy for you.

Before you make the final purchase, make sure to read the article thoroughly, and understand which one out of the lot works the best for you. Also, pin down a few names that you have in your mind in case you want us to review them later.

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