8 Best Video Conferencing Software – Ultimate Guide

Considering the most recent and latest analytics, there is a major portion of the workforce that is likely to hit up 25 – 30% of remote workers probably by the end of this year 2021.

If you have the best video conferencing software, it becomes very easy and convenient to connect freely with your friends, family, etc. Undoubtedly, video conferencing has become the most affordable and reliable source of technology now that it is seeing advances every now and then.

With the help of video conferencing software includes: –

  • Scheduling and organising conference calls.
  • Share your screen and collaborate with co-workers on a daily basis.
  • Organize virtual events.
  • One-on-One meetings online

The quality of the best video conferencing software is based on multiple things some of which are its features, integrations, pricing, extensive support, and so on.

There are many video conferencing software out there that you can also opt for and below is the list of some of the best video conferencing software that will help you to make a wise choice.

Best Video Conferencing Software

1. BlueJeans

The first one in our list of video conferencing software is BlueJeans. It is a compatible way to connect and conduct meetings from anywhere and anytime. You can use devices like laptops, devices, and so on.

Uses get a chance to get themselves real-time intelligence with the help of highlights and transcripts to enhance and maintain productivity.

With the help of a browser, the experience also counts as user-friendly. Therefore, as a user, you literally don’t need to download any software to use BlueJeans.

If you have a small business or a big one, you can help your organization and people working with you to work together and provide them the right kind of tool to work. There are four different kinds of BlueJeans video conferencing software for users to use. You can opt for the one that goes the best as per your needs.

  1. BlueJeans Meetings: You can use any device to conduct web conferences, audio, and video.
  2. BlueJeans Gateway: Use any meeting room system to access MS Teams.
  3. BlueJeans Events: Large audiences get the flexibility to host and stream events as and when they want.
  4. BlueJeans Rooms: Audio and Video conference rooms are available in a single touch.


  • Effectively use network conditions, real-time insights, and ROI to track the environment of BlueJeans.
  • The dashboard of this video conferencing software helps in adding an insight to a meeting to outgrow the performance and network needs.


  • For brainstorming and collaboration, users get a digital whiteboard.
  • For Workplace, users can stream to Facebook Live.
  • Event Insights to manage better.
  • Meeting reviews to assign significant actions and have control over important meeting moments.
  • For further analysing, share data through CSV file or ROI


The three paid subscription plans of BlueJeans are: –

1. Standard Plan – $999/month which includes up to 50 participants.
2. BlueJeans Pro – $13.99/month which includes up to 75 participants
3. BlueJeans Enterprise: Based on Quote and includes up to 150 participants

If you go for an online subscription, you get to maintain and use 20%

2. ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting is a video conferencing and software that allows users to connect to more than 20,000 participants. You get a chance to conduct virtual events with the help of different brandings like colors, logs, and so on.

To avoid any sort of confusions, users can use their own credentials to login to have their separate meetings in the process.

There are tons of features that ClickMeeting offers especially if you belong to a company that deals with webinars on a regular basis to maintain contact with employees. With the help of video conferencing software, users get a tool to engage their audience during the meeting time.

With the abundant facilities that this video conferencing software offers, it is a great and reasonable option for a user to use this software.


  • Directly stream on social media to stream with your feed at once on FaceBook and YouTube to expand the reach you have with your audience.
  • To make decisions that are driven by data, users can gather insights, feedback, and so on.


  • Allows making conversations in private with presenters while you are in a meeting.
  • Provides easy flexibility of drag and drop files that get directly stored in the cloud. You also get the accessibility to import and export files right on your account.
  • Trail for 30-days
  • Use real-time chat to conversate with your meeting partner in more than 52 languages.
  • Use CTA Buttons in your videos to urge the audience to manipulate and take action.
  • Allows accessibility for questions and answers moderations.


The three pricing plans of ClickMeeting are: –

  1. $25/month billing of which is done on an annual basis.
  2. $40/month billing of which is done in an automated process.
  3. The last one is an Enterprise plan which is a plan based on Quote.

3. CyberLink U Meeting

Cyberlink U Meeting is a tool that makes web conferencing easy and reliable. It is a tool that offers different modes to conduct meetings, hold presentations, and simultaneously be a part of a chat service. The tool is comparatively smart and allows users by helping them to drive business with the help of the U Communication application.


Some of the best features of the software are: –

1. The structure that it uses is based on a cloud. Therefore, there is no need for extravagant expenses on maintaining it. Additionally, there is no need for an in-house server making it a comparative option to go by.

2. Allows and makes management of videos, online meetings, etc in the most hassle-free manner. Your organization can also make the best use out of the platform.


  • The solution that the platform offers for online webinar and meetings are effective from a business point of view.
  • Allows joining a meeting and to watch a webinar simultaneously without the requirement of any extra-plugin.
  • Meetings on the platform are mostly based out on browsers, hence, saves time for users to not go through the trouble of downloading any software for people to join in.
  • Users can easily take live notes and messages without causing any trouble to the process.


The plans that you get from U Meeting are: –

1. Basic: Free to use and allows maximum 25 participants to join a meeting.

2. Pro 50: Allows 50 participants to be a part of it and costs $9.99/month.

3. Pro 100: Costs around $14.99/month and users up to 100 participants can be a part of a meeting.

4. Pro 200: Up to 200 meeting members at once

5. Enterprise: Quote-based and allows 200 users at once.

4. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is another video conferencing software that allows one-to-one video conferences for more than 3000 users to participate at once. In real-time, users can share their desktop screen as and when they want it.

Moreover, users can also be a part of webinars for $49/month.

The software allows different teams for collaboration to allow users to have meeting experience for a real. Users also get the privilege to book meetings whenever they want in advance and then start a session with the users directly. You can even use a smartphone for the purpose.

Allows joining, scheduling, and being a part of effective meetings in advance. Alternatively, you can also opt for your smartphone to cover the calls which is a great way to attend any call as you please.


  • Meetings with GoToMeeting video conferencing software are just a click away. Users can manage and join any upcoming meetings directly from their PC or through Google.
  • Cloud is also eligible to store your meetings on your behalf. Therefore, you can record and store them as you please.
  • Collaboration is easy with GoToMeeting.


  1. Free trial of 14-days of the software allows users to provide an upper hand on the software.
  2. Cloud-recording is unlimited.
  3. Customer support is present 24/7 through live chat, group chat, and so on.
  4. SSL-encryption is free
  5. Hosting webinars is also easy
  6. Third-party tool integration is easy. You can use various tools like Slack, Office365, and so on.


There are three basic paid plans that entirely depend on the number of participants that you have on your end.

  • $12/month is the professional plan which allows 150 participants.
  • $16/month is the business plan which allows 250 participants.
  • Quote-based plan for an Enterprise that can take up to 3000 participants.

5. Zoom

Can’t really miss out on Zoom when discussing the best video conferencing software, can we? It is one of the most effective services that offers tons of options like providing conference rooms, phone systems, webinars, etc.

With Zoom, more than 1000 participants can join and be a part of a meeting. At a time, it displays more than 49 videos right on the screen at once which is the highest out of all the video conferencing software. Sometimes, webinars have approximately 5000 attendees in total.

Engaging the audience during a meeting is the most important. There are many options that you can use and includes file sharing, video sharing, polls, and so on. With Zoom, users can also record their live meetings with aligned transcripts.

One of the other convenient features of Zoom is to use a virtual background and then add any image of your choice. This feature works well with all kinds of mobile phones and websites.

Some of the other features of Zoom are: –

  • Sharing screen
  • Keep your private information safe by connecting with external users
  • Share and play audio without even uploading it


  • With Zoom, you can simultaneously split all your zoom meetings into separate sessions.
  • The language interpretations feature allows you to assign interpreters right in your meetings, webinars, and conferences. Attendees get the flexibility to choose the audio of their choice.
  • Zoom meetings can also be streams on social media platforms like YouTube, FaceBook, and Instagram to allow live integration


  1. The freemium plan allows hosting approx. 100 participants
  2. The video quality can be featured for up to 720p
  3. Chat options include group and private
  4. Unlimited One-on-one meetings
  5. Cloud storage was unlimited


There are four pricing plans that Zoom offers

  • Free Plan for $0/month which allows 100 participants at once.
  • Pro Plan for $14.90/month which allows 100 participants to join at once.
  • Business Plan for $199.90/month which allows 300 participants to join at once.
  • Enterprise Plan for $199.90/month which allows 1000 participants to join at once.

6. Microsoft Teams

Next up in our list of video conferencing software is Microsoft Teams. It has regulated to reach a vast audience now and its proprietary business communication allows hosting of more than 1000 participants at once.

Additionally, users can also record meetings virtually then use a link to share it amongst the participants who are either a part of the meeting or need details about the meeting. Once the meeting is over, even then you can use Teams to chat with the participants.

In addition to all this, participants also get the flexibility to customize their background in a way that suits that meeting aura. This also helps to create an impact on your clients.

Some of the other features of MS Teams are digital whiteboarding, mute, and waiting of participants in the lobby.


  • There are more than 600 apps available to choose from which include whiteboard, standup, survey apps, and so on. These apps allow teams to stay connected and engaged while they are working remotely.
  • Co-author files with your colleague in real-time are a great advantage if you put the vision in place. Accessing, sharing, collaborating, etc from any location is easy.
  • The idea of being in the same room has a huge role to play as it makes everyone feel they belong to the same room. Therefore, everyone in a meeting can have the same virtual background.


  1. Available in 53 languages for the right audience and approximately 181 markets on a global ground
  2. More than 10,000 users are present to host the right video conference.
  3. Use Office 365 application like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint to easily share and collaborate with team members.
  4. With MS Teams, making and receiving calls have become an eminent option for direct routing.
  5. Secured options to allow encryption, multi-factor authentication, and so on.


Microsoft Teams has four pricing plans to offer.

  1. $0/month allows using MS Teams to use freely.
  2. The business basic plan for $5/month.
  3. The business standard plan for $12.50/month.
  4. $20/month for Office 365 Standard plans.

7. Google Meet

Google Meet, also known as Google Hangouts Meet is another video conferencing software that has made a recent entry in the list. It is a video-communication service that allows conducting, managing, and joining meetings in the most hassle-free manner.

There are tons of security layers that Google Meet has to offer. Some of them include Encryption, built-in protection, and so on.

Additionally, Google Meet works best for small businesses since there is extensive support of 250 participants who happen to be together as a part of a single meeting. Joining Google Meet could easily be done with the help of a browser too.

Alternatively, Calendar invites, email invites, etc work more effectively with Gmail. Users can also join in by creating and sharing a URL that is unique and using a conference ID that works along.


  • Users get to reduce the unwanted noise from the background so that the audio is crystal clear.
  • To have greater accessibility, users can use a real-time caption. This can be used by Google Meet participants.
  • There are more than one screen layouts that support tons of features. Some of them include spotlight, sidebar, and so on. The tiled layout allows users to watch 16 participants more than once.


  1. It offers a free version that has limited features
  2. Free day trial for 14-days
  3. Customer support for 24*7 can be used for 14 languages.
  4. Users can share specific parts of the screen for privacy concerns.


There are three pricing plans for Google Meet that users can use: –

  1. Basic Plan for $6 USD/Month
  2. Business Plan for $12 USD/Month
  3. Enterprise Plan for $25/Month

8. UberConference

UberConference is a video conferencing software that is cloud-based. It allows users to conduct virtual meetings and then share the screen with the right team. It also provides users local dial-in to connect easily with Canada and the USA using the correct area code.

In Addition to that, UberConference also allows to transcribe meetings and then render them in the finest quality. Also, you get to support a video resolution that is 720p.

UberConference has easy integration with Salesforce that helps in gaining access to customer insights. Also, users get easy access to storage to save video conferences as they want and in any format they want.


  • With this video conferencing software, you can track the details of the conference, screen share facility, and participants access, etc.
  • Users also get a chance to enhance Dialpad with a voice as you continue to keep using it with time. You also get an enhanced ability to work with accuracy and embed them in the transcripts form.
  • You also get the flexibility to continue to use your own music so that users get a chance to deliver their own experience in the way you want.


  1. Video conferences are just a click away and start almost instantly.
  2. The voice of different users for better transcripts can be easily differentiated.
  3. UberConference can also be used easily on your browser through a Chrome extension


UberConference comes with two plans: –

1. Free for 10 participants which also $0/month.

2. Business plan allows 100 participants for $15/month.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ways to use a Video Conferencing Software?

Here is a basic way of how video conferencing software should.

Step 1: Create an Account

First of all, visit the official site and then click on the profile icon that you will find. You can alternatively download the software that you want by directly clicking on the download option.

Further, you can signup easily

Step 2: Video Conference

Open the video conferencing software that you are using and then click on the Team/Channel that you wish to start the meeting with. Under the text box, you will find a camera. You can directly click on it to get started with the video conference.

What are the things to look for in a video conferencing software?

There are plenty of things to consider if you are looking for a video conferencing software that works out the best for you.
Some of the things that you need to look for in your software are: –

1. Ability to share your screen which is the most significant part of a video conference.

2. Chatting features that also work out in the most effective way to exchange conversation, texts, images, and so on.

3. Voice over Internet Protocol that makes it an easy process for users to connect to their meeting with the help of either a phone or through chat.

4. Virtual meetings and their qualities get diagonally enhanced with the overall experience of HD Quality videos.

5. Evaluation of your presentation has a major role to play as well. The detailed reports helps in making a performance that counts and helps to gather the right analytics.

6.Branding capabilities are the best when you choose the video conferencing tool that works out the best for you. It adds a great help to webinars and to other processes like meetings, eLearning sessions, and so on.

Wrap Up

Provided above are some of the top picks for video conferencing software that you must definitely try.

With the help of these video conferencing platforms, you can work flexibly, remotely, and in the most enhanced manner. Alternatively, you get the accessibility to use the tools as and when you want them.

There is also other conferencing software that you can use and have a few features to offer. Some of them are Skype for Business which is a very sleek and classic way to attend any meeting in the shortest time.

Therefore, hoping that you make the right choice when it comes to using the right software, it is immensely important to go for the one that suits all your needs. Ultimately, we are going to be using this video conferencing software to fulfill the process and business need, therefore, it might as well be done in the best possible way so that you don’t have to switch from one software to another.

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