4 Best Website Speed Tester of 2022 (Free & Paid)

Speed is a very crucial factor and it has the ability to either make or break your website. This is probably one of the primary reasons why IT developers, marketers, etc. are focusing more on speed testing tools.

To increase the success of your website and to improve its performance, incrementing the loading speed could contribute big time. There are many Website Speed Tester that helps you to know the speed of your websites and webpages so that users and search engines are benefited accordingly.

Marketing and web development have a major role to play and websites speed tests could be incredibly easier choices to make. From search experiences to SEO, page speed can impact performance.

Moreover, the wait time of websites is only four seconds before they shift to something else. This is where the Website Speed Tester comes into play.

Also, this also pretty much gives you an insight into how better your platform is going to perform. However, do you know what is the toughest thing? It is to figure out where to begin.

This is the reason we have curated the list of Best Website Speed Tester of 2021 for you because obviously, we don’t want you to sit by the side of your stopwatch and track the loading time of your pages. No No.

So, let’s move on.

Brief Overview of Website Speed Tester

SoftwareFree Plan/TrialPrice
Pingdom Speed Test14-day Free Trial$10/month and $120/year
GTmetrixFree Plan$40/month
UpTrendsFree Trial for 30-days$51.58/month
Site 24 * 730-day Free Trial$225/month

List of of Website Speed Tester

I am quite sure you have got the gist of it and especially on the basics of website speed tester tools. Therefore, it’s time to introduce you to some of the best Website Speed Tester that will enhance your page performance and will also estimate the load time.

1. Pingdom Speed Test

Pingdom is a website speed tester that is present for users to test the performance of their web pages. You don’t need any credentials to log in and you can expect details in the reports that will actually guide you about your performance.

It also falls in the category of being the simplest tool to test. To start monitoring a site, you can use this tool and conduct your tests. For a beginner, it is a great platform to start with.

There are lots of filters that you can use like filtering upload time, change the upload order, and adjust the size of the file. Moreover, out of 100, you get an evaluation performance.

This is a great way to understand and figure out ways to improve the performance of the website and pages. Overall, Pingdom is a website tester tool that you can definitely consider.


Key Features

  • You can see the results are arranged in a manner that it is easy to understand. You can use clear charts to display information. This information or data will provide an insight and a clarity on the different type of file sites that your website maintains.
  • The reports and analysis are easy to understand and read since they follow the waterfall approach.
  • Using this website speed tester, you can test the speed of your websites from seven different locations which includes Tokyo, San Fransico, and so on to name some of them.

Pingdom Pricing

You can choose a plan according to your requirements. In general, Pingdom has plans to offer.

  • Synthetic Monitoring – You can get it at $10/month if you buy it annually and for monthly purchase, you will need to buy it for $15/month
  • Real-use Monitoring – You can get it at $10/month if you buy it annually and for monthly purchase, you will need to buy it for $15/month

2. GTmetrix

GTMetrix is a partially free application that you can use to check the speed of your web page and to get an enhanced report out of it.

Along with being a premier choice, it is also very convenient to work with. All you have to do is enter the URL and hit ‘Analyze’.

You can expect all the details like page loading speed, timing, performance timing, and so on. In regards to the website speed tester tool, this is a fine choice you can make.


Key Features

  • The AdBlock feature of GTmetrix is pretty functional. This feature is really helpful if you have a third-party network blocking the road. Simply enable AdBlock and you will spot the difference.
  • Depending on the location you are currently situated in, you can conduct your searches. From the available list of locations, you can choose them to hold performance tests.

GTmetrix Pricing

GTMetrix offers a Free plan and also, has paid plans that you can opt for depending entirely on your needs. Here is an overview.

  • Basic – Free to use forever.
  • Solo – When billed yearly, you pay $10/month.
  • Starter – When billed yearly, you pay $20/month.
  • Growth – When billed yearly, you pay $40/month.

3. UpTrends

Another monitoring website speed tester tool in the list is UpTrends which efficiently controls the performance, functionality, API calls, and so on.

It is a cloud-based solution and that is what helps in most cases. You can easily track the speed of the URL.

UpTrends is a supreme choice especially if you want a website speed tester tool that categorically falls on the niche side. You can also take up screenshots if you want to share the results with someone else.


Key Features

  • You can expect a copious amount of group data which will display all the different sites and pages that you have been tracking so far.
  • The tool is user-friendly and very interactive. Furthermore, you can also test your platforms from wordldwide locations.
  • The alert feature sends you timely notifications whenever your app or server is not responding.

UpTrends Pricing

You get a free trial with Uptrends for up to 30 days with each of its plans. Moreover, it also has various plans that you can go ahead with.

  • Premium – When billed monthly, you pay $44.44/month.
  • Business – When billed monthly, you pay $21.59/month.
  • Enterprise – When billed monthly, you pay $51.58/month.

4. Site 24 * 7

Do you know what are the major elements that contribute to your web page? Let me tell you. They are Javascript, CSS, and HTML.

These are the major contributors but we have other front-end elements too that are responsible for impacting the overall speed and performance of your website.

Site 24* 7 is a SaaS-based tool for monitoring widely used by IT. It plays a major role in contributing to the location of your website from all the possible worldwide locations.

In addition to this inspection, you can also expect downtime.

site 24*7-website-speed-tester

Key Features

  • You get instant updates, alerts, and emails through SMS.
  • The waterfall graph that this tool offers is another benefit since you can have a clear image and understanding of how you page is performing by visualizing the data.
  • Integration of this platform with other tools also is easy. It has a built-in integration facility which is a great approach mainly when you want to test the speed of the website.

Site 24* 7 Pricing

You get a 30-day Free Trial and post the trial period is over, you can commit to the plan that you wish to go for.

Here are the plans that you can expect from Site 24*7, depending on your requirement, you can simply choose one.

  • Starter – When you pay annually, this plan is available at $9/month.
  • Pro – When you pay annually, this plan is available at $35/month.
  • Classic – When you pay annually, this plan is available at $89/month.
  • Enterprise – When you pay annually, this plan is available at $225/month.


We surely didn’t want to fill up your brain with tons of choices and that is why we have focused entirely on the best 4 website speed tester tools of 2021.

You can expect a lot from these website speed tester tools and once you start using them, there is no going back. Try them out and see the wonders for yourself.

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