Buffer Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Benefits

In today’s era, one of the best ways to grow your business and engage with more clients is to promote it on online and social media platforms.

With social media, you can reach a wide range of audiences and clients. This is why many big enterprises have turned towards Buffer

This Buffer review will provide you a detailed view on this powerful social media scheduling software. 

Buffer Review

What is Buffer?

Buffer is popular publishing, analytics, and engagement platform that helps you to reach more clients and grow your business.


It is a safe and secure platform and is trusted by major organizations such as Spotify, Burrow, DressUp, Shopify, Huckberry, and more than 75000 more. 

Features of Buffer


You can plan and create amazing content and posts for social media platforms in one place.

For Instagram

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms, lately. With Buffer, you can promote your brand on Instagram without relying on ads. You can also reach a wide range of audiences through consistent, high-quality content and thus, will be able to drive more engagement to your posts.

  • You can connect your link in bio to multiple URLs.
  • You can schedule your Instagram posts and stories.
  • You can get reminders and notifications once you schedule your post. 
  • You can schedule your first comment with hashtags and Buffer will automatically publish it.
  • You can reuse your top hashtags groups and take the help of a hashtag manager to get more reach for every post.


You can easily collaborate with your team to produce incredible and high-quality content that will increase your clients.

  • Draft posts- You can create drafts, get feedback and modify them accordingly.
  • Approval – Review posts and stories before publishing them.
  • Stay in sync – Your present schedule will consist of everyone’s schedule so that you can stay in sync. 
  • Account management – You can easily manage, share and access your social accounts.


You can create posts, save them in drafts, collaborate with your team, get feedback, and organize your social media marketing campaigns. Thus, complete planning tools to produce the best results. 

  • Schedule – You can create a publishing schedule for every social media platform.
  • Tailored posts – Custom tailor your posts for every social media platform.
  • Calendar – You can get an instant view of all your content that is lined up.


Get detailed insights into your social media performance and improve accordingly. 

Source: Buffer


Get all the information about your social media platforms, track performance, and create reports for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all in one centralized instinctive dashboards for detailed analysis.


Get a detailed insight and measure your social media performance across multiple performances and examine the place where you need to work on.

  • Boosted post insights – Contrast paid vs organic outcomes of boosted posts.
  • Account analytics – Keep a track of key engagement metrics for every social account.
  • Stories & post analytics – You can examine stories, individual posts, and hashtags performance.
  • Audience demographics – Understand your audience and check whether it is the right audience.

Create Reports

With this software, you can create detailed and beautiful reports and easily share them with your team members, managers, and clients. 

  • Custom reports – You can create reports according to your requirements and add metrics and charts from multiple social channels.
  • Daily updates – Your reports will get updated daily, you just need to set your reports up once.
  • White-label reports – Create personalized reports and add your own logo, title, and description for each report.
  • Easily share your reports –  You can download reports and export them as PDF or charts as images.

Answers and suggestions

Once you have analyzed your performance, you will surely have questions like when, what, how, and more. So to help you clear your doubts and improve your performance, Buffer provides you important suggestions:

  • Best time to post – Based on your follower’s activity.
  • The best type of post – Find out whether videos, pictures, text, or link posts perform best for you.
  • And best posting frequency.


Buffer helps to improve your engagement with your customers. 

  • Buffer will highlight the most important ones for you and you can view your unanswered comments in one simple dashboard.
  • You can easily navigate between the posts as they are presented in a grid with each post showing the number of unanswered comments on it. 
  • With smart alerts, you can easily distinguish whether a post has questions, negative sentiment, or comments about a purchase.
  • You can use keyboard hotkeys and smart emojis to improve interaction.

Benefits of Buffer

  • Buffer helps you to improve your marketing performance through social media.
  • You can plan and publish posts and stories based on the activity of your audience.
  • It provides various collaboration features so that you can easily connect with your team members and produce high-quality content.
  • With planning tools, you can plan and manage your work efficiently.
  • With in-depth insights and reports, you can analyze your marketing performance in detail and improve accordingly.
  • After analysis, you can get an answer to every question and understand your strengths and weaknesses. 
  • It offers a 14-day free trial and you do not require any credit card for this. 

Why do you need Buffer?

In this world of social media, you must constantly boost your social media presence.

Buffer brings to you several tools such as analytics, performance, marketing, planning, and many more. These tools will help you to reach more and better audiences and thus, increase traffic on your website.

You can also get suggestions and advice and understand how you can improve your marketing performance. Insightful reports will help you analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Thus, it is a complete package for boosting your social media marketing.

Buffer Integrations


Buffer Pricing Plans



Free Plan

It has:

  • 3 social channels.
  • 10 scheduled posts.
  • 1 user.


It is available for $15 per month Billed monthly. It includes:

  • 8 social channels.
  • 100 scheduled posts.
  • 1 user.


It is available for $65 per month Billed monthly. It includes:

  • 8 social channels.
  • 2,000 scheduled posts.
  • 2 users.


It is available for $99 per month Billed monthly. It includes:

  • 25 social channels.
  • 2,000 scheduled posts.
  • 6 users.



It is available for $35 per month Billed monthly. It includes:

  • 8 social channels.
  • In-depth social analytics.
  • Strategy recommendations.
  • Unlimited reports.


It is available for $50 per month Billed monthly. It includes:

  • 10 social channels.
  • Includes Stories analytics.
  • Strategy recommendations.
  • Unlimited reports.
  • Report white labeling.
  • Shopify integration.

Buffer Alternatives 

1. Hubspot Marketing hub

Hubspot Marketing hub is a single robust platform consisting of all of your marketing tools. It is quite easy to use and helps you to work efficiently.

It helps you to attract more customers through various social media tools like blogs, ads, stories, and more. Thus, a complete platform to improve social media presence. 

2. Zoho Social

Zoho Social is another great alternative to Buffer that helps you to easily manage your social media accounts.

With Zoho social you can schedule unlimited posts, monitor what matters, and create custom reports to analyze your social media performance and many more. 

Buffer Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Buffer

Why do brands use Buffer?

Buffer is an amazing platform that consists of various effective tools that help you with social media marketing. This includes planning tools, management tools, easy collaboration, engagement improvement tools, and many more.

Does Buffer offers a free plan?

Yes, Buffer offers a free plan that includes publishing tools and some other basic tools. However, it also offers a 14 day free trial with every plan.

How many plans does Buffer have?

Buffer offers 4 plans for Publishing: Free, Pro, Premium, and Business and 2 plans for Analytics: Pro and Premium.

Is Buffer reliable?

Yes, Buffer is a reliable and secure platform. It helps you to easily manage your social media accounts and keeps all your data safe.

Wrap up

Managing and promoting your brand on social media is not an easy task. You need to use the proper tools and platform.

Buffer comprises all the important features and specifications that you need to establish and boost your brand on social media.

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