ChatBot Review – Best Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

ChatBot is an AI software that stimulates human-like communication with your customers through texts across all channels.

Whenever a customer has a problem with a website or service, they have to wait for the customer care team to provide support. Many factors like busy time, out of working hours, lack of connections may delay support being provided for them.

Many of the customer care team cannot concentrate on actually important and complex problems because they are constantly engaged by repeated questions from different customers.


Are you struggling to provide consistent support across platforms?

Do you want to optimize your support?

Then ChatBot has a solution for all the above problems. Let’s take a detailed look at the functions of ChatBot to find a suitable solution for our problems. Let’s start with the ChatBot Review.

ChatBot Review

What is ChatBot?

ChatBot is an online AI service that allows you to have personal conversations with every single customer.

It does not require any coding knowledge and hence can be created by all the people using simple drag and drop. They have ready-to-use templates for various purposes like marketing, customer service, restaurant, University, real estate, and sales templates.

You can easily launch chatbots using templates on your website and messengers. You can simply import them and customize them according to your needs.


You can easily import these templates on your website using plugins and API. Once this is done, you can test your ChatBot with the testing tools to see if they perform the intended action. Once the test is done, you can launch the ChatBot.

You can set the ChatBot to welcome every visitor while they visit your website. You can assist them every single step of the process without increasing your workforce. ChatBot provides a win-win solution for all business communications. Even if some of the problems are too complicated for ChatBox they can easily transfer it to an agent.

Thus ChatBot is the #1 business communication solution preferred by all sorts of users.

Features of ChatBot

Let us see all the best features of ChatBot:

  • ChatBot allows you to seamlessly transfer users to agents when they are high intent leads.
  • Allows customers to create a ticket when the case is too complex and the support team is not available.
  • You can set different goals for your chats like customer registration, successful purchase, etc. 
  • ChatBot tags allow you to categorize all chats in the archives to help organize the conversation. 
  • It helps client define their problems accurately using buttons. 
  • Guide users with the help of images and GIFs to explain a process. For example, the process of changing their contact number can easily be explained using screenshot images. 


  • You can Demonstrate complicated processes using videos. For example, if your user wants to upgrade your service, you can send them a video to demonstrate the changes they have to make. 
  • Suggest possible answers with quick replies. For example, when a user types I have a problem, you can suggest the possible problems for them to select from. 
  • ChatBot offers multilingual support. Thus you can converse with customers of different languages. 
  • You can integrate ChatBot with your messaging platforms to automate customer communications. 
  • There are many ready-to-use templates for various purposes like customer service, lead generation, eCommerce bot, recruitment bot, etc. 
  • It has a testing tool that allows you to preview your Story while you build the ChatBot. This will allow you to create it for its intended purpose. 
  • Customizable chat widget. You can customize the chat widget with your brand colors and logo with few clicks. 
  • You can measure the performance of your ChatBot using real-time analytics. You can analyze the number of chats, busy periods, and which story is most popular. 
  • You can automatically collect customer data to personalize the customer experience. 

Benefits of ChatBot

  • Help your customers 24/7 across channels to offer consistent support with ChatBot. 
  • Resolve problems faster using visuals and interactive forms. 
  • Boost team productivity by automating answers for repeated questions. 
  • It is a no-code chatbox. You can create a Chatbox with simple drag and drop.


  • You have a 14 day trial period to see if their service meets your expectations. You don’t need to give your credit card details. 
  • Generate more leads with less serving cost with the help of ChatBot.
  • Generate more sales with product suggestions and tailored marketing campaigns. 

Why You Need ChatBot?

  • To establish consistent communication with customers across all channels. 
  • To power up your marketing by sending prospects and tailored suggestions to your customers. 
  • You can personalize your customer experience by collecting their data. 
  • You can scale the customer support without increasing the number of employees. 
  • To generate and qualify leads automatically. 
  • To provide customer support after working hours. 
  • To make it easier for customers to find the right products or service suitable for their needs.

ChatBot Integrations

Facebook messengerLive Chat
ZapierChat Widget

Pricing Plans of ChatBot

The pricing plans of ChatBot are:


  • Starter

It costs $50 per month for 1000 chats. They have features like unlimited stories, 7-day training, basic reporting, and data security.

  • Team

It costs $149 per month for 5000 chats. They have additional features like 5 chatbots, advanced reporting, smart actions, team collaborations.

  • Business 

It costs $499 per month for 25000 chats. They have advanced features like unlimited chatbots, personal onboarding, premium customer support, and security assistance.

  • Enterprise

You have to contact the team to get fixed-price contracts for big teams in large companies. You can customize the terms and features you want.

ChatBot Alternatives

1. Intercom

Intercom allows you to communicate with every visitor personally. It’s a number one business messenger that helps you drive customer satisfaction and faster growth.

2. Drift

Drift allows you to connect conversational marketing software to your website to make it easier for people to buy from your website through real-time one on one conversations. Thus you will generate more qualified leads and can book more meetings for the sales team.

3. Birdeye

Birdeye is a SaaS platform that collects customer feedback, ratings, and sentiments from all the channels like review sites, social media, and surveys. It closes the loop between business reputation and customer experience.

ChatBot Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on ChatBot

What is ChatBot used for?

ChatBot is used to communicate with your leads and customers to improve their satisfaction and to convince them to buy a product or service from you.

Who can use ChatBot?

ChatBot is suitable for many streams of people from business, education, customer care, sales, marketing, real estate, etc. You can personalize ChatBot according to your needs.

How much does ChatBot cost?

They have four plans:
1. Starter plan costs $50 per month.
2. The team plan costs $149 per month.
3. The business plan costs $499 per month.
4. They have an enterprise plan for which you have to contact their support team.

Does ChatBot support multilingual chat?

Yes, ChatBot is supported in almost all languages so that you don’t have to miss customers because of the language.

What is stories?

ChatBot follows a previously designed scenario for every chat. This chat is called stories.

Can I access previous Chats held by ChatBot?

Yes, you can access previous chats from the archives. You can even add filters and labels to keep them organized.

How to test your ChatBot?

1. Click the blue chat bubble.
2. Select the story you want to test.
3. Type various queries and observe your chat.

Is there a training provided to use ChatBot?

Yes, training is provided with all the paid plans. The starter plan has 7 days of training. All the other plans have unlimited training.

Can I collect data using the ChatBot?

Yes, you can train ChatBot to collect data from the customers. You can also transfer this data to your website using Webhooks.

How to add ChatBot to your website?

1. Select Chat Widget from the integration panel.
2. Click on publish your bot section.
3. Copy the code to the clipboard.
4. Paste the code on the website’s source code based on the location you want it on.
5. Refresh the page.
ChatBot will be added to your website.


ChatBot is the top AI Engine that can have a realistic human-like conversation with your customers. ChatBot makes it easy for your customers to take the intended action by assisting them every step of the way.

ChatBot makes your website more welcoming, user-friendly, and personal. It helps you improve your customer experience and thus multiplies the conversion rates. And you can have all that with no coding.

You can just choose from their template, personalize and then import it to your website or messenger. It’s that easy.

SignUp to ChatBot to enjoy their 14-day free trial. No credit cards needed. If you are satisfied with their service, you can easily upgrade to a permanent plan based on your needs.

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