Cisco WebEx Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Pros

Web conferencing and video conferencing applications are in high demand like never before. Gone are the days when large groups of people had to journey all the way to one location for meetings or events. Now, we meet virtually.

While there are some exceptionally popular video conferencing tools like Zoom and Google Meet, popularity doesn’t always equal best quality. So it’s okay to try out other video conferencing software to find what works best for your virtual events.

In this article, we review a relatively less popular video conferencing tool – Cisco WebEx. Find out the features, benefits, pricing, and the basics you need to know before using this software.

Cisco WebEx Review

What is Cisco WebEx?

Founded way back in 1995, Cisco WebEx is one of the ‘OG’ video conferencing software that are still in the market today. Of course that implies that it has undergone multiple upgrades and growth over the years to become the quality web conference software it is today.


Like many other high-quality video conferencing apps, Cisco WebEx experienced a huge influx of users. In April 2020, Cisco CFO, Kelly Kramer reported that they had 500 million meeting attendees, and that equated to 25 billion meeting minutes, using its video-conferencing application WebEx.


A very huge credit that has to be given to Cisco WebEx is its video quality. Unlike many other video conferencing apps, Cisco WebEx provides high video quality across all devices – mobile, tablets, and desktop making it very convenient for its users to have a smooth experience.

Features of Cisco WebEx

Video Conferencing

One of its most outstanding features is very high-quality video conferencing. Its audio quality is top-notch, and you can see who is talking at a particular time through the full screen.

File and Application Sharing

This is another great feature. Cisco WebEx allows you share not just files, but also apps, like Powerpoint.

Security Feature

It has an amazing security feature that helps to protect the data of its users from third parties.


It also features real-time translation to translate a host of languages.

Other Features

  • Screensharing.
  • Chat Functionality.
  • Video Conferencing.
  • API.
  • Webinars.

Benefits of Cisco WebEx

  • Security: This tool has great and reliable security so that persons making use of the software do not have to worry about their work getting accessed by attackers or third parties.
  • Excellent Audio and Video Quality: The quality of its audio and video cannot be overemphasized. You can carry out your conferences with ease because this video conferencing software has got you covered.
  • Ease of Use: Now, who doesn’t want easy-to-use software? It is a very easy-to-use software, as it has a user-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Unlimited Storage: This is a mouth-watering feature, and I think we all know why. Everyone wants to be able to store up data without having to worry about storage. Well, this is one more area Cisco WebEx has got you covered.
  • Works Great on Different Devices: You can use the software on your PC or your mobile devices.
  • Easy to Set Up: The software allows you to set it up without much stress.
  • Great for Meetings: It possesses features to ensure your daily meetings are seamless and very convenient.

Why You Need Cisco WebEx?

  • If you’re looking for a software that can you help you successfully share applications, look no further, because Cisco WebEx has you covered. Thanks to this software, you can get access to powerful application sharing.
  • It grants you access to a great team collaboration. You can connect whenever you want, on any device.

Cisco WebEx Integrations

Google CalendarGoogle Docs
Microsoft OutlookAsana
Google DriveSalesforce
Google SheetsMicrosoft Teams
WrikeZoho CRM

Cisco WebEx Pricing Plans

To make use of Cisco WebEx services, you need to submit a request by filling out a form and then their sales team gets back to you within a few hours at most.


Cisco WebEx Video

Cisco WebEx Alternatives

1. Team Viewer

This is a remote access tool that deals with connections.

This software connects different devices with really fast connections. TeamViewer is an easy-to-use software that enables communication among different devices. You can perform complex tasks on this software, and it is very secure.

Team Viewer has quite a number of features, which include: screen sharing, app control, remote screen, and many more.

2. GoToMeeting

This is a video conferencing software that is easy to use, and makes online meeting as convenient as can be. With this software, you can share presentations, and do so speedily, saving you precious time.

Time is of the essence, and what this software does, is help you carry out your activities without redundance.

GoToMeeting offers its clients top-notch security, and is very affordable. It has a myriad of features, with Calendar, Survey, and White Board being a few.

3. GlobalMeet Collaboration

This is a video conferencing software that is streamlined to ensure collaboration amongst teams using it. It grants its clients access to online meetings at no extra cost.

It has features like Live Chat, Calendar, presentation tools, file sharing, and many others.

This software is easy to use, and also has a great support team to make your experience very enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) on Cisco WebEx

What is Cisco WebEx

Cisco WebEx is a web conferencing and video conferencing software that serves as a collaboration platform for businesses of all sizes to meet virtually or via audio meetings.

Is Cisco WebEx free?

It isn’t free but, it does offer a free version which is available in some countries. Find out more about the free version here.

Is Cisco WebEx Secure?

Yes, Cisco WebEx is secure. They keep your information and data secure with end-to-end encryption.

Can You Save WebEx Recordings?

Yes, you can record WebEx meetings and upload them to the cloud or save them locally on your computer.

Can I use Cisco WebEx without download?

Yes, it is browser-based also which means you do not have to download an app to use the desktop version.

Wrap Up

Cisco WebEx is a powerful video conferencing tool with several benefits and solutions offered to help businesses collaborate efficiently and meet virtually.

Find out more about this tools and how it can be on service to you and your team. Try Cisco WebEx now!

I hope this article was helpful. If you have any further questions or contributions, kindly use the comment section below.

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