Dropbox Review – Details, Features, Benefits, and Pricing

Okay, tell me this, are you an active cloud user? If the answer to this question is yes, then you are in the right place. The reason being, we are here to talk about one of the best cloud-based storage, any guesses?

Well, if you have guessed it right. Which I am sure you have, reading the title *duh*

Dropbox is in the good books and a preferred cloud storage option for many. It is extensively impactful and has been around since 2007.

Let’s dive in and know everything that we possibly can about Dropbox in our review.

Dropbox Review

What is Dropbox?

For most of us, cloud storage is equivalent to Dropbox and this has been the story for quite some time now. Dropbox is a clean, easy to use, and suitable product that has made its way to popularity.


It has its appeal extended to zillions of users who are using it on a regular basis to store their documentation.

Features of Dropbox

Dropbox and Sharing!

Regardless of your needs of sharing, Dropbox takes care of it. Whether it is a document that you want to make public or a huge file that you wish to share over email, with Dropbox you can do it in a flick.

Anything that you have in your Dropbox account could be easily shared with anyone you want.

Dropbox Paper

It is quite clear so far how great this software is when it comes to integration. There are also a few tricks here and there.

One such trick is Dropbox Paper, a collaboration app. It works as a single document capable of holding anything like text, images, video, etc. Therefore, making its capacity endless.

There are many other note-taking apps that you can consider. However, if you are planning to collaborate, then Google Docs would do the needful.


Showcase is the next efficient feature of the software you can access if you are using the Dropbox Professional Service.

A showcase is a tool that is more or less a portfolio tool and helps in having your own personalized area for keeping files, and also enables you to add header images, play audio, and much more.

Benefits of Dropbox


When you work with cloud-based tools, the first benefit you want to peek into is the ability of the software to collaborate.

This cloud-based software ensures and makes the process easy to get tasks done. In addition to that, finding the content of users also becomes a hassle-free process as well as you can collaborate easily across different file types. Some recent benefits that have been added are: –

  • Automatic Text Recognition – You can easily look for texts in images and PDF very efficiently using character recognition taken care of by Machine Learning.
  • Comments: Time-based – It is now easy to add timestamps or comments to other documents. This will help others to walk through a lengthy document and visit exactly the section for which comments have been made.


The technology that this tool uses is advanced syncing. Some of these are delta and LAN. The motive is to ensure that all the contents stored in Dropbox are up to date.

In addition to that, it is easy to recover information that is lost and could be retrieved anytime it is required.

Users get unlimited versions and history which can be recovered within a span of 120 days.


Why You Need Dropbox?

There are many reasons why there is a need for cloud-based software like Dropbox. The primary benefit of having this software is how it allows you to share and store everything easily under one roof.

It is completely free of cost given that the space you are using is complying with the limitation. Since the hosting of the software is cloud-based, there is no need for regular installations too.

Downloading the application on your device either mobile or desktop and creating your own account, and that is, in a fraction of seconds you can get started with the software.

You can also use them offline as soon as the backup is held.

Secondly, one feature that makes this software a real need is its effective way to backup images and files that are present in your camera to the drive.

The backup could be done from any device. If you have used Dropbox, you will know its ways of storing albums, images, and files in a well-organized manner.

After all, we all want our data to be synced and be available at one place, don’t we?


Dropbox Integrations

Spunk CloudMS Office 365
Xpenditure ServicesHelloSign
Cisco WebEx1Password
Microsoft AzureTrello
WrikeFuze Suite
DocuSignOkta Identity Management
Ring CentralBitium
ProducteevReceipt Bank

Dropbox Pricing Plans

Dropbox has five plans to make sure that all needs are looked after and fulfilled. Different plans for different parties help in effectively using this cloud-based software.

Here is a look at the pricing plans.

  • Plus – This is for Individuals which costs $11.99/month if billed monthly and $9.99/month when billed yearly.
  • Family – As the name says, this plan is for families. The price if you buy it monthly would be $19.99 and when billed yearly, it would cost $19.99
  • Professional – The plan is again for Individuals with a steep cost. Billed yearly, pay $16.58 whereas when you bill it monthly, you pay $19.99
  • Standard – This is a sizeable and good solution for small teams. When billed monthly, $15 is what you need to pay for every user whereas annual billing costs $12.50/month.
  • Advanced – Billed annually for $20 for every user. On the contrary for billing monthly, you have to pay $25/month. This plan is the best-suited plan for teams that have lots of members.

Dropbox Pricing


Pricing Plans Monthly Dropbox


Pricing Plans Yearly Dropbox

Dropbox Alternatives

1. Enycro

Encyro has been around as a tool that helps to take care of all multipurpose needs like e-mail subscriptions, file-sharing in the most secure way, and e-signature transfers.

2. Hightail

Want to send large files across? Hightail is here for you. This software tool acts as a substantial alternative to Dropbox and the only intention is to ideally take care of your creative ideas and services.

Dropbox Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Dropbox

What is Dropbox?

It is a tool that is cloud-based and is fully focused to provide productivity to teams, businesses, and individuals. It is a renowned platform for sharing and storing.

Is it possible to have 3 or less users on my account?

Yes, you it is possible.

Why do I need Dropbox?

This cloud-based software brings everything under one place. Whether it is traditional clients, content on the cloud, or even your encrypted data, you can save it on Dropbox.

What are the different pricing plans for Dropbox?

The different plans include Plus, Family, Professional, Standard, and Advanced.
You can opt for any of these plans and it will also depend on the needs and requirements you have.

How much space does a team get to use Dropbox?

There are five plans that this storage software has to ensure that all needs of the members of the team are taken care of. It is mandatory that users have their own licenses.

If you opt for the standard plan, you get a storage space of 5TB. However, if you and other members need more space, Advanced and Standard plans are at your rescue.

Wrap up

Every good thing comes to an end and so has our review for Dropbox. It is a considerable solution to have if you are looking for a space to store and share your files.

Storing stuff is a primary need for almost all of us, and with a technology powered by the cloud, the whole process becomes very easy and hassle-free. Try this software now to know closely about the adventures it has to offer.

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