EddyHR Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Pros

One-on-one meetings could be a trouble, isn’t it? Are you facing trouble in holding one-on-one meetings too? Well, then you have come to the place that is exactly going to get you what you want.

The whole agenda of being in a process could be tiresome and for businesses, it is really a hectic job to hold recruitments, on-boarding processes one after the another. This is where we need software like EddyHR.

Yes, of course, we are here to know all about Eddy and how helpful it is for organizations and employees. In addition to that, it will also help you figure out ways to manage the payrolls and every other process that relates to a business.

It is obviously about the needs of a business and how they can customize factors to suit them and the people who are a part of the process. This is where the whole idea of software like EddyHR barges in to take its place.

Let’s know more about this software and figure out the actual need of it.

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EddyHR Review

What is EddyHR?

EddyHR is an all-in-one suite built to work around with HR solutions. It is based on the cloud and aims to offer Human Resource solutions to help professionals and HR to track applications and applicants and conduct on-boarding of employees.


Some of the essential features of this software include job posting, tracking progress, managing storage, and so on which we will find out more about in detail.

For a business, big or small, this is an ideal software especially if they are looking for solutions related to HR. Gone are the days when people relied on piles of paper to manage employees and track them.

With this cloud-based software, the whole process becomes efficient since it has so many tools that help in automating regular day-to-day tasks. Additionally, transforming most of the actions to digital.

Its set of tools mainly focuses on on-boarding, managing payroll, hiring, recruitment, employee directory, and many more. Therefore, if you have a business that focuses on hiring employees and managing them, EddyHR is the one-stop destination for such ventures.

Speaking of the interface, it is pretty neat and interactive for users making adaptation easy and the whole process a paperless one of HRs.


Features of EddyHR

Cloud-based Suite

This software allows communicating with candidates in a centralized manner. In addition to that, it also ensures that all the data is placed in the most secure and way to reduce any breach.

Job Posting

The job posting feature lets users the permission to see their postings displayed on spreadsheets. EddyHR doesn’t allow switching from one site to another.

All that is required of you is to grab the chair, and the platform will automatically update you of apps and information that are relevant to the postings.


Benefits of EddyHR

Lets you stay away from Clutter

In a cloud-based structure, the biggest convenience that you get is the flexibility to manage and communicate with other candidates. All the important and powerful features can be controlled through one place to offer the maximum benefit to the audience.

Technically, it keeps people away from the regular clutter of maintaining hard copies while the other set of information is completely safe to use.

Easy Onboarding Process

Engaging with prospects and candidates becomes easy and professional and so will be about how you engage.

Additionally, the modern module is personalized and offers an experience that works best for new hires. For keeping everything organized, the new hire task list stays in the backdrop.


The major aspect in most cases, and also the most difficult one is how a team engages with one another.

EddyHR ensures that everyone in a team feels like a team member and is informed even about the slightest of things.

This is a great benefit as every team member is on the same page when it is about updates or what is happening around the team. The comm module can also be actively used to allow chats, comments, and reactions.


Why You Need EddyHR?

We can enlist many reasons why a business enterprise, big or small would need EddyHR. Here are some of the reasons why there is a need for this HR Software.


The Application Tracking System aka ATS is the need of the hour. This is a way through which HR managers save a lot of money and time. It not only streamlines the whole hiring process but also automates connecting with the audience.

Furthermore, tracking of candidates also becomes a cakewalk. After all, this is the essence of human resources, right? To fill out the vacant roles? Well, then, ATS lets HR do just that in a smooth way.


When we talk of payroll calculations, the first thing that hits off is time and training track. Honestly, a manual process is not the way to get through it. Manually, it not gets tedious but also time-consuming.

This is where the time tracking tool helps the employees to track the time in an easy, correct, and quick manner. There also is a combination of two i.e., you can use PTO i.e., Paid time off and tracking time accordingly and both of them are facilitated in a flexible way.

However, PTOs can be a little difficult to track but with this HR software, things just get easy.


EddyHR Integrations

IndeedQuickBooks Online
Microsoft OutlookOkta
Salesforce Sales CloudSuccessFactors
Microsoft TeamsPlum

EddyHR Pricing Plans

The pricing of EddyHR is flexible for businesses. It depends on the size and the need of the business you belong to.

However, for small companies, it offers predictable and affordable solutions too. On the contrary for the large companies, the plans are created keeping in mind the employees and their requirements.

You can pay as per your needs and requirements. On their website, they mention to collab to their services at $99/month which is a fair deal overall.


EddyHR Alternatives

1. Papaya Global

Companies big or small use Papaya Global which provides an integrated solution to enterprises to conduct these processes in a hassle-free and efficient manner.

2. Greenshades

For American Companies, Greenshades comes as a unified payroll and a solution for HR that are compliant, and the orientation is done to cater to the needs of the audience and to qualify to their needs.

EddyHR Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on EddyHR

What is EddyHR?

EddyHR is an all-in-one solution that aims to help out businesses and organization to conduct HR processes in the most hassle-free manner. In addition to that, it also helps in improving the experiences of the employees.

What are some of the EddyHR Features?

Some of the main primary features of EddyHR are: –

1. Hiring
2. Employee Experience is flexible
3. People Management
4. Experience
5. Payroll
6. Time Tracking

What is the pricing plan for EddyHR?

EddyHR has two plans for users to choose from depending on the features. Both of these plans have enterprise pricing and are quote-structured.

Depending on the size of the business and the needs, they will create a custom quote for you.

Is EddyHR available in different languages?

EddyHR currently works only in English Language. They are soon planning to enroll it for languages like Spanish, French, etc.

Wrap up

It’s time that we conclude our EddyHR review. Overall, it is a pretty great HR software to consider and honestly, all the companies are in definite need of software like this.

If you are fine with the pricing plan that it offers, it is the best thing to opt for. Eventually it all gets down to saving your time and energy, isn’t it?

Hope you liked reading it, do let us know in the comments about your feeling about this Human Resource Software.

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