Everhour Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Pros

How would you know if Everhour is the right tool for you?

Well, this review down below will help you understand and analyze if this project management software should be the one you need to chase.

When it comes to task management and scheduling, it surely is one big job in hand that as an organization one has to battle through.

This calls the need for software that will work in the right way so that everyone is benefitted,

Let’s find out more about this project management software and how it can help us handle the biggest of tasks in the simplest way possible.

Everhour Review

What is Everhour?

What is that one feature that you think is missing out from your project management tool?


Its Time Tracking.

Most of the time, it is impossible to track and understand the overall time your team is going to take spend for completing a task. There is barely any idea on how much time and devotion will finish a project require.

This is where Everhour comes in.


It is a cloud-based software that mainly focuses on time tracking and estimating the cost of a project in the easiest manner. This is a great solution for small companies and freelancers that helps in helps them to effectively manage project time reporting.

Everhour is constructed primarily as a browser extension and hence, removes any middleman or an external app that comes in the way for tracking time.

Therefore, long story short, as long as you work, the tracking software works efficiently in tracking, recording, and maintaining the time you spend to gather all the data and analytics.

Additionally, it also helps in generating invoices for clients regardless of the number of employees. It will present all the data to help users understand where you are spending all of your data.


Features of Everhour

Live Dashboard

With this feature, you can track anyone and what they are working on in the current moment. Along with tracking their online presence, you can also track the recent activities and easily track anyone who misses reporting in a fallback.

Project Summary

It is always difficult to track the expenses and with the project summary feature, it becomes easy. You get to see the whole summary of a member and how they are working.

Moreover, you can also track the expenses and the amount that is spent overall on a project. Thus, it becomes easy to compare the margins in profit and check how individual participants are making progress.


Benefits of Everhour


Eeverhour’s seamless way of integrating with other project management software is the most called out benefit.

Asana, Trello, Basecamp, and much such software that allows easy integration with Everhour and it works pretty great considering the third-party involvement.

Therefore, this also reduces the time and effort one has to track and install different and desperate solutions that will eventually track time and manage tasks.

The integration of this software is so powerful that it is easy to directly deploy the solution to the project management software that the business is currently using.

Project Tracking

Much better as compared to other software, Everhour makes it easy to exactly estimates projects. This does so in the most efficient way.

It shares all the control with the project leads and managers to control the tasks as well as members of the team. All of this eventually makes tracking projects convenient and hassle-free.

Furthermore, it also becomes feasible for project managers and leads to monitor and manage every task that is going on. Also, they can similarly track the team members’ progress and the tasks they are each assigned to.


Everhour’s robust reporting feature is also a great benefit. All the reporting tools can be customized depending on the requirement.

They are flexible too, therefore, making it easy for users to get the reports that match up to the expectation and meet up their needs.

Employees can add rows and columns, enhanced formatting, re-order, and apply custom filters to create reports that work in the right way for them.

In addition to that, it also allows users to collect data from different angles of the same project to create more insight.

With these insights, project leads and managers make decisions that work for the betterment of the company and are effective too.

Why You Need Everhour?

We have already given a lot of valid and informative reasons on why you need a project management software like Everhour. However, let’s highlight it a little more.

The seamless ways to integrate any other software into different apps like project management, communication, and so on is one primary reason behind the need.

Secondly, you don’t have to go through the trouble of switching from one tab to another.

This is because users are now spending their time and effort to use tools that are not limited only to time tracking but also helps in enhancing and growing other processes like budgeting, scheduling, and so on.

Third, it is a very efficient way that employees can use and implement into their day-to-day business processes.


Everhour Integrations

BitBucketPivotal Tracker
QuickbooksTeamwork Projects

Everhour Pricing Plans

The pricing plan of Everhour is pretty neat as it has two basic plans to offer. More than 3,000 teams use this project management software on a daily basis.

There are two plans.

  • The Monthly Plan
  • The Yearly Plan

The monthly plan costs $730.42 for a month. On the other hand, opting for the yearly plan saves you 15% and you need to pay $620.86 overall.


Everhour Pricing Plan Monthly


Everhour Pricing Plan Yearly

Everhour Alternatives

1. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a powerful app used for time tracking and for the management of software. Companies big or small use Time Doctor to enhance their workforce and improve productivity.

2. Harvest

Harvest shows off a simple, intuitive web-based software used for time tracking, managing expenses, and sending and receiving invoices. Setting it up and using it is very easy and time-effective.

Everhour Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Everhour

What does FTE mean?

FTE stands for ‘Full-Time Equivalent”. It helps to define the basic workload of an individual and also determines if they are full or part-time.

There are many purposes of FTE. This starts from finding out the number of employees working full-time to calculating the payroll and taxes.

What is the job of an assistant project manager?

The role of an assistant project manager varies and it depends on the project and organization entirely.

An assistant project manager can look up to working as a project coordinator and arranging the activities in a project or can work around the project manager depending entirely on the requirements.

What does a Contingency Plan mean?

The contingency plan is nothing but Plan B that all of us have. This is a plan, a detailed plan, that consists of details of what needs to be done when the original plan doesn’t fall back in place.

This can flexibly work for a company, government, or even a project.

What are the pricing plans of Everhour?

Everhour works efficiently with many teams and it offers an annual and a monthly plan for its users.

1. The Monthly plan for $620
2. The Yearly plan for $730

One can choose a plan that works best for them.

Wrap up

Everhour has an interface that is interactive and simple. It helps users of all types to manage their data and use it effectively.

Overall, it is a great project management software to have and work around with and therefore, can be used by freelancers, small and big companies. We have covered every detailed bit about the software for you to know it better.

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