Freedcamp Review – Details, Features, Benefits, and Pricing

Looking at the stats, which of course is a real one, I must say, new trends are introduced every now and then.

Well, honestly, it doesn’t really matter who introduces the idea or comes up with it but what matters more is what are the changes that cone aligned. There is a long series of costs and processes that tag along.

Hence, it becomes significant to understand the attempt being made in understanding the technology.

Freedcamp is one such great attempt that helps in project management basics. Here, in this Freedcamp review, you will get all the knowledge about the platform and how it can be useful to you.

Freedcamp is one such great attempt that helps in project management basics. Here, in this review, you will get all the knowledge about the platform and how it can be useful to you.

Freedcamp Review

What is Freedcamp?

Freedcamp is an online project management and collaboration tool that helps single and multiple users to regulate their workflows.

With the help of the right tools, it becomes easy to manage tasks, project plans, schedules, and so much more. The system that this tool uses is very flexible and lets users get along with the basic outlines. However, there is always a possibility to start with the generic baseline and then change depending on the requirements.

The platform is completely free for users to use and there are no such hardcore limitations. There is a plethora of options and stuff that people can do through the platform.

Starting from dealing with critical applications, to scheduling events, it all becomes very easy. Therefore, if you are a user or are someone who belongs to an organization and is looking for full control of the time, budget, and resources, then then this software will work for you in all possible ways.


Features of Freedcamp

Task Management

To provide you an insight into all the tasks that are currently ongoing, Freedcamp maintains a tasks list. Users can adjust their task schedules as per their needs and requirements.

To effectively manage the tasks, the platform uses Kanban board.


Collaboration is an integral part of any project management software and this tool is quite aware of it. Therefore, it offers users a wide list of tasks that can further be grouped to track them.

Furthermore, goals can be set to reach a maximum date. With the help of the calendar, to see all the items in one place and they can also check on the upcoming events, tasks, and so on.


Benefits of Freedcamp

Time Tracking

Time tracking has a major role to play in all kinds of project management tools whether they are big or small.

With the help of this project management tool, it becomes relatively easier to track the time and energy spent on completing tasks and finishing off those unfinished bills.

All of this can be done using the invoicing feature.

Shared Calendar

The main dashboard has a team calendar that displays all tasks, upcoming events, and decides on the priority.

There is also a separate selection for the display of a shared team calendar that allows the process to be conducted in the most flexible way.

Why You Need Freedcamp?

There are many reasons that can be enlisted, the primary ones are Collaboration and Security Features.

Collaboration Features

Mobile Apps

The mobile application of this software is available for use in Android and iOS. This helps in maintaining contacts.


Every task in the comment section has a separate section that lets users communicate with the other team members of the team.

Security Features

Two-Factor Authentication

Add an additional identity verification with Freedcamp. The 2FA or Two-Factor Authentication helps to add a layer of security.

Freedcamp Integrations

GmailMicrosoft Outlook
SlackGoogle Sheets
Google CalendarDiscord
AsanaMicrosoft Teams

Freedcamp Pricing Plans

Freedcamp has very flexible and easy-go pricing plans for users to choose from. With every plan, there is a bundle of unlimited storage, projects, and storage plans.

The different pricing plans include: –

  1. Free
  2. Minimalist
  3. Business
  4. Enterprise.

The Free plan is completely free of cost as the name says. The Minimalist plan costs $1.49/month on annual billing. The next is Business Plan which is the most popular and costs $7.49/month when billed annually.

The last one is the Enterprise which costs $16.99/month when billed annually.

Freedcamp Pricing Plan

Freedcamp Alternatives

1. Metatask

Metatask is an organization that helps in organizing and managing all kinds of projects whether they are internal or external so that the business flow is smooth and hassle-free. Additionally, it also lets users conduct their business workflows in a sorted manner.

2. Jira

Jira is one of the most considered business management tools that is actively used by agile teams to help in tracking, releasing, and planning software. It supports Scrum and Kanban to create and manage projects effectively.

Freedcamp Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Freedcamp

Do we get a free version of Freedcamp?

Hands down, this is one of the best features of this project management tool. The platform has to offer one of the best and free versions of the software that helps a lot with other activities like task management, shared team calendar, team discussions, and even time tracking.

Freedcamp adds no limitations to the number of users which is by far the best part.

What type of customer support does Freedcamp offer?

The different kinds of customer support that Freedcamp offers help for video tutorials, help guides, contact forms, and so on.

All this content is quite extended and comprehensive and covers all the major topics, functions, and issues.

What are the different types of teams and projects that are going to blend in the best way with Freedcamp?

If you and your team are using project management software for the very first time, then Freedcamp goes as a valid selection. This software has almost everything that you would possibly need from regular project management software and that too at a very affordable cost.

What are the features to expect from Freedcamp?

The things that you can expect from Freedcamp are: –

1. Unlimited Storage.
2. Set of Applications and Core Apps.
3. Premium Features and all sorts of add-ons.

Does Freedcamp offer Free Trial?

With Freedcamp, there is a trial for two weeks. To proceed with that, you will need to register for an account before you can actually use a free trial to proceed with.

Wrap up

Overall, Freedcamp is a great project management software that offers everything to the users that they would possibly need to track and manage all the tracks of your project.

Try it out to see how it works for you.

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