Grammarly vs Ginger – Review of Best Grammar Checker

Grammarly or Ginger both are excellent writing assistant tools that make writing smoother and easier but both are very similar to each other, so here is a comparison that will help you choose the right grammar checking software that will make writing seem like a cakewalk to you.

Writing can be a lot of fun. It is a medium of communication for us humans. It imparts a certain amount of freedom.

Writing helps us send our message across to others, helps us connect with others, helps us reach places without the need for any travel, helps us seal deals, and in this scenario, my writing will help you understand which of these artificial intelligence-based technologies, would be a better tool for all your writing problems.

In this article on Grammarly vs Ginger, we will be checking out which of these will provide better assistance while writing.


Writing is definitely a beautiful way to express ourselves but, writing often comes with its own set of problems.

Like for example, you might want to express happiness through your writing but the way you write our piece might just end up sounding neutral so, in such a scenario, you will need a tool that will help you understand exactly what your piece of writing sounds like and what kind of message your writing will send across to the readers.

Well, this is where technologies like Grammarly and Ginger come in. These digital writing enhancement tools will help you better your writing. They will help you polish your writing skills to help readers understand with ease and also connect better with your piece of writing.

Well without any further ado, let’s dig into these tools and try to understand which of these technologies would be of advantage to us.

Grammarly Vs Ginger – Some Background

Before making a choice, it is very important to understand and know somethings about the background of these.


Grammarly is an American-based technology that provides digital writing assistance based on Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. It was developed by Alex Shevchenko, Max Lytvyn, Dmytro Lider and was first released in 2009 in Kyiv, Ukraine. At present, however, Grammarly has its headquarters in San Francisco.


May 2017 marked an important year as Grammarly received $110 million as its first round of funding. Later on in October 2019, Grammarly raised $90 million as its second round of funding and was valued at $1 billion for which Grammarly earned the title of being the first “unicorn” of Ukraine.



Ginger is an Israeli-start up company founded by Yael Karov and Avner Zangvil in the year 2007. Ginger uses language enhancement technology that uses statistical algorithms with natural language processing that will help improve written communications, develop your spoken English skills, and much more.

In the year 2009, Ginger was one of 9 projects taken up by Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation for funding of $8.1 million. Besides this, in the year 2009 Ginger received funding of $3 million from the private US and Israeli investors.

Now that we’ve done a bit of background check on both the tools, let us understand what they do individually and how different their functionalities and technicalities are from each other.


Grammarly is an Artificial Intelligence-based company that will automatically detect your grammatical and communicational errors and suggests you the necessary corrections and alterations to your writing. Apart from the mainstream grammatical mistakes, Grammarly has the ability to detect punctuations, spelling errors, tone, writing style mistakes, plagiarism percentage, and many other nitty-gritty details that we oftentimes don’t pay attention to while writing the content.


Grammarly makes use of advanced cutting-edge technology and innovative approaches such as advanced machine learning and deep learning. Grammarly constantly strives to make new research in the field of Natural Language Processing to give unparalleled writing assistance to the users.

It will help you polish your writing, across all platforms from any time and anywhere. It is available as desktop and web editors and extensions for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge and also available as Android and iOS mobile applications.


Similar to Grammarly, Ginger is also an AI-powered language enhancement online tool that uses statistical algorithms along with NLP (Natural Language Processing ) which will help in improving and polishing your vocabulary and help you write faster and better in English as well as for up to 50 different languages. Besides checking grammatical mistakes, Ginger will also suggest language tips and provide you with personalized advice to help improve your writing and polish your writing skills. Ginger will also suggest alternative ways to put your message across to your readers so that the readers will be able to better comprehend your piece of writing.


Ginger will prove to be a great language enhancement tool for native and non-native speakers as well and will also be of great assistance to people with learning difficulties. Ginger has features such as synonyms and a Rephraser which basically will work as a thesaurus for entire sentences.

Ginger tools are up and ready for your use across all platforms be its online tools, mobile apps, browser add-ons, Windows app, and Mac apps. You can also fully integrate Microsoft office and can also correct your writing in real-time as and when you type out something on your device.

Well after comparing some of the basic functionalities of both the tools, we have to understand that there is not much difference between the two however, I would like to point out that with unlimited words limitations, unlimited device usage, 24 hours customer service, 50+ languages besides English, I find Ginger to be slightly more diverse as a language enhancement tool than Grammarly.

Let us now take a detailed look at some of the premium features of Grammarly and Ginger and try to find out which of these tools provide better writing assistance.

Key Features


Grammarly enables you to elevate your writing by checking your English text for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. This is much more than just a grammar checker.


One of the major features of Grammarly is that you will instantly be able to correct your grammar and spelling errors and has a huge database that consists of millions of sources.

With Grammarly, you can improve and strengthen your communication skills by supporting clean mistake-free writing and suggests writing beyond just grammar and spellings.

Some of the key features of Grammarly are:

Grammar, Spelling, and punctuation – These are some of the most basic features of Grammarly. These features are present in the free plan of Grammarly and once installed, will automatically detect your spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors and free your writing of all these errors.

Consistency in writing – This feature helps you check the consistency in grammar, punctuations, etc. This feature is also available in the free model of Grammarly. This feature of Grammarly is definitely an added feature for writers who want to make their writing as reader-friendly as possible.

Fluency – Oftentimes, we come across some blogs that might not be able to deliver the message behind the article and this solely happens due to the lack of fluency in writing. Grammarly helps smoothen out your writing and helps deliver the message behind your article effortlessly.

Conciseness, clarity-focused sentence rewrites, and formatting – Clarity is one of the primary elements that a blogger needs to take care of while writing. As a blogger, we have to be clear and concise about what exactly we want our audience to take home after reading your blog. Lack of clarity often leads to a decline in audience, therefore it is very important for bloggers to ensure 100% clarity in their articles. Grammarly is one such tool that is going to help bloggers to maintain conciseness and clarity. Grammarly is going to make hard-to-read sentences in your blogs, concise and easy to follow, and automatically rewrites hard-to-read sentences.

Engaging and easy-to-understand vocabulary – Having good vocabulary in your writing makes it more compelling and helps your audience connect therefore increasing reader engagement.

Grammarly helps you with just that! With Grammarly, you will be able to find vivid words to uplift, enliven and polish your writing. Grammarly also has the feature of suggesting lively sentence variety that will help you with repetitive and monotonous passages and rewrite sentences to polish your writing.

Tone detection and Formality level– Many times our writing is not able to sound the way we want it to sound. For example, if we are writing for a younger audience, then we have to make sure that the article is fun and informative both at the same time but when we complete the article, the article is more informative and less fun. Hence in such cases, Grammarly has your back.

With Grammarly, you can correct all of these. It has features such as tone detection that will tell you if your writing sounds like the way you want it to sound. Grammarly also helps in maintaining the formality level of your writing and hence you will be able to use the correct tone even when you’re in a hurry.


Write confidently, politely using inclusive language– In this modern age, where people are getting more and more informed and empowered, it has become very crucial to be updated and use up to date words and phrases and make sure we include a target audience of all shapes and sizes without hurting anyone’s sentiments.

Grammarly is going to help you write more confidently by removing unnecessary qualifiers, incorporate politeness in your writing and also ensure that the words and phrases you use are updated and respectful.

You can find Grammarly as browser extensions such as Chrome Firefox and Safari extension, MS Word and MS Outlook add-in, Google Docs support, apps for Windows and macOS, and keyboard for iOS and Android.

These were some of the commendable key features of Grammarly. Definitely Grammarly, once installed, is going to prove to be great digital writing assistance.


Let us now have a look at some of the key features of Ginger to thoroughly understand the difference between the two.


Similar to Grammarly, Ginger is an AI-powered digital writing assistant and helps polish and improve your writing by using cutting-edge technology. Ginger and Grammarly both have very similar features, however since this is a comparison, I will be rounding up some of the major differences between the two.

So below are some of the key features of Ginger are:

Enhances creativity– With the help of Ginger, you will be able to uplift, polish, and improve your writing skills and also add a dash of creativity. Creativity always helps with effective content delivery and hence helps your audience connect better with your writing. Ginger will help incorporate that creativity factor in your writing helping you write better.

Correct your mistakes instantly– Similar to Grammarly, Ginger goes beyond spelling and grammar. It suggests instant corrections and alternatives to correct your writing. Ginger will be able to correct whole sentences and also suggest content-based corrections. Hence this will help speed up your writing, especially when you’re having to write larger content.

Smart alternative solutions– Ginger has exclusive features of suggesting smart alternative solutions, while you’re writing to effectively boost your creativity and style.

With Ginger, you will be able to rephrase your words which will, in turn, help your content convey the message that you intended to send across to the target audience. This will also help cut out any unnecessary hedging and help streamline wordy sentences.

You can also find a variety of synonyms to perfect your writing by just double-clicking a word on any website.

Translation – This feature is exclusive to Ginger only.

With the help of Ginger Translate you will be able to communicate effectively, anywhere, anytime, and with anyone. With this feature, you will be able to express yourself naturally in your language without making any embarrassing translation mistakes.


With Ginger’s translation tool you will be able to translate between over 40 languages and hence you will be able to convey your message everywhere and to everyone.

Wide range of extensions – Ginger is now available across many websites, devices and tools.

Whether it is a tweet or an email or a blog, Ginger will always be up and ready to provide solutions for your writing problems across all websites, devices, and tools.

You can use Ginger as a desktop app, mobile app, Microsoft Word add-in, and also as chrome extensions. Ginger is also available to use on Windows, MS Office, MAC, Chrome, Safari, Edge, and also available for mobile app downloads on Android and iOS.

You can now also integrate Ginger into all of your apps using the help of Ginger Grammar API and Natural Language Processing. This you will be able to integrate seamlessly throughout all of your apps and helps boost customer experience and also help your customers write better while on your apps.

So these were the features of both the digital writing assistants. Both have their own unique set of features however, Grammarly has slightly more features than Ginger. Features such as Tone detection, Wordiness checker, plagiarism checker, surely work as an added advantage for anyone looking to write with 100 % clarity and 0 errors.

Ginger, however, is also a clear winner because of many of its innovative features such as Ginger Translate, Ginger API, and much more.

Therefore when it comes to features Grammarly is a winner.


While choosing software of any genre affordability is something to be kept in mind because we always want the value of the money that we pay.

So let us now look at the prices of both these tools and understand which of these will give us the best value for our money.


Grammarly has three plans, a Free plan for individuals, a Premium plan also for individuals but with added features, and a Business plan for teams. Let us have a look at the individual prices and the features that these plans provide.


Free Plan- This plan is a basic plan and is designed for individuals mainly. This pack contains some of the basic writing suggestions features such as eliminating spelling errors, eliminating grammar errors, and eliminating punctuation errors. This plan is mainly designed for young writers and students.

Premium Plan– This plan is billed monthly, quarterly, and annually as one payment. The monthly plan is US$ 29.95. The quarterly plan costs US$19.98 monthly and is billed as one payment of US$ 59.95. The annual plan is for US$11.66 per month and is billed as one payment of US$139.95. By subscribing to this plan you will be able to avail yourself features such as being able to correct twice as many features as free users, rewriting sentences that lacks clarity, eliminating unnecessary qualifiers to make your writing more confident, adjusting the tone of your writing, eliminating inconsistencies in spelling punctuation, ensuring fluency and other advanced settings.


Business Plan– This pack is billed monthly and annually and is billed as per month per user basis however if you avail of the annual plan right now you will be able to save over 50%.

This plan is designed for professional and clear interactions and communications among management and teams consisting of 3 to 149 members in a team. Special discounts for teams larger than 10 members. The monthly plan costs US$25.0 per member per month and the annual plan costs US$12.50 per month per member, hence by subscribing to the annual plan you will be able to save US$37.50 per month.


It has all the premium features and many additional features such as centralized billing, team usage statistics, user management tools, SAML SSO for accounts with more than 50 users which basically enables authenticate logins with a single sign-on provider, priority email support to bypass support queue for individual subscribers, company style guide to help team members stay consistent and on-brand while writing.

Head to Grammarly now for a 7 day free trial.


Ginger has two plans, Free plan and Premium plan. Let us take a look at each of these plans individually.

Free plan- This plan is perfect for those looking to try out Ginger for the first time because many of the features of Ginger are limited in this plan. Features such as grammar checkers, sentence rephrase, and synonyms are present in this package however as mentioned earlier, they are all limited.

Premium plan– This plan has three packages monthly, annual, and a two-year plan. The monthly plan is US$19.99. The annual plan costs US$12.48 per month and is billed as one payment of US$89.88. You can also avail an extra discount of 40% on the annual plan if you head to Ginger right now! Lastly is the two-year plan which costs US$9.99 per month and is billed as one payment of US$159.84.


In this plan, you will get features such as unlimited AI-powered corrections, definitions, synonyms, sentence rephrase, and translation between more than 40 languages.

You can avail a promo discount of 30% on all the plans if you head to Ginger right now!!

Grammarly vs Ginger: The Verdict

Well both Grammarly and Ginger are very similar to each other except for few of the notable features.

Pricing wise we see that Grammarly is slightly on the pricier side. However, Grammarly has a lot more advanced correction features than Ginger.

Ginger on the other hand is no less. One of the notable things about Ginger’s premium plans which I personally liked is that Ginger has a two-year plan. This will be a good plan because you can pay once and for all for two years and use all the premium features of Ginger such as Ginger translate, sentence rephrases and many other commendable features of Ginger for an unlimited number of times for the next two years.

Well, now we have come to the most difficult part of this article that is announcing a winner between two of the best digital writing assistant that is very similar.

And the winner of today’s comparison is Grammarly!

I picked Grammarly as the winner because of the simple reason of having many advanced settings such as tone detection as well as tone corrector, clarity focus and conciseness and so much more.

This verdict however was according to what I felt is the best among the two tools. But to find out which of these tools suit you and your needs, you need to check out these tools individually and find out which among the two is best for you.

Head to the Grammarly and Ginger right now to avail special discounts and promo for your first use.

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