HelloSign Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Benefits

If you are looking for a web-based tool that features a digital signature, then HelloSign might be a perfect fit.

It was founded by Joseph Walla and Neil O’Mara in 2011. It helps businesses that require electronic signature solutions.

In this HelloSign review article, I would be providing you with a brief review of its features, benefits, pricing, and overall functionality.

So let us get started!

What is HelloSign?

It is a web-based tool that features a digital signature. For binding electronic signatures and 100 percent legally, it is the easiest way to send and receive it.


HelloSign helps the teams complete the paper very effectively and securely with developer-friendly API and a user-friendly signing experience. 

Its features are so easy that with just a drag and drop interface, you can use it. 

You can affix a signature to document from retrieved documents from sources like Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, or any other source. Its use is effortless, and you have to upload or create a signature and insert it into the document. Then select it and send it to the recipients.

Features of HelloSign

Flexible Work

You can complete the processes very effectively through this app. Your team becomes more productive through this. With HelloSign, on a specific order, you can have around 20 individual signatures. 

Faster Process

Through this software, the old traditional signing method has changed. The process now has become speedy. Thus, the signature can be affixed online, which has reduced the need for physical presence. By this, the application is processed faster if we compare it to a traditional method.

Orders Approve Very Fast

Due to HelloSign, the process has gone online, due to which the orders can be approved quickly with some clicks. If compared to the old method, earlier the business staff used to get these orders and it was required to be signed before approval, which took time.


If you are a HelloSign user, you do not have to worry about the document’s security. It offers bank-level security. Its servers are protected by SSL encryption. This platform is being hosted in an ISO-certified data center.

Benefits of HelloSign

  • It offers email and phone support.
  • It offers a Bank level of security.
  • Allows Google integrations.
  • It supports 17 known file formats.
  • Status notifications.
  • Templates and API.
  • Workflow is flexible.
  • Easy team management tools.
  • Third-party Integrations.
  • In-person signing.

HelloSign Integrations

GmailWorkbooks CRM
BoxGoogle Docs
DropboxGoogle Drive
Dropbox BusinessGoogle Workspace

HelloSign Pricing Plans

HelloSign offers the following pricing plans:


Free Plan

Its free plan offers three signature requests per month, audit trail, signer fields, reminder, and notifications, and it is for one user.

Essentials Plan

This plan comes for $15 per month, and annual fees are $180. It offers five templates, unlimited signature requests per month, audit trail, signer fields, multiple languages, data validation, template links, reminder, and notifications, and it is for one user.

Standard Plan

It comes for $25 per user per month, and its annual charge is starting at $600. It offers 15 templates, unlimited signature requests per month, audit trail, signer fields, multiple languages, data validation, Branding, bulk send, Salesforce Integration, template links, reminder, and notifications, and it is for 2+ users.

Premium Plan

For the HelloSign premium plan, you need to contact their support. It offers unlimited templates, unlimited signature requests per month, audit trail, signer fields, multiple languages, data validation, Branding, bulk send, salesforce integration, multi teams, single sign-on, performance dashboards, template links, reminder, and notifications, and it is for 5+ users.

HelloSign Alternatives

1. DocuSign

DocuSign is an e-signature solution. It provides a service for the online signature of documents to its users. There is no need for any training or any software for this. This makes the workflow much more straightforward, due to which tasks like multi-step transactions become more manageable.

2. SignNow

It is a cloud-based electronic signature solution that allows you to bind signatures legally. It is available in Android and iOS through mobile apps, through which you can legally bind signatures to different types of documents from any device. 

3. SutiSign

SutiSign is also an electronic signature solution through which you will automate the authorization and document signing process. This is suitable for all types of businesses. Biometric authentication such as security majors is present in the system, due to which you will be able to create a document template in a very secure way easily.

4. Signaturely

Signaturely is a free cloud-based electronic signature software that is used by businesses and individuals for collecting digital signatures.

HelloSign Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on HelloSign

What languages does HelloSign support?

HelloSign supports the following languages:

Chinese (Traditional)
Chinese (Simplified)

How much does HelloSign cost?

Starting From: HelloSign offers plans starting from $15 per month.
Free Trial: Available

Who are the typical users of HelloSign?

Following are the typical uses of HelloSign:

Freelancers, Small businesses, Public administration, Large enterprise, Mid-size business, and

What other apps does HelloSign integrate with?

It can be integrated with the following apps:

1. Google Docs
2. Gmail
3. Microsoft OneDrive
4. HubSpot CRM
5. Evernote
6. Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Does HelloSign offer an API?

Yes HelloSign offers API.

Does HelloSign offer a free plan?

Yes you get a free plan.

Does HelloSign support mobile devices?

Yes it supports.

What level of support does HelloSign offer?

It offers the following support options:

1. FAQs/Forum
2. Email/Help Desk
3. Phone Support
4. Chat
5. Knowledge Base.

Which operating system does HelloSign support?

HelloSign supports the following operating system: Windows and Mac.

What are the main features of HelloSign?

It offers the following features: Status notifications, ESIGN Act Compliant, Cloud-based
API, Audit trail, Two-factor authentication, Bank-level security, Templates, Team management tools, and third-party Integrations.

What are the top alternatives for HelloSign?

Following are the top alternatives for HelloSign:

1. SignNow
2. DocuSign
3. SutiSign
4. Adobe Sign
5. Signaturely.


Overall, HelloSign is a great tool if you require an electronic signature solution. For a simple workflow, it is straightforward to use.

It is also very affordable and easy to use. HelloSign is among the most popular electronic signature solutions available.

You can go for it and start from its free plan.

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