iCloud Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Benefits

How lovely does the whole idea of storing your files, data, documents, images, etc., on a platform where nothing causes them to harm sound to you? All thanks to the current technology and the advancements they offer.

What according to you is the best way to store your data without worrying for a lifetime about losing them? Well, we are here to discuss one such cloud-based storage – iCloud. Let’s look at more details about iCloud.

iCloud Review

What is iCloud?

Apple has its own storage based on the cloud and known as iCloud. It is an all-in-one place that you can use to easily sync and store all your important files. Using your Apple devices and your Apple ID, you can have access to all your content whenever you want.


In addition to this, it is also very reliable. Another added benefit of using this software is how it lets you automatically sync up with different Apple devices of yours. Therefore you can access your content on the go.

Features of iCloud

Cloud Syncing

Cloud storage is more or less cloud syncing, a more suited term.

Cloud syncing is a process where your software keeps all your files and data up-to-date. This is maintained across all devices in real-time.

So, if you update a document on your iPhone, you will be able to track the changes easily on your iPad and MacBook. This is how cloud syncing works.

With the help of Cloud syncing, you can work your way through different devices and workspaces.

Say, for example, you are editing a document at the office and you want to access the same document to make some changes while you are at home, you can easily do so since all your data is synced.

Cloud Backup

If you are someone who belongs to an industry, then having a backup technology that is reliable is extremely significant. Put it this way, does all your income depends on documents and files? If yes, then you can’t really put up a negotiation when it comes to protecting those files.

Well, all thanks to this cloud-based software that it is here for you to take all your necessary backups timely.


Benefits of iCloud


The first thing that most of us look at before we opt for software is how secure it is. Gaining exposure to cybercrime is another threat coming our way every day.

It is one of the secure platforms that there is out of all the platforms offering cloud storage facility. You can put your trust entirely by placing all your files and data.

It does so by encrypting all your data and as a user, only you will have the access to decipher your files and documents.

This ideally also implies that if the servers of iCloud’s are hijacked, then all your data is completely safe.

Endless Storage

Apple devices usually have a storage space ranging between 128 GB to 512 GB. For an additional cost, some high-end MacBooks and devices will come with additional storage.

Sometimes, there could be issues while you try to manage such huge chunks of data and projects. The storage space that is sucked out is deadly and can restrict you from further uploads.


Thanks to iCloud that it lets you increase your storage space at a very minimum cost. You can get 2 TB storage if you invest $9.99/month. Well, that pretty much is a lot of space if you ask me. You can store high-resolution images and videos in this space.

Why You Need iCloud?

Some of the primary reasons why one needs this software are: –

  • You can store all your images, videos, and documents directly on the cloud without having to worry about losing them.
  • Timely syncing of your contacts, emails, calendars across all your devices lets you have backup and retrieve files as and when you want.
  • Productivity tools like Page, Numbers, Keynote also brings online storage on the way.

iCloud Integrations


iCloud Pricing Plans

Signing up for iCloud brings storage of 5GB which is completely free. However, if your space requirements are more, you can always opt for a larger storage plan.

Be it your iPhone, iPad, or any of your Apple devices, you can easily upgrade your storage plan. The different storage spaces that you can choose from are 50GB, 200GB, and 2TB Plans.

Alternatively, you can also share the 200 GB or 2TB Plans with other members of your family.

The monthly charges for these storage plans varies from region to region.

iCloud Alternatives

1. Enycro

Encycro is a multiple-purpose tool that is well-suited to fit purposes like email encryption, e-signature, and also help with file sharing. SMS-based authentication is also a great way this platform helps tax preparers.

2. Tresorit

Another secure, reliable, and seamless file-syncing software is Tresorit that uses the cloud effectively to store and manage encrypted data so that it is easy to share and access from anywhere.

iCloud Video


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on iCloud

What are the different types of files one can store in iCloud?

iCloud lets you store any sort of file that you possibly have and want. As long as your file size is less than 50 GB, there is no need to exceed the limit of your iCloud storage. Hence, keep all your files, documents, presentations, etc., across all your Apple devices.

How to recover deleted files from iCloud?

You can recover deleted files from the last 30 days.
1. Go to iCloud.com
2. Visit your drive
3. On the bottom-right corner, you will find ‘Recently Deleted Items’
4. Look in the list of files and choose the one that you want.

What is the storage of iCloud Drive? How to get additional Storage?

5GB of storage comes instantly when you set up iCloud. There are tons of things you can do with that space like use it for backup, photos, emails, documents, and so on.
For adding more storage to your iCloud, you will need to make an investment of $0.99 ( USD ) every month that will serve you 50 GB of storage.

How can iCloud be used with Apps?

Every app that you download is joined up with the iCloud account. You can easily download them to other devices for free of cost only if there is enough compatibility.

Wrap up

Amigos! Here is where we come to the end of our journey with iCloud. Yeah, we hate to bid adieu too but we will soon be back with another review.

Till then, if you are an Apple user and were unaware of the magic that iCloud could do, what are you still waiting for? Hope this review turns out to be helpful.

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