Ingramer Review – Best Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

Ingramer is a marketing toolkit for Instagram. It has smart tools to build target audiences, engage with clients and plan content.

Are you one of those people who want to grow your Instagram account? But no matter how much money, time, and effort you put into the account, it is not reaching more people. 

Do you run a small business on Instagram? 

Do you want Instagram to showcase your art and talent to earn money?

Do you want your posts to trend on Instagram?

Then Ingramer provides you with the best tools to market your Instagram page.


In this article, we are going to see a detailed review of Ingramer, its features, pricing, and more.

What is Ingramer?

Ingramer is a smart marketing toolkit to promote your Instagram handle. They have all the tools to build the target audience, automate conversation, and schedule content.

Instagram is one of the leading platforms for small businesses, corporate businesses, artists, influencers, etc. In order to grow their account, Instagrammers spend money, time, and effort. But without the right knowledge, all these go in vain and many are not free enough to put in the required research to grow their account.


 To solve that problem, Ingramer has introduced this toolkit. With the help of this toolkit you can grow your Instagram account in three simple steps:

  1. Attract users to build a loyal community with the help of tools like smart targeting, growth analytics, influencer search, and profile analyzer. 
  2. Interact automatically and manage all the clients with tools like advanced direct messenger, a chatbot with auto-replies, target bulk SMS, CRM features.
  3. Post regularly and boost reach vis hashtags with tools like scheduled posting, AI hashtag generator, hashtag trends.

Ingramer is trusted by 50,000+ users. They have a record of growing 1k followers every month starting from scratch. They help you reach three times more people. They have a 24/7 active support team to solve any issues. They have a rating of 4.7/5 on TrustPilot.

Ingramer is a potential service that can completely improve and automate your Instagram handle. This will save you a lot of time and effort on promoting. And will give you time to concentrate on your content. More importantly, Ingramer accelerates your results.

Features of Ingramer

We are going to see all the features of Ingramer are:

Hashtag Generator

Ingramer hashtag generator is an AI-based tool that helps you find the best hashtags suitable for your social media post. Hashtags are the only way to organically increase the reach and engagement of your posts. 

With this hashtag generator, you can improve your organic engagement growth by 500%. You can add up to 5 key phrases to get 5x target results. You can use your local language to search location optimized keywords. 


Hashtag Trends

Ingramer has a curated list of hashtags that are trending on Instagram. These are the most popular hashtags on Instagram and will increase the reach of your post to more people. Ingramer has a list of top 100 hashtags, hashtags for likes, hashtag for followers. You can select the hashtags you want and use them free of charge on your posts.

Since these hashtags are highly competitive it is recommended to mix them with rare ones, niche ones, etc. You can always generate the perfect list of hashtags with their advanced hashtag generator.


Ingramer has all social media in one downloading feature called downloader. With this feature, you can save the posts, stories of your favorite users, and even yours from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch. All you have to do is enter a link to an account or a post to download it. And it is free.


The Downloader is useful to curate content and content ideas for your account. You can avoid the whole searching and saving it. Only to switch between accounts to find it. With this, all the relevant information you want will be on your device. You can download your own posts to repurpose in the future.

Instagram Search

With Ingramer search you can search a user’s profile, bios, email, and phone number with explicit filters like age, number of followers, number of posts, gender, category, etc.

You can find people with specific criteria, you can find similar products and services, find influencers for your niche and you can find potential clients.

This is a free tool that will help you analyze users, influencers, and successful accounts in your niche to develop a marketing strategy for your account. You must keep up with their trends and activity so that you can do things equally and thus grow.

Scheduled Posting 

Ingramer allows you to schedule posts. Once you have uploaded the content, hashtags, location, date and time, Ingramer will take care of the rest. The post and stories will be automatically published without you having to do the manual work.


You will get a preview of how your post will look on your profile. You can schedule posts to maintain a theme on your profile. You can test multiple hashtags using automatic caption edit. It does not violate any Instagram policy. You can manage up to 10 accounts at a time.

This might just be one of the important features of Ingramer. It will save you more than 300 minutes every month and its costs are very minimal.

Direct Message

Not all the followers are active clients for your Instagram business. But that does not mean they are not relevant. You have to maintain communication with all your followers. However, that’s quite time-consuming and most lead you nowhere. Thus Ingram’s direct messaging feature will save you all the trouble.

It allows you to bulk message your followers.

It will send a welcome message to new followers. It will allow you to label people based on keywords. And then you can send messages particular to the label. For example, you can label price. So if a person asks what is the price of the product.

A catalog will be automatically sent. It even recognizes multiple languages. This way you can manage chats for multiple accounts, speed up communications and show your love to your audience.

Profile Analyzer

Profile analyzer is a free Ingramer AI tool. It provides you with insights into any public account. It tells you the accounts’ number of followers, engagement rate, average user per day, week and month, uploads numbers, post time, top hashtags, etc. 

With this tool, you can easily develop a marketing strategy for your Instagram account by analyzing all the successful feeds in your niche. It is an invaluable tool that is available for free. You can scan an unlimited number of profiles with this tool. All you have to do is enter the user ID of the profiles you want to analyze. 

Instagram CRM

Ingramer CRM has all the data about your followers and clients systemized. You can add contact info, order status, and labels to the users. You can filter and search your CRM to reach a certain set of followers. 

This will build trust between you and your clients. This tool is very helpful in growing your business and managing it without opting for expensive CRM like SalesForce or Hubspot.

Other Features

  • Profile analyzers.
  • Story viewer.
  • Web viewer for Instagram.
  • Font generator.
  • Blog.

Benefits of Ingramer

Let us take a look at some of the benefits of Ingramer

  • You can make your Instagram account available 24×7 without you spending all your time on Instagram
  • You can streamline more followers using the hashtag generator. 
  • You can stay in contact with your clients 24×7 with their chatbox. You can even set trigger keywords to give personalized replies.
  • You can send bulk messages to your followers or a set of followers. 
  • You can develop a marketing strategy with the profile analyzer and the Instagram search.
  • You can find influencers, potential customers for your business using the Ingramer Search feature. 
  • You can boost your followers and engagement rate using the hashtag generator and hashtag trends feature. 
  • You can save 300 minutes every month using their schedule post feature. 
  • You can also test various sets of hashtags with their automatic caption edit feature. 
  • You can download posts and stories from various social media platforms to retain them permanently on your device. This allows you to curate content ideas.
  • They have award-winning support that is highly knowledgeable and responsive 24×7. 
  • They have a blog filled with useful tips and tricks to help you boost your engagement and sales.
  • Many of their features like hashtag trends, profile analyzer, Instagram search, downloader are free for life services.

Why Do You Need Ingramer?

  • To find and reach your target audience on Instagram by staying updated about the trends of your competitors.
  • Stay connected with your followers and clients by automated chatbox and bulk messaging.
  • To automate content for posting by Ingram Scheduled post. You can save drafts for up to 10 accounts. 
  • To test different sets of hashtags using automatic caption editors. 
  • To develop a content strategy based on similar successful accounts and influencers.

Ingramer Integrations


Pricing Plans of Ingramer

They have different pricing for different modules based on the duration of the subscription.


Complete package

  • They charge $82 for 2 weeks access to all their modules. 
  • They charge $128 for 1 month access to all their modules. 
  • They charge $307 for 3 month access to all their modules. 

Direct module

  • It costs $19 for two week access to bulk messaging and chat box. 
  • It costs $29 for one month access to bulk messaging and chat box. 
  • It costs $74 for three month access to bulk messaging and chat box. 

Scheduled posting 

  • It costs $12 for two week access to automatic posting.
  • It costs $18 for one month access to automatic posting. 
  • It cost $46 for three month access to automatic posting. 

Hashtag Generator

  • It costs $14 for two week access to traffic driving hashtags. 
  • It costs $22 for one month access to traffic driving hashtags
  • It costs $42 for three months access to traffic driving hashtags. 


  • It cost $37 for two weeks access to automatic follows, unfollows and likes. 
  • It cost $57 for one month access to automatic follows, unfollows and likes
  • It costs $144 for three month access to automatic follows, unfollows and likes. 

Ingramer Alternatives

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is the number one social media management service with 18 million users. You can do scheduled post, communicate with followers and track your social media performances.

2. Hubspot Marketing Hub

It is a marketing automation software to help you attract your target audience, boost your conversion rate and run successful marketing campaigns.

3. Constant Contact 

Contact Contact allows you to reach more customers, sell more products or simply share your passion with their helpful tools, features, and expert guidance.

Ingramer Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Ingramer

What is Ingramer?

Ingramer is a marketing toolkit for Instagram. It allows you to target an audience, engage with your clients, and schedule content for your Instagram account.

Who can use Ingramer?

Ingramer can be used by anyone who wants to grow their Instagram accounts like small business owners, artists, corporate companies, freelancers, etc.

How much does Ingramer costs?

Ingram prices differ based on the modules you want to use. If you want all their services then they cost.
$82 for two weeks.
$127 for one month.
$307 for three months.

What tools does Ingramer provides?

It provides three basic smart tools:
1. Promotion by auto follows, follows, and likes.
2. Automatic bulk messaging.
3. Scheduled posting.

What are the free service provided by Ingramer?

Their free services are Downloader, profile analyzer, Instagram viewer, hashtag trends.

Can I use Ingramer for free?

Ingram has many free services. However, some of their features like hashtag generator, messenger, and scheduled posting are paid.

How does hashtag generator work?

You just have to enter a keyword, link, photo and Ingramer will curate lists of hashtags based on top, rare, related, Niche and Non-Niche. You can select a mix of these categories for best performance.

What type of content can I schedule through Ingramer?

You can schedule images, videos, carousel posts, and stories through Ingramer. And it will automatically publish the content on Instagram.

What is Auto-update description?

Auto Update Description is an Ingramer feature that allows you to automatically change the caption of your post in ten minutes or in four hours, you can test different sets of hashtags using this feature.

How can direct module improve my business?

It can improve your business by:
1. By sending welcome messages to new followers to establish communication.
2. By automating replies for frequently asked questions like the price of the product, payment options, etc.
3. Bulk messaging clients to send them offers, promos, etc.


Ingramer is one of a kind marketing tool that is completely dedicated to Instagram. Most of the social media management tools are built for general purposes and don’t really allow you to generate an outstanding strategy for any platform.

But Ingramer is an expert on Instagram and has all the right tools to help you grow your IG handle. You can grow your account for small business, corporate business, art and talent. Ingramer has the tools for all the categories. And many of their services are for free.

Are you a hardcore Instagrammer who wants to grow their account but at the same time does not want to live on Instagram? Then Sign Up for Ingramer for free. You can test their features and upgrade as you go.

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