How to Install Java on Windows?

Java is everywhere on the internet.

The programs that are created with the help of Java are interactive and communicative.

Well, for you to be able to see this interactive content of the web pages, you will need to install Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on your computer.

Let’s go through the steps on how to install Java on a Windows operated computer/PC.

Steps on How to Install Java on Windows

Go to the official website of Java.


Now you need to click Java Download button.

The Java website will automatically find out what kind of operating system you are using and will prompt you to download it as shown below.


Now simply, click Agree and Start Free Download button and your download will start.


Now right click the downloaded file and click “Open“.


The above dialog box will appear. Click the “Install” button and the Java installation will begin on your computer.

After some time, Java will get installed on your Windows operated machine.

The below successful congratulations message will come!


So this is how you can install Java on Windows.

I hope you found this tutorial useful.

See you in the next tutorial.

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