Instapage Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Benefits

What is the most important thing that you need when you want to run a business which is also a successful one?

Well, for starters, it is important that you are using the right set of tools that add to the effectiveness and reliability of your business. In addition to that, should also help you in increasing productivity.

One such tool is Instapage and we are here to discuss everything about it.

Let’s know more about this tool in detail and cover everything in this review. So, keep going.

Instapage Review

What is Instapage?

Instapage is a landing page builder, in fact, one of the best landing page builders that has several ways and features to optimize and integrate the content being used right now.


It focuses entirely on adding more personalization to optimized pages so that not only the conversions are great but so you also benefit from the ad campaigns.

Using this tool, you as well as your team members can easily create and optimize your post-click landing page recalls in a go. Alternatively, it could be a great tool that helps in digital marketing as well with so many features that include:-

  • Parallax Scrolling
  • Heat Mapping
  • Precision Editing Tools
  • Team Collaboration Tools

This app is an all-rounder and a booster that also lets you track the way your webpage performs. Furthermore, you can use graphs and analytics to make the most out of your business.


Features of Instapage

Instapage Builder

It is just a matter of seconds and you will have a beautiful webpage in front of you. A live editor is also an easy-to-use option along with the drag and drops feature.

Additionally, the flexibility of the platform is so great that you can work around the elements.


Landing pages are always better when there are widgets added to them. On the sidebar, you can find the widget and you can add them as you want. To add it to your editor, you just need to click on them.

Some of the widgets that you can use in your landing pages include a countdown timer, code editor, edit history where you can track the changes made.

Conversion Cloud

This app also allows you to maximize the way you spend. It is the best way to automate advertising across all the social media platforms that are in use.

Some of the examples are Facebook, Google, Adroll, etc.


Benefits of Instapage

Integration is easy

Instapage understands and knows the role of integration and how significant it is. This is one reason why users have so many options for integrations. We have also shared the list of integrations for you to check out.

Integrations allow users and customers to stay connected to the website through any resource.

Unique Visitors Support

The best part is, Instapage never holds off any limitations on the number of users or visitors who can visit your website. There is much software that often ends up imposing restrictions on the unique visitors but with Instapage, you get a bonus.

Why You Need Instapage?


Any marketing campaign is incomplete without team collaboration. Collaboration lets you and your team members do so much for instance, tracking review progress, approve the status of work, and request changes.

All the credit goes to this platform that has such excellent built0-in collaboration tools.


We can’t say it all about the overall plan this platform offers but can certainly pull through how Enterprise plan deserves a special recognition.

Overall, this is a best-fit for professionals and businesses who are looking for a great tool at enterprise-level. Moreover, let’s not forget the single-click solution that it offers to Enterprises at a large-scale.

Instapage Integrations

GoToWebinarGoogle Fonts
ZapierZoho CRM
KissmetricsConstant Contact
GetResponseActive Campaign
Campaign MonitorMad Mimi

Instapage Pricing Plans

First off, you can opt for a free trial if you just wish to use the platform and see how it works for you.

The enterprise plan is customizable and that is the reason why there is no fixed price for this plan. You can get it customized as per your needs.

The Business plan costs $299/month and $199/annually.


Instapage Alternatives

1. Wix

Wix has gained immense popularity over years for being the best online website builder. It has been in the books for its robust culture offering for marketing, customer support, and so much more.

2. GoDaddy

Well, who wouldn’t know about GoDaddy and how much of an interactive and widely chosen platform it is when we speak of website building. The freemium plan helps you scale advanced as well as paid features making it an effective choice.

Instapage Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Instapage

Which publishing option is a good choice?

Well, technically, the answer to this question is easy. If you already are using Drupal or WordPress, the plugins of Instapage are the perfect choice to go to.

If none of this helps, then the right choice to get there is through the use of Custom Domain Publishing options. Once done, you can successfully publish your pages wherever you want, even on Facebook.

What is Instapage?

Instapage is a leading platform for page-building. Using this platform, digital marketers can use to maximize their advertising returns and can also deliver ad-to-page channeling experiences.

It is a robust platform aiming to offer the finest features to boost users’ conversion.

How can I get traffic on my post-click pages?

There is always a right way to get traffic. Facebook ads and Google ads are the best way to receive traffic. However, the whole thing is completely set on how is your end-user and target audience.

Figure out the answer to questions like – is your target audience really flexible on social media? What is their preferred mode of communication? Do they respond quickly to emails? Once you know the answers, the answer is just around the corner.

What are the possible ways to increase the conversion rate?

The best way to enhance your conversion rate is to do it through – Fixing the design, double-checking how and what the details on the copy are, focus on the details and the call-to-action processes, and that your marketing displays and reflects it all.

This is the only mantra you can follow.

Why should I consider integrating my page?

Publishing a page and collecting leads is the beginning of it. The recommendation is to use an email marketing service that will not only take care of your leads all the way but will also help in converting them to your potential customers in the near future.

Wrap up

All things considered, Instapage is worth the shot. Its features, capabilities, and uses give users a strong choice to consider it.

You can try it out to see how this platform serves you and your website the benefit you need.

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