Integromat Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Pros

While working online, navigating through a million other apps and websites and changing tabs becomes such a hassle and is a real headache!

But, what if I tell you that you can get it all in one place? All of your favorite apps and tools and even websites all under one roof?

Well, let me introduce you to Integromat! Your one-stop destination to integrate and sync your data across all your favorite apps and websites.

With the help of this software, you will be able to connect, visualize, design, and automate your workflow and save tons of your precious time.

So let us get started with the Integromat Review.

What is Integromat?

Integromat is a powerful and robust integration platform that will help you efficiently design, sync, visualize, and automate your workflow, saving loads of your crucial time.


With this, you get to choose amongst hundreds of your favorite tools and apps by simply dragging and dropping them using the seamless and easy-to-understand visual builder and automate your workflow in just seconds!

You also get to choose from hundreds of pre-designed templates to help with your basic automation demands and even customize these templates to suit your requirements.

Features of Integromat

Built-in Routers

Often times while working online we are required to duplicate the already processed data and route it to multiple different platforms in such a way that the independent routers then process the data differently.

Well Integromat has made this transformed this complex process into a cake walk!

Integromat has built-in routers that will not only help you divide your processed data into multiple different routes and process data differently, it also lets you filter the data passing through each route.

Error Handlers

While working on vast projects online, errors are bound to happen so what really matters is that how prepared are we to handle these errors.

Well with Integromat’s efficient and quick error handlers you can now be ever ready! These error handlers are designed in such a way so as to you would be able to effectively and quickly handle unexpected errors.

You can add special directives and commands to determine how you would like them to process the remaining part of the execution in case of unexpected errors, you can choose to Ignore a Directive in case you want to ignore the error, you can simultaneously fix the error while the execution is going on, you can use the Break the execution feature to stop an execution in order to handle the error manually and more.


Aggregators and Iterators

Processing heaps of data oftentimes turn out to be a real hassle without the right tools and technology. Whether it is to divide larger data into multiple smaller bundles or to convert the single individual data into one single bundle.

Integromat is here to take care of all the data processing hassles be it large all small.

Its built-in iterators help convert the larger data into smaller bundles of data by splitting them and the built-in aggregators merge the smaller individual data into one single bundle of data this way you will able to save up on tons of time and even space.

Stay informed about each step

Analyzing and understanding each step of an ongoing process is very important for a remarkable execution.

With the help of Integromat, you will be well informed about each step performed in the execution. When executing a particular scenario each and every step of the operation is logged this way you will able to keep an eye on what is happening during the execution.

Additionally if you do not want any of the transmitted data to be stored you can also turn off the logging.


Team Collaboration

It is said that teamwork makes the dream work and with Integromat’s easy team collaboration makes organizing and managing collaboration a no-brainer!

With this, you will be able to edit organizations and with just a few clicks. Features include editing and managing the organization’s users, processing and listing payments, managing and monitoring executions, add, delete or edit connections, add or delete devices, and more.

Benefits of Integromat

  • Very easy to understand, set up, and use.
  • Easy and seamless integration with all your favorite apps and tools and automate your workflow seamlessly.
  • Over 1500 ready-to-use templates to assist you with the initial setup.
  • Track real-time program execution and complete the visualization process of the data that passes throughout your scenario.
  • Ability to track and monitor the execution history for each scenario for up to two months.
  • You can witness real-time execution and run your scenarios manually while your data s being passed through the scenario.
  • You can easily store heaps of data using Integromat’s data storing module. With this, you will be able to store data from scenarios or even transferring data from individual scenarios.
  • Automatic error handling helps handle all your unexpected errors smoothly.
  • You will be able to manually correct, pause steps caused by unexpected errors, and establish a secure resume from exactly where the execution was disrupted.
  • Aggregators and Iterators modules help process data seamlessly. Whether you want to split larger files into smaller ones or aggregate smaller files into one large file.
  • Trigger modules help return or even monitor newly added or newly updated bundles since the last run of the execution scenario.
  • You get the ability to run multiple cycles within a single execution step and each cycle will be represented as an isolated process within a single scenario.

Why You Need Integromat?

  • Help you connect and sync your data across all of your favorite apps and websites. and give you detailed information on what goes on when these integration executions are initiated.
  • You get built-in routers that will help duplicate your data and split it across multiple routes and also have the ability to process the data within each of these routers separately.
  • Easy built-in drag and drop visual builder to integrate apps and automate workflows with just a few clicks.

Integromat Integrations

Google MapsUber
Google TranslateApuTime
Zoho projectsWrike
ConvertKitGoogle Sheets
ISOBank of America
Monday V2Gmail

Integromat Pricing Plans

There are 4 premium pricing plans offered by Integromat.

  1. Basic
  2. Standard
  3. Business
  4. Platinum

Integromat also offers a free plan. It consists of limited features such as 1000 operations, 100 MB data transfer and 15 mins interval time. This is a great plan for those looking to try out a no code integration platform for the first time however to reap the full benefits you need to get the specialized premium plans.


  1. Basic Plan – This pack costs $9 per month and is a great way to get started with Integromat for those using an Integration platform for the first time. This plan consists of 10,000 GB operations, 1 GB data transfer and 5 mins min interval, 1 incomplete execution storing, etc.
  2. Standard Plan -This plan comes for $29 per month. This plan consists of 40,000 operations, 20 GB data transfer and 1 min interval, up to 1000 webhook queue size, etc.
  3. Business Plan – This pack costs $99 per month. This plan consists of 150,000 operations, 70 GB data transfer and 1 min interval, 30 min scenario execution timeout, etc.
  4. Platinum Plan– The final plan comes for $299 per month. This plan consists of 800,000 operations, 220 GB data transfer 1 min interval, unlimited maximum scenarios, etc.


Besides these main plans, you also customize your existing plan or any other plan you like and customize it accordingly. The additional features that will get the liberty to add or customize your selected plan are 800,000+ operations and 220+ GB data transfer.

Integromat Alternatives

1. Integrately

Integrately is a one-click integration platform that contains fully ready integrations, that you can activate with just one click, ready mappings, no steps to performs, and basically no prior training is required.

Quality features include sending marketing leads to your CRM, uploading meetings in CRM and Google calendar, upon closing a deal notify via Email/Slack, integration store for each app with 1000s of ready automation, connect your apps in just 5 mins, easy customization or create your very own automation and add multiple actions and conditions and more.

2. Zapier

Zapier provides easy automation for people who face a shortage of time with easy and quick connection and automating the workflow.

Some of the commendable features include finishing routine tasks automatically, simple and easy fill-in-the-blank setup, building workflows with simple and easy steps that activate with just a few clicks, and more.

3. MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

MuleSoft helps connect data from any system at lighting speeds. It helps empower IT and business users to create some of the best experiences and connections.

A few of the best features include prebuilt connectors, templates, and integration patterns that help you with a great kickstart to your online business, run easily on any cloud, and also on-premises with a single runtime, get real time visibility on how and personally govern each integration and more.

Integromat Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Integromat

What is Integromat?

Integromat is a no-code cloud integration platform to help move and sync your data across your favorite apps effortlessly and automate the workflow.

What is Integromat used for?

To effortlessly connect and sync data across numerous apps effortlessly and seamlessly and automate your entire business workflow without the need for complex codes while you focus entirely on how to grow your business.

Who are the typical users of Integromat?

Large and small enterprises and businesses, entrepreneurs, system administrators, IT cells, and any other common user as well.

How much does Integromat cost?

Integromat’s pricing starts from $9 per month. The pricing plans consist of one free plan and four premium plans.
1. Basic at $9 per month.
2.Standard at $29 per month.
3.Business at $99 per month.
4.Platinum at $299 per month.

What languages does Integromat support?


What level of support does Integromat offer?

Video tutorials, Knowledge base, online support and Facebook community.

Does Integromat offer a free plan?

Yes, Integromat offers a free plan.

Does Integromat support mobile devices?

Yes, SALESmanago supports mobile devices.

Does Integromat offer an API?

Yes, you will get an API (Application Programming Interface) with this tool.

What other apps does Integromat integrate with?

ABRA FlexiBee, Apple iOS, Android, Bitly, Box, Citibank, ClickSend SMS, Discord, Digital Ocean spaces, DocuSign, Facebook, FourSquare, FreshDesk, Google Analytics, Google Forms, HTTP, MailChimp, etc.

What are the top alternatives for Integromat?

1. eBridge Connections.
2. Zapier.
3. Celigo.
5. Integrately.

What are the main features of Integromat?

The main feature includes connection of several apps and sync data across numerous platforms and automate workflows with just a few clicks without any codes, drag and drop visual editor to easily add and integrate apps, 3000+ free templates to help you get started, stay informed because each of the steps in the execution process is logged by Integromat, automatic error handlers to handle exceptional and unexpected errors efficiently and quickly.

Which operating system does Integromat support?

The operating system supported by Integromat are Windows, MAC, Android and iOS.

What payment method does Integromat support?

Integromat support monthly payment methods.

What is the deployment type?

The deployment type of Integromat is SaaS/web/cloud-based and mobile application.


Well to sum it up, Integromat is an excellent integration platform that helps you connect with your favorite apps and tools with just a simple drag and drop visual editor and without any of those complicated and messy codes!

It has many plans to offer that you can use based on your requirements.

So that was all about the Integromat review. I hope this article proves itself useful in showing you how Integromat will be your best choice for an efficient and seamless and error-free and easy-to-use integration platform.

In case you have any questions or queries, then please feel free to ask them in the comments section below and I will be more than happy to help you.

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