Leadpages Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Pros

What is a better marketing strategy than boosting your business online?  It allows you to easily connect to a whole new world of audiences and thus, generate more customers. This is what Leadpages does. 

Leadpages help small and large businesses connect with audiences, collect leads, close sales and generate more profits. You can build websites, landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars, and many more. 

Let’s start.

What is Leadpages?

Leadpages is an easy-to-use platform that helps you to transform clicks into customers. It is a flexible tool and provides a simple drag and drop builder to design your website in whatever you want.


Through Leadpages, you can create amazing websites, attractive and SEO-optimized pages, host webinars, send content upgrades automatically, create opt-in boxes within blog posts, build sales pages, and many more.

Features of Leadpages 


5 Free sub-accounts

These accounts help you to stay organized and share access with your team or clients by setting up sub-accounts linked to your main account. 

99.9% Uptime 

It is powered by Google’s App Engine. It provides dependability and acceleration and your content remains in the hands of your audience. 

Automatic saving

Your work will always be saved inside the leadpages builder. 

Custom and hidden form fields

It can search and approve all the data you want in your email service or CRM through pre-populated hidden form fields. 

Custom social media preview

You can easily add and customize your page’s Open Graph tags. It allows you to have more authority over how your content shows on various social media platforms. 

Device-specific preview

It helps you to preview your content suitable for different device screens. Thus, you can easily optimize your content on desktops, computers, tablets, and mobile.

Duplicate and edit 

You can easily customize your content the way you want, thus, helping you to save your time. 

Easy drag-and-drop interface 

It provides an easy drag and drops menu that helps to customize your website, landing pages, and opt-in forms. 

Fast pages load speed

It helps to boost your conversion and improve user experience with industry- landing pages that load quickly.

Image library

It allows you to easily upload, remove, and manage your favorite images and graphics inside your account’s image library. 

Lead backup/CSV download 

In this the unlikely event that an integration should experience downtime, Lead system stores backup of your all opt-in data and you can easily download a. CSV file of your collected leads. 

Conversion Tools 

Exit-intent pop-ups

It allows you to add an exit targeted pop-up that tries to engage your customers when they attempt to leave. 

Real-time analytics

You can get real-time analytics of your pages and thus, accordingly plan your strategies.

Real-time optimization tips

It has a Leadmeter that provides data-powered, real-time conversion tips at your fingertips. 

Unlimited A/B split testing

You can perform A/B split testing on every page you want. 

Custom Branding 

Leadpages allows you to add your company’s logo to every page, thus, providing it a personal touch. 

Customizable templates

You can take the help of the existing templates and customize them according to your needs or if you want you can start from a blank page. 


Connect your domain(s)

You can effortlessly connect and publish your website on any domain.

Flexible publishing options

You can publish your pages on the leadpage domain or any other domain you want.

Free Hosting 

Leadpages allows you to securely host your website and or landing pages on a free Leadpages domain that is protected with SSL encryption and hosted on an HTTPS address.

Simple WordPress plugin

With Leadpages, you can easily publish your website on any WordPress site you want within minutes. 


Automatic SSL encryption

It uses SSL and HTTPS protocols to protect all the pages no matter which domain you use. 

Subaccount login

All your subaccounts come with secure login credentials.

GDPR Compliance

All the data obtained from Leadpages is processed carefully and is GDPR compliant. 

Site Builder

Drag-and-drop website builder

It has a simple drag and drop builder through which you can create a professionally-looking website. 

Website preview

You can get a preview of your website for various devices. 

Mobile-responsive menu

All Leadpages sites are readied with mobile responsive menus and can modify according to any device and screen size.

Website SEO

All your pages are SEO friendly and are optimized web pages for organic search metal data fields. 

Design and Templates

Lead gen form builder 

With Leadpages, you can drag and drop a form onto a webpage, lead page, alert bar, or pop-up, choose your fields, customize your design, and many more. 

Shutterstock Premium Images

Use Shutterstock premium images anywhere inside your Leadpages account.

Built-in icon library

It provides a built-in icon library from where you can easily add and customize icons and graphics. 

Thank you & confirmation pages

Leadpages allow you to send beautifully designed Thank you & confirmation pages. 

Benefits of Leadpages

  • You can create as many landing pages and web pages as you want.  Publish them on your free lead pages domain or a website of yours.
  • It allows you to automatically set up a notification that sends new subscriber data directly to your inbox. 
  • Leadpages designs all your website, landing pages, templates, alert bars, and pop-ups are to be mobile-responsive.
  • You can easily make sales, accept recurring payments, and provide digital products from any web page, landing page, or through pop-ups with Leadpages.
  • Through Page grouping, you can compose your landing pages by campaign or client with the help of color-coded labels.
  • You can also easily revert to the last published version of your page in case you want to make some edits. 
  • Get real-time analytics of the performance of all your pages, pop-ups, and alert bars and thus, make changes accordingly. 
  • You can add custom behavior targeted pop-ups that appear when visitors move their mouse in that way which indicates an intent to leave the page.
  • It has a Leadmeter that helps you to build the highest-performing landing pages.
  • It provides unlimited A/B split testing.
  • It also provides several premium quality premade templates, icons graphics, images, and many more.

Why do you need Leadpages?

If you want to build professional websites and stunning landing pages, then Leadpages is the best platform.  

It provides a simple drag and drop builder, premium templates, customizable colors, font, and design, images, icons, and many more.  

With Leadpage, you can even customize every page and pop-up with your brand’s unique logo and thus, giving it a personal feel. And the best part is no coding is necessary for using this software. 

Leadpages Integrations


 Leadpages Pricing Plans


There are three pricing plans offered in this tool:

  1.  Standard
  2. Pro 
  3. Advanced 


It is available for $27 per month. It includes:

  • 1 Site
  • Landing Pages, Pop-Ups, Alert Bars
  • Unlimited Traffic & Leads
  • Free Custom Domain*
  • Free Hosting
  • Mobile-Responsive Site Templates
  • Lead Notifications
  • Tech Support
  • (via Email)
  • 40+ Standard Integrations


It is available for $59 per month. It includes:

  • 3 Sites
  • Landing Pages, Pop-Ups, Alert Bars
  • Unlimited Traffic & Leads
  • Free Custom Domain
  • Free Hosting
  • Mobile-Responsive Site Templates
  • Lead Notifications
  • Tech Support
  • (via Chat + Email)
  • 40+ Standard Integrations
  • Online Sales & Payments
  • Unlimited A/B Split Testing


It is available for $239 per month. It includes:

  • Up to 50 Sites
  • Landing Pages, Pop-Ups, Alert Bars
  • Unlimited Traffic & Leads
  • Free Custom Domain*
  • Free Hosting
  • Mobile-Responsive Site Templates
  • Lead Notifications
  • Priority Tech Support
  • (via Phone)
  • 40+ Standard Integrations
  • Online Sales & Payments
  • Unlimited A/B Split Testing
  • Advanced Integrations
  • Includes 5 Pro Sub Accounts
  • 1-on-1 Quick Start Call.

Leadpages Alternatives


GetResponse is another great software that helps you to boost your business online. It allows you to create stunning pages, grow your audience, keep a track of your website, live and on-demand webinars, and many more. It provides a 30-day free trial. 

Hubspot Marketing Hub

Hubspot Marketing Hub is an easy-to-use marketing software that is used by several big organizations like Trello and Loom. It helps you to create SEO-friendly content, track your ads on various platforms, social media management and the list goes on. It offers a free plan. 

Leadpages Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Leadpages 

Why do you need Leadpages?

Leadpages is an easy-to-use platform that helps you to transform clicks into customers. With Leadpages, you can:

Create a website.
Create landing pages and popup bars.
Free custom domain.
Mobile responsive site templates.
Online Sales and payments.
A/B testing.
And the list goes on.

Is Leadpages easy to work with?

Yes, Leadpages is pretty easy to use. It comes with a simple drag and drops editor through which you can create stunning websites and pages. You can also take the help of pre-designed templates, graphics, icons, etc.

How much does Leadpages cost?

Leadpages offers 3 pricing plans. These are:
Standard – For new businesses
Pro – For growing businesses
Advanced – For established businesses.

Does Leadpages offer a free plan?

No, it doesn’t offer a free plan. However, it offers a 14-day free trial.


In today’s era, it is highly essential to prosper your business online. With Leadpages, you can utilize smart tools and techniques to transform more clicks into customers. And thus, increase your sales and earn more profits.

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