LearnDash Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Pros

LearnDash is a leading Learning Management System (LMS) that allows you to create an online course, market it and accept payments from your students and course takers.

If you are a teacher who wants to scale the reach of your knowledge, then you can always create an online course.

If you are an employer who wants to train your employees in highly engaging courses, then LearnDash has it covered for you.

If there is anything you want to teach anyone, then LearnDash is a wonderful option. In this LearnDash Review, we are going to look into its features, pricing, and overall benefits.

LearnDash Review

What is LearnDash?

LearnDash is a cloud-based Course Management WordPress plugin. They are a trendsetting e-learning platform with the help of e-learning experts, Innovative features, and a vibrant community.


It is an award winning top 20 LMS software that is pocket friendly and easy to use.

They have carefully structured their courses based on expert values into sections, lessons, and topics. Each course has advanced quizzes, assignments, and certifications.

You can also create additional content layers, create micro-courses, add gamification for fun, enhance group learning and automate notifications, etc.

Thus, LearnDash is hands down is the best course management application on the Internet right now.

You can use various pricing modules like one-time settlement, subscriptions, membership, bundles, etc. You also have access to 300+ payment gateways.

Features of LearnDash

Some of the unique features of LearnDash are:

  • They have an easy drag and drop course builder that helps you build a course in a snap.
  • You can create a distraction-free learning portal on your website with the LearnDash focus mode.
  • They have advanced quizzing features like eight question types, custom messages, question banks, etc.
  • You can set flexible prerequisites to access courses and lessons. That is you can set a condition that a user can only progress to the next lesson if they have completed the quizzes and assignment of the current lesson.
  • You can use any theme, page builders on WordPress, LearnDash integrates with it all.
  • It is easy to customize the color, display, add a logo, lesson options. You can even create custom functionalities with their API.
  • You can use all types of media like images, videos, audios, HTML5, SCORM, xAPI with their course builder.
  • You can do dynamic content delivery by drip-feeding lessons, linear or open progression, the videos to be viewed, etc.
  • You can automatically trigger notifications for the learners’ actions or the lack of action.
  • You can add discussion forums with your course so that the students can discuss topics with each other and share content.
  • You can add assignments to all or some of the lessons. You can accept all types of files or a specific type of file for the assignment using LearnDash.
  • You can award the course or lesson completion with badges and certificates based on the learners’ performance.
  • You can award course points as the learner completes a lesson, submits an assignment, or perform well in quizzes.
  • You can create Leaderboards to display best-performing students, student testimonials, or the number of students that have benefitted from your course.
  • You can use any type of payment schedule from one-time payment, subscriptions, shopping carts, memberships, course bundles, or bulk access.
  • LearnDash integrates with 300+ payment gateways including popular ones like PayPal, Stripe, WooCommerce, etc.
  • You can manage your course with group management, detailed reports on enrollment, progress and performance, assignment management by approving, commenting, and grading assignments, Gradebook integration for report cards.

Benefits of LearnDash

The benefits of LearnDash are:

  • You can create impressive online courses within a snap.
  • You can integrate your online course to your WordPress in four simple steps regardless of the theme or page builder of your website.
  • You can engage your E-learners using expert tools like drip-feeding, auto-notifications, badges, certificates, course points, forums, etc.
  • You have sophisticated marketing and sales strategy that lets you set your price, choose a payment schedule, and start taking orders.
  • You can manage your course and students with flexibility and ease.
  • You can create unlimited courses with unlimited users.
  • You can extend your course capabilities with LearnDash integration with many other tools.
  • They have a great support system with blogs, webinars, videos, case studies, and an online demo.
  • They provide course content protection for all your courses.

Why You Need LearnDash?

  • To create an online course with easy drop and drag features. and to structure them in a way that is easy for the learners to understand.
  • To market your course to the right users with many payment modules and payment gateways.
  • To sell your course and accept payments using 300+ payment gateways.

LearnDash Integrations

Active Member 369EasyDigitalDownloads
Event expressoConvertKit

LearnDash Pricing Plans

They offer three pricing plans:


1. Basic

The basic plan costs $159. It has one site license, unlimited courses and users, course content protection, drip feeding, advanced quizzing, certificates and badges, forum, notifications, free integrations, and one-year support and updates. 

2. Plus Package

The Plus Package costs $189. It has 10 site licenses and all the above features.

3. Pro Package

The Pro Package costs $329 with 25 site licenses and all the above features. 

They offer 30 day moneyback guarantee on all their plans.

LearnDash Alternatives

1. Thinkific

It is an all-in-one online course management solution. You can easily create and manage online courses on your branded website.

2. TalentLMS

It is one of the easiest to use cloud-based learning management systems out there. You can easily train your partner, employees, and customers using this platform.

3. Blackboard Learn

It is a reliable and scalable foundation to enhance a world-class learning experience. You can extend online learning, increase engagement and optimize learning outcomes.

LearnDash Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on LearnDash

What is LearnDash?

LearnDash is a leading (LMS) Learning Management System that allows you to create an online course, market your online courses, and easily accept payments from your audience.

Who should use LearnDash?

It can be used by anyone who wants to sell their online course on the WordPress website.

Is there a free trial?

There is no free trial for LearnDash. However, they have a 30-day money-back feature in case you decided you do not want to use LearnDash.

What Kind of support does LearnDash offer?

Their customers have instant access to startup guides, documentation, community forums, and help desk.

How much does it cost to create a single course?

It will cost $159 to start creating a single online course with LearnDash.

Why should I choose Dash?

You should choose dash cause they have
1. E-learning experts.
2. They are always improving in an innovative way.
3. They have a vibrant community that supports each other.

How many payment portals does LearnDash support?

LearnDash supports 300+ payment portals. The most popular ones being PayPal, Stripe, WooCommerce, etc.

What types of marketing tools they provide?

1. One-time purchase.
2. Subscriptions.
3. Shopping cart.
4. Memberships.
5. Course bundles.
6. Bulk Access.

Can I integrate my courses with external applications?

Yes, you can integrate your course with external applications like PayPal, Stripe, WooCommerce, MailChimp, Gradebooks, etc.

How many courses can I create using basic plan?

You can create unlimited courses with the basic plan.


LearnDash is the #1 affordable learning management system ranked by popular tech websites like Capterra and G2.

It has excellent features that help you all the way from course creation to accepting payment using your website. They have a useful guide to assist you all the way along.

If you are thinking about starting an online course, then you can sign-up for LearnDash. You can always get a refund in 30 days if you decided against LearnDash.

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