MailerLite Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Pros

Email Marketing has become diverse and is similar across various industries. Therefore, one of the finest things to do now would be to emphasize how it works instead of focusing on how it looks. In either case, it is not going to help transform the way email marketing campaigns function.

The common goal of email marketers should be to focus on the subjects like how to carry out common goals and actions, such as email campaigns, and step out from one place to another.

This is why we have MailerLite. The tool might not be able to impress you with its interface and sleek look like its competitors but what it has got inside it is definitely something to look ahead to.

Keep reading to know all about MailerLite and the ways it can help.

MailerLite Review

What is MailerLite?

MailerLite is an email marketing platform that aims to offer the required set of tools to customize various processes like managing popups, constructing emails, and working on landing pages.


It uses HTML, videos, images, and so on to create email content for businesses. In addition, it also allows users to send emails, newsletters directly to their subscribers in no time.

But, let’s ask this. So many such solutions offer the same functions and options as MailerLite, then what makes this management platform special from others?

Well, this email marketing tool certainly knows the competition it has to battle with and this is why it tries to pamper the audience with the pricing plans.

Hence, for beginners using this platform is completely free especially if they are using the automation services for the first time. Use its tool and don’t pay a penny.

That’s how cool MailerLite is.


Features of MailerLite

Build your Own Stuff

MailerLite not only lets you create emails but also landing pages, site pages, and opt-in forms. They can even host the whole thing for you.


A simple email automatic version of it with the help of automation is simply great. For new customers, it also provides the flexibility to create ten-stage and multi-flow options.

Email Campaigns

MailerLite lets users create emails and newsletters. To do so i.e., to create such promotions you can simply use RSS to send the digests directly from the content you are using.

Value for Money

If you compare this with other tools, it is comparatively cheaper. It is a complete value for money with the plenty of features and benefits that it brings round the clock.


Benefits of MailerLite

Cost Efficient

The operation of the platform is smooth, efficient, and effective. For businesses, it is a great option since they can now maximize their bandwidth for email marketing without having to spend a lot.

Mobile Friendly

Newsletters and emails that come out through MailerLite can be optimized. They can be viewed on smartphones and tablets depending on the usage. Therefore, it makes it easy to be attracted towards mobile devices and the users using them.


Why You Need MailerLite?

Help Options – 24/7

Go for live chat or email with MailerLite as it offers 24/7 support to its users. Live chat is available for use only if you have a paid plan.

There are More Reasons!

  • Building campaigns, automation, and tracking everything is possible with the permanent free plan of MailerLite.
  • In the subscriber’s profile, you can add custom fields to personalize and enhance their emails depending on their requirements.

MailerLite Integrations


MailerLite Pricing Plans

Here is how the pricing works for this email marketing tool.

It has four paid plans and any of these plans lets you send an unlimited number of emails in a month.

Here is the structure:


  • For 1 – 1,000 subscribers, the plan is free.
  • For 1 – 1,000 subscribers, there is also an unlimited plan for $10/month.
  • For 1,001 – 2,500, there is an unlimited email sending plan that costs $15/month.
  • For 2,501 – 5,000, there is an unlimited email sending plan that costs $30/month.
  • For 5,001 – 10,000, there is an unlimited email sending plan that costs $50/month.

MailerLite Pricing Plan Monthly


With a 30% annual discount, here is how the annual pricing plan works.

  • For 1 – 1,000 subscribers, the plan is free.
  • For 1 – 1,000 subscribers, there is also an unlimited plan for $84/month.
  • For 1,001 – 2,500, there is an unlimited email sending plan that costs $126/month.
  • For 2,501 – 5,000, there is an unlimited email sending plan that costs $252/month.
  • For 5,001 – 10,000, there is an unlimited email sending plan that costs $420/month.

MailerLite Pricing Plan Annual

MailerLite Alternatives

1. Sendinblue

The free plan of Sendinblue is very fair compared to similar services. The services and features are similar to the plans that you get through MailerLite. Additionally, you can add as many contacts as you want.

2. Benchmark

Benchmark is another great alternative to this software which helps it in standing out of the crown given the attractive bunch of feature that it offers.

For 1,000, it costs a reasonable rate and you can load up to 250 contacts at once.

MailerLite Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on MailerLite

Is it possible to find an API Key?

In MailerLite, you can simply find the API key that you will find in Integrations > Developer API

How can you send a Freebie to new subscribers on MailerLite?

There are two ways to send Freebies to new subscribers on MailerLite. Here it is: –

1. Send freebie through automation workflow, This can be done by simply creating a form and then offering a gift in exchange.

2. The second is through sending out freebies in confirmation emails.

How can I differentiate between a group and a segment?

Segments are usually defined as a group of subscribers also known as ‘rule’. Once you successfully create a rule, all the subscribers who are associated and compatible with your rule will come forward.

Whereas a group is different than a segment wherein it isn’t defined by any constant or rule but by a segment on its own.

What are some of the disadvantages of MailerLite?

Some of the major laidbacks of this software are: –

1. It could be costly buying a dedicated account manager.
2. Approval process is a lengthy process and takes a lot of time to process.
3. Customer support team isn’t available on Phone since they aren’t accessible.
4, Limited options available for templates.

Is creating segments via MailerLite possible?

Yes, creating segments via MailerLite depending on how the customers behaviors is completely possible. Some of these behaviors include emails, date, source, and the last time there was an interaction with your company.

Wrap up

That brings us to the end of this review.

Overall, MailerLite is one of the best email marketing services to opt for. It has a lot more to offer than emailing subscriptions and our review pretty much covers all the details.

It is cheap and can be used and hosted as per the requirement which is the best part. Use this software to find out more.

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