11 Proven Ways on How to Make Money on Instagram (2022)

We all have our fingers crossed while we speak of 2021 to be the year that will be a lot more exciting and different. For now, we can only hope that a lot of things change this year.

Well, let’s get started with the topic that we are here for – Instagram. In the present time, Instagram has more than a billion users who are actively using the platform. It has not only become popular but also the fastest platforms to see the growth amongst all social media platforms that are out there.

Today, Instagram has become a major weapon in the marketing world to be known as a marketing tool. Earlier, it was just a photo-sharing application.

Currently, there are many influencers on Instagram making hundreds to thousands for every post they put on social media. According to the research, Instagram has by far seen the maximum engagement rates as a result of which many different brands are actively looking for Instagram users to promote their brands and are even ready to pay good money for it.

It has been 8 years since Instagram came into the social media world and the power it has gained over such less time is beyond explanatory.

This is exactly the place where people want to make money on Instagram. In order to do so, it is required of you to have a business model that follows.

Here in this article, you will have a walkthrough to make money on Instagram and how you can do it hassle-free.

How to Make Money on Instagram

Instagram has been the right place for a lot of influencers who make money on Instagram. People and Influencers are known for making big money on Instagram and with the right technique, anyone can.

Well, the tactic differs for celebrities as they are paid millions for a single post they make on Instagram. However, if you are not a celebrity, then your earnings are likely to fluctuate and it is going to depend on a lot of factors like your follower count, engagement rate, and so on.

It is easy to make money on Instagram only if you know the right method. There are several business models that help in Instagram’s growth. They engage you with users and then help eventually in increasing the follower’s count. Using them can be one way to engage with the right audience and to get the right followers as well.

Once you have a good number of followers on Instagram, you are good to go to make money on Instagram. Let’s get started with the details.

1. Sponsored Posts to the Go!

To make money on Instagram, this is effective and by far the most popular way. If you have been a constant Instagram user, you definitely know about sponsorships and ads.

Let’s walk you through how it works.

Starting off, the pre-requisite would need you to be an influencer. This is the most commonly used word if you want to be a part of Instagram. In specific terms, influencers are those Instagrammers who post relevant content for their users and then with time build their followers online. The followers that these influencers have also respect them for their content and posts.

Sometimes, the biggest mistake that influencers end up doing is picking up a random profile that doesn’t align with their audience. Therefore, it is highly significant for you to post content that is extremely selective and matches the choice of your audience, niche, and your profile.

In order to gain trust from the audience, it is extremely crucial for these influencers to only post content that is relevant to the subject. This is one way to gain the trust of your audience and to establish them in the required industries.

Brands know you; they know your audience. Brands will put faith and trust in you if and only if they know your followers trust you. Hence, they partner up with only those influencers from whom they are extracting the most benefit. That is how influencers get content from brands and then make money on Instagram.

A sponsored post is usually a post that revolves around a specific product that an influencer or content creator posts. Moreover, trust and transparency have equal roles to play in the process and thus, the FTC needs all the influencers who are promoting a brand to indicate or highlight that the post is sponsored and we end up seeing ‘ads’ on such posts.

2. Affiliate Marketing

To make money on Instagram, affiliate marketing has a huge role to play. If you don’t know much, you can be a part of high paying affiliate programs. Once you know how it works, the alternative would be to link affiliates on your Instagram that will help in making commissions and sales that you generate.

Affiliate links are a great way to make money on Instagram if done right.

Instagram presently is known to have the strongest base of users and engages the maximum audience. Therefore, it is one of the best place to promote affiliate links.

Regardless of the number of Instagram followers you have, all you need to do is just add a link in your Instagram bio for people to follow.

Instagram followers always pay attention to the posts you post and hence, adding captions to promote affiliate marketing is another great way to make money on Instagram.

3. Be a Brand Ambassador

It is important to know what a brand ambassador is. Well, let’s tell you being a brand ambassador is also a great way to make money on Instagram. A brand ambassador is someone known to promote a brand and its products in the network and carries the objective of increasing and illuminated relative brand awareness. Additionally, it also drives sales in the process.

A question that is very likely to attack you would be how exactly is brand ambassador different from adding sponsored posts? Furthermore, how is making money on Instagram through brand ambassador is an efficient process that doing it via sponsored posts?

The basic difference between the two is clearly much. A brand ambassador has to regularly talk about their products whereas for sponsored posts, it is an on and off deal.

For brands, staying connected to influencers for the longest time is more helpful. Brands look for influencers who will help them to speak and give positive reviews about their brand and hence, they tend to follow and hunt more for brand ambassadors.

Undoubtedly, being a brand ambassador also has perks and one of them is money, It is one of the most ideal ways to make money on Instagram if you are ready for the commitment.

4. Sell Products Digitally

For e-commerce brands, Instagram has turned out to be one of the finest sales generators for the past few years. Instagram undoubtedly is a place where people actually buy and sell products. There have been many features in the process that have rolled out but none of them have proven to be better than Instagram.

Instagram has also in-shop tags, product tags that make it easier for the audience to buy products directly without having to pass through any hassle. Additionally, it also makes the whole process smooth.

Well, it could sometimes be a tough nut to crack to opt for Instagram only to buy your products online. Therefore, the best idea in such a case would be to have your own website or blog that also speaks about your products and sells them.

It is very easy to build an e-commerce website or platform to showcase and sell the products in the required manner. Also, if you are a beginner you can get started with the dropshipping business so that you are spared from the trouble of shipping your own products and further handling their detailed overview. It is indeed a great way to make money on Instagram.

5. Deal and Focus on One Problem

Adding zeroes to your bank account has never been a simple job, has it? Well, there are ways to do it though and the right ones will eventually do the needful.

You can also opt for focusing one specific problem for your audience to make money on Instagram. Being an influencer doesn’t always works and people have to know both sides of the story before they jump in.

You bring yourself a community that focuses on you once you start solving problems for them. This indeed turns your audience into potential customers. In addition, they have built up the faith with you to know you will not be deceived.

Create an account that aims to focus on just one problem like fashion or nutrition for your audience to be actually interested in your services. However, the node of it would be to ensure that your audience is getting the desired benefit of your doing otherwise it would just not make any sense.

To make money on Instagram, this is a very effective method that technically helps drive the audience in the right fashion.

6. Freelance Clients on Instagram

Instagram is no longer a place where people just intend to post their pictures. No wonder you can still that but having a big platform that is also active can drive insane traffic and even add to your networks. So, if you are someone who belongs from the world of art, networking and freelancing could be a generous way to make money on Instagram.

Instagram always comes to the rescue when you are looking for clients. Regardless of what your profession is on Instagram, you can always look up to Instagram to find potential clients.

The first thing to follow before you actually get started would be to optimize your account. Let people know that you are a freelancer and give them an idea about what exactly you do.

Furthermore, you can also reach out to brands or companies by sending them a DM if you are actually looking forward to collab with them. Moreover, you can also pin this down for your customers so they know you are open to finding gigs.

To sum it up, all you have to do is stay true to your niche and showcase all your work out on Instagram. This will not only help you make money on Instagram but will also bring potential clients your way.

7. Instagram Stories, Filters, and Masks

It wasn’t a long time back when Instagram introduced its new content feature called Instagram stories. This was more popular in Snapchat but ever since Instagram got a hold of it, the popularity knew no bounds.

If we talk of Instagram stories, they were launched back in the year 2016 and by far has 500 million people or more creating content or watching stories on a day to day basis. Further to that, this content is available to the users for a limited time only, it still engages the maximum audience.

Also, brings more options for brands to target their audience and to provide them opportunities to make money on Instagram.

Moreover, companies create more Instagram stories and filters to prove their versatility and expertise that helps in product promotion. For some companies, this is even easier as they have in-house designers that will create filters for their brand and then further look to collab with other similar companies selling similar interests.

Also, if you belong to the field of creativity and looking forward to it, you can have a steam income on Instagram right away. This is indeed the future of social media and Instagram stories leave no stone unturned as long as it takes for them to know the power of creating such content.

8. Business Captions adds Convenience

It is not only for big brands to be a part and parcel of media marketing. Gone are the days when only top-notch brands could afford it. Today, Instagram who belongs to all different brands and size look forward to promoting their services and products in the right way.

More than 90% of business platforms look forward to investing the right time and effort that is needed in social media marketing.

If you are someone who has a way with words and can engage readers, then writing business captions to make money on Instagram is the one for you. The importance of social media is known to all of us especially when we talk about Instagram.

In order to reduce costs, small business creators and creation staff seek out freelancers so that the cost is comparatively lower. Thus, to do so, they look for creative specialists who will engage themselves to write captions for businesses by paying a very small amount of money.

9. Host Giveaways, Promotions, and Challenges

There are many people who are also your Instagram followers waiting to be a part of giveaways. They are a very effective way that helps in carrying out a lot of programs on Instagram.

Also, another great way to make money on Instagram too. However, before hosting giveaways and promotion challenges, it is highly essential to focus on the niche and the challenge that you are looking forward to hosting. It has to be beneficial to the audience and they should be able to extract the maximum amount of spark from the one you host.

You can drive sales to induce more traffic, all these giveaways you do will bring you the profit at its maximum. Alternatively, you can also tag people in your post to ask for their participation. You can ask them to follow your account or get a hold of their email address to ask them to subscribe to your newsletter in the future.

10. Visual Content

Well, Instagram is a platform that is known for how visually active and driving it is. On a daily basis, people end up uploading hundreds and thousands of videos and photographs on regular basis.

For brands, it is not an easy nut to crack though. To upload photos and videos every hour precisely to showcase their products is what makes them stand out from the crowd and from the audience.

For modern and regular customers, authenticity has a major role to play. Therefore, they put all their attention into the content that generates it. This in turn adds more to bringing benefit and eventually helps to make money on Instagram for all the content creators.

Speaking of the travel industry, companies from all over the world end up inviting companies and real travelers to click pictures and photos that help in enhancing the experience. Below you go that shows an example.

It adds a great weightage and result when the travel industry posts contents that is generated by the user.

This idea works best if you have a great number of followers on Instagram. However, this is indeed a great technique to make money on Instagram that you definitely should give a try.

11. Marketing – Digital and Social

By now we all know the sales potential of Instagram and how it is one of the most effective ways to make money on Instagram. Therefore, more and more brands look forward to using Instagram as a crucial segment to promote and enhance their products. Moreover, this is also a great way for things to reach out to the maximum audience and eventually increase sales.

According to the statistics, the Instagram platform is widely used by advertisers and businesses until recently. In the present time, there has been tough competition in the ongoing brands and professional assisting services that might be required to successfully cut through the chase.

Social media marketing is a great way to make money on Instagram especially if you know the tricks.

So these are the 11 proven ways to make money on Instagram.

How Easily Can You Make Money on Instagram?

You all must’ve heard the phrase, nothing is impossible in the world. Hence, it is as easy to make money on Instagram too if you have the right techniques. Gaining the attention of millions of followers becomes easy if you continue engaging your customers.

Here are a few pointers to get started on how to make money on Instagram: –

  • Sell your photos to the right audience. This is how you are going to be engaged with you.
  • Put your focus on the sponsored posts so that brands can reach the right audience making the perfect mediator follow.
  • Selling products either digitally or physically is also an enhanced way. You can also go to a service that you can approach people to. This is similar to how e-commerce businesses work in general.
  • Alternatively, the best way would be to become an affiliate and ask people to sell products and associate with multiple brands at once.

Frequently Asked Questions on Making Money on Instagam

Is it possible to make money on Instagram with 500 or fewer followers?

Well, making money on Instagram if you gave fewer followers can be a little tricky. However, it is still possible.

Moreover, brands aim to pay $10 for such followers. Additionally, if you have the most engaging niche, then there is a high chance to make it better. Also, you can connect with other channels to look better.

Consider starting your own blog and link your affiliates with them so people can directly land to your affiliate and make the most out of it.

How many minimum followers do you need to make money on Instagram?

To be able to make money on Instagram, you definitely need to have a good amount of followers in the process. If you look at the statistics, your favorite celebs and influencers are likely to have millions and billions of Instagram followers.

That is how you have to be in order to successfully drive the audience towards you. ROI is one aspect that brands always look for when it comes to Instagram marketing strategies.


That was all we had for how to make money on Instagram and hoping this was beneficial to you. Instagram has come a long way now and the way it continues to acknowledge the audience is exceptional. It is indeed easy to make money on Instagram if you do it in the right manner.

You can attempt to follow many creative ways that will help you to achieve what you want out of the platform. Monetizing your Instagram profile also becomes easy when you have the bare minimum. All you need to do is do it the right way.

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