7 Best Ways on How to Make Money on YouTube

YouTube and its fan base have continued to show its remarkable journey for the longest time now. Speaking of the fan base, in the present time more than 40 billion people stream regularly on YouTube. It is indeed one of the most popular platforms to be at. One thing however that we often wonder is, how to make money on YouTube.

On average, users spend an average of 40 minutes on every YouTube session binge-watching their favorites. Well, YouTube is a great option to hang along with in case you want to begin with your side hustle and make some online money. You can do so through your videos or through any other option that there might be which revolves around YouTube.

On average, users make more than $100,000 on their every video and their total earnings for a year can exceed the maximum they can assume.

Presently, there are more than 2 billion users who are actively being a part of the platform and the popularity has continued to grow. This in fact has increased the consumption of video content as well as the different opportunities that strike on the way.

But there is one harsh truth to the whole of it and that includes the intense competition on YouTube. Many of the YouTubers on the platform don’t even end up making any money at all. Therefore, if you want to fall among the lesser average who wishes to make some good money through YouTube.

Presently, it is no longer a trouble to make money on YouTube. It is no longer a platform restricted only to musicians or influencers. There are tons of opportunities for people like “You” and “I to get the most out of the platform and earn money just like everyone else. The only condition would be to have a strategic approach and understanding.

Here we are with some of the best ways that will tell you the different ways to make money on YouTube. Keep reading so you will understand the differences and best ways that will work in your favor.

How to Make Money on YouTube – 7 Ways

As a content creator, it is indeed an easy task to make money from YouTube. The income that you make from YouTube can be significant depending on how it is working out for you.

It also depends on the amount of time and energy you spend on the building the platform. Speaking of numbers, today there are more than four hundred hourly uploads on YouTube that occurs every minute all over the globe.

A great tip in case you want to make a good income out of YouTube would be to have a mindset. Start with treating your YouTube channel as a brand and then construct business over it to handle multiple income streams from it. 

1. Affiliate Marketing

There are many different ways to make money on YouTube, however, affiliate marketing counts as the best without saying.

affiliate marketing-make-money-on-youtube

This goes for all content creators and it is significantly easy for you to implement. You need a large subscriber base if you are getting hold of a sponsorship. However, there are still ways for you to make the right kind of association with your clients. This will help you to earn commissions when you review and talk about their products on your channel. Additionally, it will also help your audience to understand the threads better.

To review products, you have to enroll yourself with their well-made affiliate programs. Furthermore, you have to use their affiliate link and promote it in the description of your YouTube video. The key here is to stay true to your target audience and the people who are watching you right now and are willing to watch you in the future.

The truer you stay to your audience helps you to maintain and sustain your relationships with them. If you have a channel for product reviews, affiliate marketing is a great way for you to earn and is indeed an exciting opportunity to make money on YouTube.

For instance, if you recommend your users to buy a product and the user visits your profile to buy the same product and uses the link that you shared in your description, you will gain commissions. All you have to do is place the product link right in your description box and then speak about it in the video you make.

The more affiliate links you post on your YouTube adds more to the idea of sharing those links right on your blogs. Therefore, be careful. You wouldn’t want to jumble down the audience with a lot of links all over your YouTube channel in order to promote affiliate as this is never a great idea, to begin with.

One thing that you need to keep in mind would be that monetary benefit will knock on your door if and only if your audience considers you as a trusted resource. Another great idea in this case would be to help your audience to solve their problems and issues by providing the tutorials. You may also consider joining different affiliate programs that will help you have a legitimate understanding of how to make money on YouTube through it.

2. Create a Channel Theme

One of the finest discoveries to create a YouTube channel to make money on YouTube was to have a themed channel.

Honestly, most people thinking to have a YouTube channel partially holds the understanding of creating videos and contents to make the most out of it. However, this is not always the case. Creating full-fledged videos is fine but knowing what will add more to the perspective of the audience is even more significant.

An interesting business model to follow in this case would be to have a channel that contains videos streamlined and centric on a particular theme. Think about it. Having a channel with multiple videos on a common topic will help the target audience to understand everything about the theme. Thus, it also helps your videos to rank better on YouTube, and additionally, you can also make money on YouTube or at least a passive income.

On the contrary, you can also opt for using videos from other content creators. To do so, you don’t even need to record the videos on your own. All you have to do is incorporate content from other creators that will help you as a creator to follow along with the copyright laws. Therefore, creating high-quality content is extremely useful and interesting too.

The whole business model starts to flourish more and more when you outsource the entire thing as an income process. It is not at all a complication to outsource your process. All you need to create a successful video that will help you to make money on YouTube includes the following: –

  • A good researching scheme to find the finest footage, videos, or images for your content.
  • Editing the content or even creating it to fit the needs of most people and so that they can relate more to the concept.
  • Scripts and voiceovers are significant aspect to determine the quality.
  • You will also need someone to help you to post the video as well as to optimize the video through SEO.

This idea has not yet seen a lot of limelight yet and is one of the best business models to consider if you wish to make money on YouTube. Follow a couple of tutorials on YouTube or webinars that will help you to clear the concepts better.

3. Make Money On YouTube through Crowdfunding

 Crowdfunding is a great and efficient way that will help you to achieve what you want along with making money on YouTube. If you look forward to creating something that works the best for you and is meaningful in all ways, this is an effective option to consider.

YouTube is the finest platform that helps you to showcase and start with crowdfunding. You can start with your initial video that you are intend to create. This video should be the one that will nudge and poke your target audience to support and build your project.

A substantial video is exactly the need of the audience that helps them to understand the goals, perspective, and idea of what is that you are trying to build. Once your audience have the narrative, it becomes easier for them to analyze the end product that will come out of it.

There are many ways to do so and highlighting your content in front of your audience counts as primary.

Patreon also helps in crowdfunding which is an online platform that offers a platform to creators to share a space and showcase their work. In return, audiences who are referred to as ‘Patrons’ pay for the work they see.

As a content creator on YouTube, a patron is a considerable way to leverage the power of your audience and make money on YouTube. Furthermore, you can also bring benefit to your patrons by providing exclusive content for them. Patrons and true memberships go hand-in-hand and function in a similar manner.

4. Ads on YouTube

Undoubtedly, being a YouTuber has its perks and to make money on YouTube through YouTube ads is another essential stream of revenue.

If you are a YouTube partner, there are different ways to make money on YouTube, and ads count as one of those. Before your Google AdSense and videos, you can make more money directly through ads.

Running ads requires you to be a YouTube partner and assuming that you already are one, you can run these ads during you play your videos.

Below are the minimum requirements that you need to abide by if you wish to be a YouTube partner.

  1. Have at least 4000 watch hours on your YouTube videos that you post on your channel. This count should stimulate for 12 months. Only then you get to monetize your content and officially be a partner to YouTube.
  2. More than 1,000 subscribers is a must.
  3. Before you join the partner program with YouTube, you need to be more than 18 years of age.

You are well allowed to meet these criteria as and when you like it. On successful completion of all your targets, you can start making money on YouTube. YouTube advertisers are likely to run ads on your channel depending on the kind of content you post on your channel for your audience. The less controversy your videos have, the better it is.

Typically, YouTube pays 55% of the revenue from ads to the publisher and keeps the remaining. YouTube ads is a great way to make through YouTube and one of the most sought after methods as well.

5. Sponsorship from Brands

Already a YouTube partner creating content and have the skills to make money on YouTube? Well, time to jump to the next bunch.

If you already know the ways to engage your audience, then you are doing it right. Most users login to YouTube to consume videos. This is not some social media platform where scrolling down will bring benefits to the audience.

The primary reason why the business industry is ready to pay to promote their brands ranging from toys, healthcare, skincare, culture, apps, tech, food, gaming, and so on is for them to understand how well it can be promoted with content creators. Organic content on these channels is a great considerable way that works out for business better than ads do.

Here are some effective tips that will work like wonders for you and your channel and will help to make money on YouTube.

  1. Promote genuine products for your audience: Don’t go for money blindly when brands are paying you. Relate to the content. The product that you are willing to sponsor must contain recommendations and should add value to the life of the target audience. The products that you tend to display must blend seamlessly with the kind of video you post on your channel.
  2. Open up about your paid partnerships: It’s always a good idea to be transparent with your audience. There is a reason why your subscribers follow you and have trust and faith in you. Therefore, you would definitely not want to lose that trust by hiding promotion details and promoting a brand/product indirectly on your video. Staying transparent about your endorsements is a great way to initiate a trustworthy relationship with your subscribers.
  3. Go Niche: For getting started with brands and for being their partners, you don’t really need to have a great subscriber count. In most cases, brands prefer to be partners of the best, loyal, and engaging content creators who have a trustworthy and regular audience.
  4. Experimenting is also a great idea when we talk about exploring the content and their interests. Go deep with any subject that you decide to pick. Provide all the necessary knowledge that your audience is looking forward to.

6. Show your Brand Merchandise Off

Having a bunch of loyal followers on YouTube is a great deal. Ever since YouTube has become a source of providing online content to the audience, it is very difficult for people to stick with one content creator.

In such cases, it becomes very difficult for people to follow a specific set of content creators. However, there are ways to engage your subscribers and not let them go. One such technique of involving your subscribers would be to sell your own merch.

Despite many YouTubers being extremely famous in their limelight have now started selling their own merchandise. This is not only because their subscribers expect them to but it is also a great way to have another source of income and to make good money on YouTube.

It is not an easy job to leverage influencers and then get started with selling your own merchandise. There are a set of rules that follows. However, being a part of the YouTube Partner Program already brings you benefits that help to access merch shelf and other features related to it. There are certain eligibility criteria that you might have to achieve in order to be a part of the bigger crowd and to sell your own merchandise.

Just remember to have a minimum of 10000 subscribers to endorse your own merch/merchandise.

7. Live Streaming and Superchats

YouTube as a whole now provides many options to its creators to make money through the platform. One such great way and option is to do it through Superchat or live streaming. It is a new feature that was introduced by YouTube and in the year 2017 replaced ‘Fan’s Funding’ from YouTube.

If you are a YouTube partner, you can access this feature if and only if you are live streaming. With Superchat it becomes immensely easy to view the comments of your users. Highlighting and pinning the comment of the right audience in the right place will make it visible to the entire audience. The amount of money paid will decide the time they stay pinned on top of your comments during the live chat.

If you have a favorite content creator and you are looking forward to donating them as well as be a part of their live stream, Superchat is the only possible option for you. Alternatively, you can also become a permanent member and subscribe for a whole month.

In return, you will stand out from the audience group and will also get perks like throwing emojis and showcasing different badges.

This is a very considerable option used by many YouTubers all over the world to promote their channel and brand. To begin with, it is highly necessary to have a YouTube promotion strategy that works out best for you and indeed converts your potential viewers to become permanent members of your platform.

YouTube – How Much Money Can You Actually Make?

Well, there is no exact answer to this question. It is not a job that brings you a definite amount at the end of every month. That is not how YouTube works. It depends on a lot of factors.

You can end up increasing the potential or ad revenue through affiliate marketing, ads, sponsorships, and so on. These are additional sources and have nothing to do with your regular streaming.

The different ways of making money on YouTube includes CPM, CPC, and CPV. For 1000 views, a YouTuber makes roughly $7.60. As said earlier, 55% of the commission goes to the creators and the rest goes to Google.

If you are the owner of your channel and using affiliate marketing, the payments differ with different models. The dependency lies in the hands of the advertisers and how they make a connection with the conversions and sales made per lead.

Things will start making a difference if you have a good list of followers residing on your channel. This is when brands will start to pay you. The amount you are being paid will vary starting from a whopping $50 depending on the number of views your content is receiving.

How much do YouTubers Make through YouTube?

Well, it is a very honest question to begin with that is asked by plenty of people who are looking forward to start their own channel on YouTube. The first thing people consider before they open their own channel is assuming how much money do other YouTubers make on the platform.

Sadly, that is not the right path to begin with. You should never consider the income of other YouTubers as the right kind of motivation to begin your journey on YouTube. However, coming blunt with the answer, for successful YouTubers, the earning for every year lies somewhere around million dollars.

Nowadays it is becoming very difficult and indeed tough to make money on YouTube. This varies as the range per view now goes from $0.35 – $0.5. Sometimes, for 1000 views, it can also go up to $1.

The amount of profit that your channel sees depends entirely on the niche and views that your videos receive. To pull more views and to quickly collect more revenue, it is seen as niches like gossips, makeup, beauty, gaming, and so are a great way to extract revenue.

To cash out the amount from YouTube, you have to have a minimum balance of $100 from YouTube to be able to withdraw it successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to make money on YouTube without ads?

There are many ways to make money on YouTube even if you are not doing it through ads. Some of the best ways to make money on YouTube are: –

1. Use affiliate links and add them to the description of your YouTube videos for people to see.
2. If you are linked to Shopify, show your merchandise and brands to your subscribers.
3. Crowdfunding is a great way to ask your followers for donations.
4. Opt for consulting and coaching services if you think you have gained the required expertise in your niche.
5. Another great way to make money on YouTube is to sell courses and eBooks.
6. YouTube sponsorships.

How hard is it to make money on YouTube?

It is definitely a challenge to make money on YouTube initially. To begin with, 1000 views and 400 watch hours is primary in the past 12 months. This is how you can join the YouTube Partner Program.
This is how you will start to generate views and cost per view will see significant growth. Additionally, starting a blog linked to your channel is also a great idea.


YouTube has become very popular now and it is the popularity of YouTube that makes it difficult for viewers to immediately start earning from the platform. Tons of users enroll themselves as a content creator on YouTube every day. However, just a piece of advice, it is not possible to make money out of YouTube alone.

Using YouTube as a secondary platform helps more when you have a blog running for you. Organic SEO is way more competitive than YouTube SEO. Every passing day the competition on YouTube is getting fierce every day, so if you start today you might be at a much better place by the end of the year.

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