MarketMuse Review – Details, Pricing, Features, and Pros

If you’re a brand owner you will know how vital of a role content plays on your website to help increase traffic to your webpage and increase the conversion rates for your brand.

Therefore planning out what to put out as content on your web is an extremely crucial part of your entire branding plans.

Sketching out that perfect plan for great web content is going to help you greatly to help make that perfect pitch to drive in more traffic to your web.

Well let me tell you about this awesome tool that is going to help you in content planning, strategizing, content research and more!

This is MarketMuse and it is going to change your entire branding game in more than one way to help you with a seamless and engaging branding campaign!

Let us now quickly get started with the review!

What is MarketMuse?

MarketMuse is an AI content strategizing and planning platform to help create high-converting content by precise and detailed planning and strategizing.


With the help of this tool you will be able to take your online marketing game to a whole new level.

This tool helps you transform your older strategies of content planning and researching into effective strategies for research and planning that will help you capture more traffic in lesser time.

Features of MarketMuse

Content Creation

Knowing exactly what your audience wants to read is one of the major criteria that you have to consider while sketching out a content strategy.

You have to make sure to not oversell your product or brand or website etc while making sure that your audience knows the qualities of your product and why they will need it.

Well this tool’s in depth guidance on what you need to create professional content is going to be your best option to create some real professional content that will surely turn your web traffic into potential conversion!

Features such as content briefs with suggestions for subheadings, important topics that you can cover, structure and MarketMuse topic report gives you an in depth report on on-demand topics and also your competitors.

Content Strategy

Having the right strategy to where you need to reach is the key to getting exactly what you want.

MarketMuse uses advanced scoring methods to strategically and methodically plan and assess your content which in turn helps bring out predictability in your content.

It provides you with personalized metrics reports to help you identify your content’s weak points and strong points. You will also be provided with detailed insights on your content performance such as how well you have covered a topic, how well you’re doing currently, a seamless workflow for the content lifecycle and more!


Content Research

Research is very important and very crucial before you start off with your topic. A great research methodology leads to a potentially fruitful research which in turn leads to you creating high converting content!

This tool will help you perform content research strategically with the help of AI. AI will help fasten the whole research process and lets you focus only on the content. Its in depth research on any topic will help you create expert level content!

Content Metrics

Metrics and other statistics plays a very crucial role in helping you understand your position and where exactly you stand in the current competition.

With MarketMuse you will be able to leverage the full potential of AI and find out your content KPIs that will help discover some great content opportunities to basically help you deliver a great impact on your target audience.

Features such as strengthening topic cluster, aligning your content to the user’s intent pinpointing the weak points of your content and boosting your content score in real time and more!

Content Advisory

The content advisory team of MarketMuse will be working closely in collaboration with you to ensure customized professional and highly targeted content while addressing technical and optimization issues.

They also provide you with in depth content and competitor’s analysis and how you can do better in the market.


Benefits of MarketMuse

  • Easy to set up and use and has a smooth interface.
  • You will get multi-country support.
  • Data support
  • Unlimited topics
  • Opportunity scores
  • Page authority
  • Topic authority
  • Personalized difficulty
  • Seasonality
  • Insights
  • Workflow optimization
  • Workflow questions
  • Content Plan
  • More than one drafts
  • Competitive analysis
  • Content specialist consultant
  • Customer success manager
  • Help desk support.

Why You Need MarketMuse?

  • Helps you create personalized professional and highly targeted content and provide detailed insights, reports, and statistics on where your web content might need improvements and optimizations.
  • Detailed guidance and insights on how to strategize and research post content creation with features such as personalized difficulty score to assess how finely you have covered the topic, content briefing using machine learning, first draft using Natural Language Generation, and more.
  • In-depth content research using AI to better understand your user’s needs and their search intent to create an expert level and highly targeted content to improve conversions on your site and more.

MarketMuse Pricing Plans

MarketMuse comes with four premium pricing plans:

  1. Premium
  2. Pro
  3. Plus
  4. Optimize

You will also get a free 7-day unlimited usage trial to try out MarketMuse and generate better revenue with your content.


Premium Plan – This plan starts at $1499 per month and has many advanced features, intelligent content strategies, unlimited users and more and is suitable for teams of all sizes.

Features include unlimited users, full website inventories, 60+ invented credits, additional applications, one or more sites, unlimited queries, and more.

Pro Plan – This plan comes for $499 per month billed monthly and is suitable for the force of one or a smaller team and comes with all the content planning and intelligence that your team needs.

Features include 1-3 users, 500 inventoried pages, 12 annual credits, 4 powerful applications, 1 site, 100 queries per month, and more.

Plus Plan – This plan costs $179 per month billed monthly and will help you optimize your content to fill out the gaps and stand out content and better optimize your strategy for your web content.

Features include 1 user, 500 inventoried pages, 5 annual credits, 4 powerful applications, 1 site, 50 queries per month and more.

Optimize Plan – This comes for $79 per month and is one of the best applications of MarketMuse and will help you ensure that your content performs before publishing.

Features include 1 user, optimize text editor, and 25 queries per month.

MarketMuse Alternatives


INK is an AI powered writing software that has been built to make your writing and content marketing effortless and smooth. You will also have complete control over the changes to be made in your content and can make SEO friendly content in just a fraction of the time.

Some of the major features include patented SEO scoring system, customized word count goal based on your keyphrase, guidance on hyperlinking and reading level of your article and more.


RYTE is an all in one platform for website quality assurance and SEO. With RYTE you will be able to create more and improve your usability, increase traffic to your web and increase conversions on your web.

Some of the commendable features include tools for web optimization, tools for SEO success, tools for content success and more!


Clearscope is an AI driven platform created to make content management ridiculously easy for you. It has an easy to use and understand interface to create targeted content and drive organic traffic to your web page.

Few of the best features include keyword research tool, Google Docs and WordPress integrations, custome credits and user seats and more!

MarketMuse Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on MarketMuse

What is MarketMuse?

MarketMuse is an online content management and content optimization tool to increase traffic to your page.

What is MarketMuse used for?

MarketMuse is used for creating professional and highly targeted content and for precisely researching, strategizing and planning your content around to turn your traffic into potential conversions.

Who are the typical users of MarketMuse?

Digital marketers, bloggers, eCommerce website owners, any website owner looking to market their content online efficiently.

How much does MarketMuse cost?

MarketMuse has 4 different plans and starts at $79 per month. The four other plans are
1. Premium at $1,499 per month
2. Pro $499 per month billed monthly
3. Plus $179 per month billed monthly
4. Optimize $79 per month billed monthly

What languages does MarketMuse support?

Language supported by this tool is English.

What level of support does MarketMuse offer?

You will get knowledge Base, blogs and live demos in the form of support.

Does MarketMuse offer a free plan?

No, MarketMuse does not offer a free plan however they do offer a 7-day free trial that you can try out to see how MarketMuse can be helpful to you.

Does MarketMuse support mobile devices?

No, it does not have a mobile application.

Does MarketMuse offer an API?

No, MarketMuse does not offer an API.

What are the top alternatives for MarketMuse?

1. Clearscope
2. Topic
3. INK
4. K-Mets
5. Lumanu

What are the main features of MarketMuse?

Main features of MarketMuse include predicting your content success with personalized reports and metrics, more than one content drafts, natural language generation to minimize your editing efforts, content strategizing, in depth content researching, content optimization, content advisory content creation and more!

Which operating system does MarketMuse support?

The operating system supported by MarketMuse is Windows and MacOS

What payment method does MarketMuse support?

MarketMuse supports monthly payment methods.

What is the deployment type?

The deployment type of this tool is SaaS/web/cloud-based.


To conclude this is one of the most resourceful tools to manage your content online and market better in order to increase conversions on your website.

There are many plan that you can opt for and also take the 7-day free trial and see if this fits your requirements.

So this was all about MarketMuse review. Hopefully this article has provide you with complete information as to how this tool will greatly benefit you in all your content marketing hassles.

In case you have any questions or queries, then please feel free to ask them in the comments section below and I will be more than happy to help.

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