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What if we could reach the brain of the applications and could figure out in some way or the other the different ways it would possibly help us out. How does that idea sound? We could do the same with then.

Well, strange but fun, isn’t it? It would be an absolute delight to know how applications work in the first place. However, if there would have been a way to figure it out, it would have helped people big time.

Monday sure is not an exciting term to hear because it definitely signals the start of a week. But, let’s face it, we have to meet Mondays anyway. Thankfully, we are not here to speak about Monday exactly but something similar., a simple tool for project management that helps and allows customers to have an automated workflow for their projects so that it is easy to manage their assignments.

How do you know if is the right tool for you? Well, that is exactly why we are here. Time to wander around Monday’s tidbits to understand how this management tool works out for you. Review

What is is an automated project management tool based on the cloud and helps consumers in managing their workloads and makes communication better. Board

Earlier was known as daPulse and it has been a great savior of people to help them manage, organize, and collaborate together in the same place.

If you have used this tool before, then you certainly know how the interface of this looks like. It resembles an Excel sheet and that’s okay because it’s doing the job after all.

There are many different ways to track day-to-day work and to effectively use the features that make a job easy.

Users can consider choosing the board they want depending on the number of factors like text, person, status, and so on. This feature helps managers to easily locate users.

In order to avoid confusion, all team meetings are conducted board-wise. Additionally, users have the flexibility to organize and then customize their workflow according to them by using features that work out in the best possible way.

Features of

In order to manage simple and complex projects, it is very important for different teams to be able to collaborate easily.

Let’s have a quick look at the the platform’s features.


Checklists are a great option to have when you want to break down big tasks to smaller ones.

These are ideally designed for managers to split bigger checklists to break them into smaller tasks. It makes it comparatively easier for the team to tackle.

Once one item is taken care of, they can move on to the next. Further, on completion, they can also mark it as complete.

So, the next time you are looking forward to break down that checklist, consider breaking that down into the smallest bits you can.
Source –


Automation is the new key and a common solution to a bunch of problems. This software allows consumers to automate their tasks that are repetitive. It not only helps to save time but manages a smooth workflow too.

These are primarily done using automation potions!

Automation options are nothing but a combination of various kinds of actions followed by triggers. Triggers and actions are related. Triggers initiate actions and tell them what to do next.

Benefits of

Here is an overview of some of the benefits that offers.

Multiple View Boards

Depending on the needs of Teams, allows managing the board accordingly. It offers many views to the audience to help them customize and plan the tasks in the way that suits them the most.

Some of the descriptive views includes the following:-

  • Files: This view displays all the different files present on the board.
  • Chart: Pie, Bar, or Line charts helps in the effective display
  • Kanban: This allows you to view your board as a Kanban.
  • Form: Web forms that work on a specific board

Mobile Apps

The best part about having mobile application is how it convenient it becomes to use on the go. To quickly catch up with your team and to collaborate with them, has its very own iOS and Android application.

The app, however, is included in the pricing plan. The app is readily available for download on Google Play Store and Apple Play Store.

Why You Need

There are plenty of reasons why you need this project management tool. Some of the common ones include: –

  • Makes tracking of projects from start to end a very easy process.
  • Allows you to construct any project from scratch.
  • Remote work whenever you want and can to always stay productive.
  • Drive through CRM and sales pipeline at once.
  • Effectively manage the creativeness that you create.
  • Organize and track all your tasks. Monitor them so you can flexibly make changes. Integrations

SlackAdobe Creative Cloud
ZoomGoogle Calendar
OutlookGoogle Drive
OneDriveMicrosoft Teams
LinkedInGmail Integrations
Integrations Pricing Plans

Here is how the pricing plan of works!

It also offers a trial version for 14-days which you can commit to. This will help you understand how this platform works and will help you in considering a better plan for yourself and your business.

Base Plan

The base plan costs $49/month. This includes unlimited boards, 5GB Storage, Customer Support, Mobile Apps, and so on.

Base Plan

The base plan costs $49/month. This includes unlimited boards, 5GB Storage, Customer Support, Mobile Apps, and so on.

Standard Plan

The standard plan costs $59/month. This includes storage limit of 20GB, 3 Boards, Calender Views, Integration, and so on.

Pro Plan

The pro plan costs $99/month. This plan gets you storage of 100GB, Chart View, Integration, Time Tracking, and so on.

Enterprise Plan

With the Enterprise Plan, users get 1000 GB file storage, 25 boards, Automation and Integration, and your very own private workplace.

Monthly Pricing Pricing Plan Monthly

Yearly Pricing Pricing Plan Yearly Alternatives

1. Backlog

Backlog is a one-stop solution that aims to serve the common purpose of people by offering code and project management formulas. The platform has all the major features that combine tracking and developer tools all in one place.

2. Jira

eBay and Cisco use Jira very commonly to effectively manage their project management tasks. It is flexible as it offers different ways to organize Kanban tasks, Scrum, and so on. Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on

What is is a project management tool that allows teams to manage anything. The board that the platform uses is the foundation of the platform as it helps to manage tasks, workflows, and everything that is possibly associated with it.

Is there a way to change my current plan on allows you to change your plan whenever you want. It lets you add and remove users. Also, doesn’t offer any refunds if you downgrade your plan. In the admin section, head to the billing area and click on the billing option. There in you can change your plan.

How long is the trial version?

Before you start using, you can consider the free trial which is for 14-days. You can then go ahead to get a subscription for yourself.

Do you get templates from

You get to use your board as a template directly. This is available to all the users and you can do so directly through your account.

Is integration of Gmail and possible?

Yes, you can integrate Gmail and very easily.

Wrap up

Now that we have spoken so much about it already, is a project management tool that is pretty decent to have.

Well, this tool has nothing to do with your Monday blues and doesn’t aim to resolve them either. Therefore, the limitations that it offers are definitely some straight-up pointers to consider.

Go ahead and if you liked the detailed review, use the platform to see how it works for you.

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