Motionbox Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Pros

Video Platforms have definitely grown too much in the present time. There is a constant need for such platforms to help users understand and explain their content in a more digital way.

If we put it this way, the common need of a video platform lets users store, upload, and deliver content to work around with marketing purposes, for example, lead generation conversion, and so on. These are also referred to as video clouds, players, and hosting platforms.

Content could be anything and like the saying goes, “Content is King”.

Speaking of video content platforms, let’s talk about Motionbox, the new one in the race. This is a video collaboration and sharing site that very recently launched Beta moments.

So, let’s not wait and explore all the adventures you can get out of this platform.

Motionbox is a new but nice platform that aims to fulfill all your video creation needs successfully. Moreover, there is a lot you can do and extract out of this platform.

Motionbox Review

What is Motionbox?

Motionbox, as mentioned, is a video-sharing and collaborative content-creating platform. It allows to share ideas in real-time and fun fact, you don’t need to put a lot of effort in getting started as you don’t even need an account, to begin with.


This is by far one of the fastest means to create a video that you would want. Simply choose a video template of your choice, and you are good to go.

In addition to these, you can also add animations to your videos, press buttons for simple uploads, and save time by offering high-quality content anytime when they are available.

You can also add animated texts, automatic subtitles, crop down videos, and do much more.

Well, why not try it out for yourself?


Features of Motionbox

Text to Video

Words are very powerful, in general, and in regular. You can add any sort of text to your videos in small cuts or even fill the video’s duration.

In any way, with the Story Creator feature, it becomes easy to add text of any kind directly from their videos.

Resize GIF

Obviously, you can add a GIF over and over again. If there could be a need for re-use, there could also be a requirement to resize the GIFs.

This will help in molding your GIFs to shape them into any type of content you want. This platform gives the needed advantage to the users to resize their GIFs.

Crop Videos

Content Repurpose is the toughest thing to do. With this kind of feature, you also get the chance to crop your videos. You can simply pick a video from Youtube and make it look better on Instagram.

You can also do the vice-versa process.

Clubhouse Video

If you use Clubhouse, you surely know the trouble of getting a promotion to a Clubhouse chat.

With this feature, you can simply convert juicy content into a video of your choice. Additionally, you can also add headers, progress bars, captions, and so much more to these converted videos.

Split Video

There are certain portions in a video that you might not want. Splitting videos is an easy nut to crack.

With the Split Video feature, you can split any portion of a video that you don’t want. Adding certain sorts of transitions also engages the content.


Benefits of Motionbox

Automatic Subtitles

Gone are the days when people used to adjust subtitles manually. Such a pain.

Not anymore.

You can now speed up your workflow by adjusting subtitles in no time directly to your videos. All you need to do is simply upload them and you are good to go.

Create Out Of The Box

Having accessibility to high-quality videos all time could be fun all the time. With this platform, you get access to such videos.

You can go for premium HD Videos and even photos using Pexels and Unsplash.

Fun, isn’t it?


Why You Need Motionbox?

Video content is the need right now and digital marketers all over the world are using videos to gel with their audience.

Here is why there is a constant need for video content and how platforms like Motionbox helps in regulating them.

Let’s You Stand Out

No wonder creating a video could be a challenging task to do. However, for you, it need not be challenging at all as this is how you capture the audience through your unique ways.

Viewers are definitely going to be intrigued about what you want to present and with the right tools, you can do it.

Less Lets You Do More

In a short video, the bandwidth of communication is so high that it could go beyond your imagination.

Right now, you are reading what I am writing but if I would have done it through video, it would have barely taken 20 seconds to explain the entire thing.

Which one sounds better to you?


Motionbox Integrations


Motionbox Pricing Plans

You can either go for monthly or annual billing depending on your requirements. Once you know what you need, you can choose the plan that suits you the best.

The pricing plan of Motionbox goes like this:-

  • Pro Plan – This plan is the most popular plan that works great for solopreneurs. The plan when billed monthly costs $19/month. However, when billed annually, you are billed at $15/month.
  • Business Plan – This plan works best for businesses big or small. The plan when billed monthly costs $99/month. However, when billed annually, you are billed at $83month.
  • Free Plan – There is no price that you have to pay for this plan as it is completely free.

On the annual plan, you save up to 20%


Motionbox Pricing Plan Monthly


Motionbox Pricing Plan Annual

Motionbox Alternatives

1. Promo.Com is software that offers extensive support to a variety of industries like Real Estate, Digital Marketing, Education, Travel, and much more.

This is a great alternative to Motionbox and could be definitely considered by businesses, big or small.

2. Bynder

Bynder provides a systematic and convenient solution to companies and industries, big or small. Enterprises ranging from small to large also benefit through Bynder. The main aim is to provide a platform to managers, brands, and creatives for the best experiences.

Motionbox Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Motionbox

What is the use of Motionbox?

Motionbox is a video editing software that aims at offering the following functionalities to the users: –

1. Split Video
2. Collaboration
3. Audio Tools
4. Text Overlay
5. Brand Overlay
6. Social Tools

There is a lot one can do through Motionbox.

Is there any free plan that user can get?

Motionbox does offer a free plan to the users. This is for a better understanding of the software before you opt to directly start using the actual tool which can sometimes not help you out with the exact purpose.

This is why one can consider trying the free version to see how that works out.

What is Motionbox?

Motionbox is a platform mainly intended for video creation and helps lots of different teams to come together and collaborate specifically on video content.

Furthermore, you also get to share your ideas together in real-time and there is a lot more you can do on this platform.

What are the security and features you can expect from Motionbox?

Speaking of security, this platform lacks a little bit on that side, and hence, there is a constant need for improving the security standards. In regards to features, they are very well-versed with Motionbox allowing its facilitation quite well.

Does this video creation platform have its own API?

No, right now, Motionbox doesn’t have its own API

Wrap up

Well, Motionbox is overall a great video creation platform that helps users to get the most out of it.

The best part about using this software is how everyone can use it in real-time and extract the benefit. After all, while choosing software that is what we look for, right?

Therefore, use this video creation platform and we are certain it is going to show you the best version of itself.

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