Notion Review – Pricing, Features, Pros and Cons

There was a time when productivity tools, apps, and software were the order of the day, and then creative minds were looking for a source that can help them so that they can stay one step ahead of the others.

Every day new project management and productivity tools are coming into the market and the users are looking for something that can boost their productivity and provide a good user experience.

When there were many project management tools available in the market, Notion stands out at the top.


In this Notion review article, I would be providing you with a brief review of its features, benefits, pricing, and overall functionality.

So let’s get started!


What is Notion?

The Notion is the best workspace for project management, notes, documents, and collaboration. There are thousands of companies and teams that are using this tool around the world.

It was founded in 2016 and is based in San Francisco. This project management tool offers you great flexibility for organizing and creating content, database components, and work items.

It works through apps on mobile phones and is also available for browser and desktop apps. It comes with built-in collaboration tools that will allow you to work efficiently and share information with your teammates and others.

You will get lots of features in a single app that will increase your productivity and workflow. You will not have to use lots of other apps as you will get more features in a single place.

Features of Notion

Docs and Notes

Notation provides you easy and distraction less writing or typing, providing you with blank space/page. Users have the option to add, drag and drop and rearrange the content.

You have various content options like programming code, images, videos, bookmarks, and much more. Shortcuts are there so that a user can type without any interruption. Through custom keyword tags, you can track the notes and docs with database features.

You have lots of other features like you can set due dates, for collaboration, you can add your teammates, and many more features. For quick navigation and search, you have a sidebar. You can also keep your notes private or share them with the team.


Notion allows you to find and create useful information like team member contracts, document office policies, engineering practices, company goals, etc.

Users can easily add various contents like images, lists, embeds, and easily drag and drop to arrange. Nested pages are allowed for proper placements.

Comments with mentioned features are there in shared workspaces. You can easily share the website or individual page to guests with configurable levels of access entirely.

Tasks and Projects

The software provides note-taking features and allows users to track and plan their projects and tasks.

To create an ideal workflow, database properties can be defined and added by the users as it is customizable. The database has multiple views such as calendar, table, board, etc.

You can also create a page inside the page, and with it, you can keep the work related to Nit inside it together.

There is an option called Rich Content from which you can add any information; with filters, you can track the task Easily. 


This is an essential feature of Notion. Whenever you visit a new page or put any content on any blank page, such as an image, picture, embedded file, YouTube’s video, bulleted list, PDF document, you can think of it as a block.

With this software’s help, you can put several blocks in one place and re-organize them in different orders.

Easy to Use

It may be possible that as a new user, it takes time for you to enjoy all the features of Notion, but its design is so simple that it is very user-friendly.

Because of its uncomplicated design, you will make your way yourself. Its design is well organized and looks relatively straightforward. Also, you have options like keyboard shortcuts and one-click export that help you.

Work Offline

You can also complete your project offline with the help of this software. You have to start it online, and you can do it offline without losing any data. This feature allows you to use it at any time.

Benefits of Notion

Let us take a look at some of the benefits of Notion:

  • As Notion is a project management tool, it helps you in completing your projects and tasks. 
  • You have an all-in-one space for onboarding members, answering questions, creating notes, etc.
  • A free version is also available for single users.
  • The database is very easy to set up with notes.
  • Notion is the best tool for designers as they have varieties of functions like they can track projects’ progress. They can easily classify logos and fonts.
  • Its app is available for Android and Apple devices.

Notion Integrations

Google DriveMiro

Pricing Plans of Notion

There are four pricing plans offered by Notion:


Free Plan

The free plan comes out with unlimited blocks and pages, sync across devices, and shares with five guests. Features suggest content API is coming soon.

Personal Pro Plan

This plan comes under $4 per month. It is suitable for those who want to do more rather than a free plan. It provides more additional functions such as unlimited guests, unlimited file uploads, and version history.

Team Plan

This plan comes under $8 per member for one month. The plan is suitable for teams who wish to work together in a single place. It provides additional functions such as advanced permissions, admin tools, unlimited team members, and collaborative workspace.

Enterprise Plan

This plan is available with functions such as customer contact, advanced security, SAML SSO, dedicated manager, SCIM API. For pricing, you need to contact their support.

Notion Alternatives

1. Evernote

It is a top-rated note-taking app. It has been there for a long time, and tons of people are using it for their productivity.

It has various features, such as you can share your notes to social media, text-editing functions, cross-platform syncing functions. Its app is very easy to use and is available on Android, IOS, Mac OS, and windows.

2. ClickUp

ClickUp is also a free project management service provider software. It is a highly rated tool and provides you with various features for your projects.

You have functions such as add project statuses, Add assigned comments, set priorities, setting custom permission, detailed project descriptions, and much more.

3. Google Keep

It is a simple but powerful note-taking tool. Google keeps functions such as simple UI, handwriting notes, supports automatic saving, location and time-based reminders, drag and drop functions make it among the most downloaded apps.

Notion Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Notion

What are the main features of Notion?

There are many features offered by Notion. Following are some main features: Content management, Project management, Mobile access, Task management, Calendar management, Customizable templates, Forecasting, Collaboration tools, Document storage
Offline access, Time and expense tracking, Portfolio management, Document indexing,
Version control.

What language does the Notion support?

The language supported by Notion is English.

What level of support does Notion offer?

Following support options Notion provides you:
1. Phone support
2. Online support
3. FAQ
4. Video tutorial
5. Knowledge base

What are the pricing plans of Notion?

Notion offers the following four plans:

Ø  Free plan ($0 per month)
Ø  Personal Pro plan ($4 per month)
Ø  Team plan ($8 per month per member)
Ø  Enterprises plan (Contact Support)

Wrap up

Overall, Notion is a great project management software, whether you are a team or a person. It is an excellent tool that will increase your productivity.

This tool reduces your work so much that you don’t need a notebook. Its design is also straightforward, due to which you will not face any problem in using it.

With so many features provided by it, it will make your work easier and faster. You can start from its free plan and easily upgrade it later.

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