Oorwin Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Benefits

Are you a staffing firm that processes hundreds of applications on a daily basis? Then Oorwin has a solution for you.

Are you a big corporation that has to refine good candidates from the bad ones from the pile of resumes? Well, Oorwin has it covered for you.

So, Oorwin is an AI-powered Recruitment software that has fully integrated CRM, ATS, and HRM. It helps you instantly grow your business, improve recruiter efficiency and deliver a better experience.

In this Oorwin Review article, we will discuss this unique software, that allows you to automate the whole process of recruitment from posting jobs on job boards to refining the best candidate for a given role.

Oorwin Review

What is Oorwin?

Oorwin is an AI-powered automation software mainly for staffing and consulting agencies. It can handle every part of recruitment from posting jobs on various job boards, processing the submitted resumes, and shortlisting the ones that are more suitable for the job.


It can be used in many fields like Maid Supplying Service, Food Delivery Services, Online Cab Service, etc. 

These fields have been revolutionized by the automation provided by Oorwin. It provides an ocean of templates and resources to provide its best services to the customer.

They have successfully made 1 million+ candidate matches, 200k+ job offers. They have a good track record of nine years of excellent service. Thus they are one of the best services out there. 

Features of Oorwin

The major features of Oorwin are:

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)


Oorwin has a sales CRM especially tailored for the staffing and consulting businesses. The features of the CRM are: 

  • You can run scheduled campaigns for the target audience with their custom templates. 
  • It provides insights like accurate lead scoring, probability of deal closure, forecasting sales, and segmenting prospects. 
  • You can perform all these CRM tasks from your browser or inbox. You can access the business app marketplace for further integrations.
  • They have many custom templates for e docs and proposals with the feature of native digital signature. 
  • You can make calls, send messages and emails and track them from the CRM.

HRMS (Human Resource Management System)

You can deliver a good employee and customer experience with Oorwin’s HRMS for your business. The features of the HRMS are:

  • You can automate the whole HR process digitally from onboarding to project completion.
  • You can completely automate finance operations like tax calculation, invoicing, approvals, due reminders, etc.
  • It has modern time cards, exportable reports, timesheet reminders, OCR to scan invoices to increase productivity.
  • You can automate assignment allocation over a single window with reminders, time tracking, and easy task generation. 
  • You can organize all your documents using dynamic folder management with reminders for the expiry of compliances.

ATS (Applicant Tracking System)


Oorwin has an ATS that will help you recruit quality candidates by reducing time to hire and cost per hire. The features offered by the ATS are:

  • They have an accurate semantic search algorithm and intelligent applicant matching and ranking to help you find the right candidate.
  • You can perform all the tasks from your browser or email inbox with their plugins.
  • You can design custom workflows and approvals for the submission of resumes to streamline your recruitment process. 
  • You can run automated job searches to identify new opportunities so that none of the employees is idle and without work.
  • You can connect and engage with candidates with their customizable chatbox.

Other Features

  • Data Security.
  • Data Privacy with SSL certificate.
  • Testing for Functions, Performance, Load, and Vulnerability.
  • Audit Compliance.
  • Stable and Scalable Mail throughput.
  • Global Operations.
  • Full GDPR compliance. 
  • Superior quality management.
  • Sensitive data and information security.

Benefits of Oorwin

The main benefits are:

  • With this tool, you can improve sales productivity by 10 times.
  • You can discover new opportunities with the click of a button, track sales performance and automate the sales funnel.
  • With their accurate sales forecasting, you can easily take proactive decisions without any doubts. 
  • You can take a precise and timely course correction with their detailed insights of the lead funnel and revenue pipeline.
  • You can improve the employee experience by digitalizing all the processes from onboarding to project delivery. 
  • You can build a positive work culture by increasing employee engagement.
  • You can save the manual process of going through thousands of resumes by sourcing all the applicants from all the job boards into your dashboard.
  • You can keep the employees engaged by automatically finding new opportunities for them.

Why You Need Oorwin?

  • To generate more revenue, boost recruitment, and improve business efficiency. 
  • To empower your HR with AI-powered CRM, HRMs, and ATS for better decision making. 
  • To completely automate the recruitment process from job posting, application processing to selecting a candidate.
  • To automate your HR for a fully digital process from onboarding to project delivery. 

Oorwin Integrations

Office365Google Chrome
LinkedInMonster Jobs

Oorwin Pricing Plans

They don’t provide any pricing plans in their website.

So, you need to contact their sales team to get a personalized quote tailored for your needs. They do have a free trial that will help you to decide what services you want.

Oorwin Alternatives

1. Zoho Recruit 

Zoho Recruit uncomplicates the whole process of in-house recruitment by allowing you to source, track, and hair a candidate from one place.

2. Bullhorn ATS and CRM 

Bullhorn has a full-featured web-based applicant tracking system and CRM solution to meet the needs of various hiring and recruitment agencies. 

3. Ceipal ATS

It allows you to identify vacancies, source, and screen applicants, place and digitally onboard them. It is designed to provide more value, intelligent candidates, and better hires.

Oorwin Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Oorwin

What is Oorwin?

Oorwin is an AI powered software to grow your business, recruit suitable and better candidates and improve customer experiences.

What is Oorwin used for?

It is used to automate recruitment process, human resource tasks and CRM tasks.

What are the main features of Oorwin?

1. CRM – Customer Relationship Management.
2. HRMS – Human Resource Management System.
3. ATS – Applicant Tracking System.

How much does Oorwin cost?

You can test it for free. However, for the exact pricing, you have to contact their sales team.

What is a ATS?

Application tracking software does application parsing, semantic search algorithms to find the best candidates.

What does HRMS do?

1. It automates finance functions like invoicing, due reminders, etc.
2. It automates project allocation among the employees.
3. It boosts productivity by time cards, timesheet reminders, and OCR.
4. It has document management with digital signatures.

Where Can I perform CRM task from?

You can perform CRM tasks right from your browser or email inbox with their plugins for Google Chrome, Gmail, Outlook, etc.

Who will benefit from Oorwin?

It is mainly made for staffing and consulting businesses like maid services, online cab services, online food delivery services, and recruitment agencies, etc.

Can I take care of my finances with Oorwin?

Yes, you can completely take care of all financial tasks such as invoicing, approvals, due payment, etc with the help of Oorwin HRMS.

How safe is Oorwin?

Oorwin has data security, data privacy, SSL certificate, sensitive data and information security, GDPR compliance, etc in place so it is very safe.


Oorwin is a one-of-a-kind all-in-one software solution for all staffing and consulting businesses. It completely automates the process from onboarding a candidate to project delivery.

It reduces the time to hire by 70% and the cost per hire by 60%. It really does allow you to grow your business by better recruitment and customer experience.

Try Oorwin for free by signing up. You can get your personalized quote from their team after that.

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