PandaDoc Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Pros

The whole process and idea of digital signatures improve the dynamics of the organizations and the way they collect signatures.

This is a common reason why there is a need for software that lets you collect signatures online. Nowadays, capturing a signature is a very day-to-day task for any organization, be it big or small.

This is where the idea of digital signature hops in and helps to create an efficient and simple e-signature creation process in the easiest and hassle-free manner.

Let’s introduce PandaDoc which is a concept that helps to tackle such worries in no time.

Let’s get drilling on the subject and let’s understand how well PandaDoc helps us through.

PandaDoc Review

What is PandaDoc?

PandaDoc is technically a cloud-based document management software that aims to help users by providing them all sorts of quotes, proposals, documents, contracts, and so on.


The solution is very effective and is widely used to create proposals that are of high-quality and professional-looking. The extensive support works with multiple systems and they include PDFs, Docs, and many other digital documents.

As mentioned over their website, they work well with contracts, agreements, and quotes.

If you belong to an organization where sharing, delivery, and building are frequently a commitment, then PandaDoc will work for you in all possible ways.

Be it operations, finance, or legal, this document management software will ensure to broadcast its efficiency in all aspects.

For a business, dealing with documents means dealing with paper and tons of paper, in general. This also concludes the amount of paper and trees that see devastation each and every day.

Well, lucky to have a solution like PandaDoc that is a green solution and extends to support paperless business.

The next thing is the increase in productivity and cost one saves physically to deliver a document.


Features of PandaDoc

Digital Signature

When your setup and document are ready, you can choose to send it over email or can help recipients to provide a link.

In addition to this, you can also ask signers to put their signatures in a specific manner. Furthermore, you can also put restrictions on what they wish to do with the document.

Signers can easily download the document or can even print it depending on their ease and need.

Mobile Application

PandaDoc is a platform that has so many helpful features. However, you might feel a little restricted when you use the mobile application.

Recently, there came a new version of the document software and the whole functionality of the mobile application was cropped down to limited usage.

There are tons of features that users get too which include the dashboard view where you can track the status of each and every document.


When software is as good as PandaDoc, there are no doubts about how it will work out. The tracking feature of the software helps users to understand and track the status of every document.

The dashboard helps in effectively managing and helping the end-users with the knowledge they need on the status of the docs. Everything is clearly put on the dashboard for people to view and track.

You can see if your docs have been viewed, have been signed, and the ones that are to be approved for payments.

Almost everything is trackable.


Benefits of PandaDoc


The in-proposal activity logging and commenting of PandaDoc gives privilege to the team members to work and negotiate on pricing as well as terms. In addition, also lets them workaround with deals and agreements to get a close deal.

All of this process saves a lot of time and helps to walk around effectively too. The benefit of collaboration is to witness the new technology and to see workflows and tasks getting completed in no time.

In fact, according to reports, closing deals for companies that use PandaDoc have been comparatively higher than the companies who have not yet started using it.

Productivity and Efficiency

Well, undoubtedly, PandaDoc was created keeping in mind how it is going to help the future audience.

It helps in the sales process that is fast enough, collab tools that maintain effectiveness, built-in e-Signatures, and so on.

This is where this software helps to boost productivity in a significant manner.

The solution that this software uses is web-based and helps in creating, sending, signing contracts and documents as long as it works out for others.

Why You Need PandaDoc?

There are many reasons why there is a need for document management software like PandaDoc.  Mentioned below are some of the primary ones.

1. PandaDoc allows team members to take the entire control of their document and to help ensure an interaction that is personalized and effective for all.

2. The automation platform of this software makes sure that it is the fastest. This in turn helps in accelerating the process.

3. Documents on this software are stunning and provides an effortless delivery to the customers. Therefore, marketing gets a strong bridge.

4. Document insights that allows the business to grow and move forward.

PandaDoc Integrations

SquareGoogle Drive
Microsoft Dynamics CRMIntegromat
Zendesk SellMicrosoft OneDrive
Google SheetsGmail
Nimble CRMSalesmate

PandaDoc Pricing Plans

The pricing plan of PandaDoc is pretty neat and helps create workflows for tons of audiences. You can either opt for monthly billing or annual billing.

The different plans that it offers are: –

  1. Free eSign
  2. Essentials
  3. Business
  4. Enterprise.

The Free eSign plan is very easy to use and is free too. You don’t need to pay anything to use the services that this service offers,

The next is the Essentials Plan for which you pay $19/month annually and $29/month monthly. This is also a great option to consider.

Next up is, Business, which costs $49/month if you pay annually and $59/month on a monthly basis. This is the most popular plan the PandaDoc offers.

Finally comes the Enterprise which is quote-based and you can contact the members of the team to speak to them directly.


PandaDoc Monthly Pricing Plans


PandaDoc Yearly Pricing Plans

PandaDoc Alternatives

1. ContractWorks

ContractWorks is one of the most easy-to-use and secure management tools that use unlimited users and contracts at very affordable pricing.

2. Zimbra

Zimbra as a platform allows users to share all sorts of files and folders with the members of the team and to collaborate easily.

With the help of social tools that Zimbra offers, creating blogs and forums becomes an easy process too.

PandaDoc Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on PandaDoc

What is Mobile Signature?

A mobile signature is the best way to describe yourself and your brand in general. This helps to create awareness and promotion.

For most people, viewing their emails on mobile is a common practice and hence, they are best done through mobile signature.

What are the most common types of e-Forms?

There are 6 types of e-Forms and they are:-

1. Order Forms
2. Feedback Forms
3. Employee Application Forms
4. Medical Consent Forms
5. Donation Forms
6. Volunteer Contact Forms

What is an e-Form?

e-Form is nothing but an online document file that uses old-school paper forms for readers to tick off fields just like you would do in school without any limitation or baggage.

How to create a transparent signature?

There are many ways to create and get your documents digitally signed. One of the common methods is PandaDoc. To make sure that your signatures are secure, it is the best shot.

Apart from your digital signature, you can also choose to upload an image of your signature with a white background. This is what we call a transparent signature.

Wrap up

PandaDoc is a great consideration for businesses and companies that deal with digital signature every other day. It also works well for sales and marketing teams.

Also, saves you time to go through the trouble of visiting one place to another for a signature.

Well, how amazing is that? Try PandaDoc to know even more!

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