Paychex Flex Review – Features, Pricing, Pros, and Cons

Businesses keep growing every single day. It is likely for your business to see growth in the coming future or walk through growth that helps in the best possible way.

The requirement in cases like these is proper management of payroll to effectively manage and build options that helps in better integration. This is exactly the reason we are here to review Paychex Flex which is an all-in-one payroll solution aiming to serve to grow and to change businesses in the best possible manner.

Let’s dig in more about Paychex Flex and everything you must know about the tool.

Paychex Flex Review

What is Paychex Flex?

Paychex Flex is originally an American Service Provider that has the best interests of businesses in their heart. The business could be small to medium-sized depending on the orientation.

With Paychex Flex, all the different solutions like payments, HR, payroll management, and so on comes under the safe roof. This helps the businesses to regulate well and blend in a single platform to manage out in the most convenient way.

Professional Employer Organization, employee benefits, taxes, payrolls, etc. are some of the benefits that Paychex Flex comes wrapped with.

Ultimately, the tool is the most comprehensive solution that helps people to the maximum. Additionally, this payroll software advances to bundle the benefits with tax calculation. This adds a great deal of help to businesses that are small to big sized.

This software tool uses a central platform to manage the data profile of each employee. It helps to track information of users for real and across multiple applications in a similar manner.


Companies also get the flexibility to choose from a variety of option that fits their needs, size, and complexity to work well with this payroll software.

Features of Paychex Flex

Some of the primary features of Paychex Flex includes: –


  • Scalability.
  • Performance and Readability.
  • Reporting and Dashboards.
  • User and Access Management.


  • Payroll Entry.
  • Pre-tax Deductions.
  • Direct Deposit and Pay cards.
  • Wage Garnishment.
  • Payroll Outsourcing.
  • Payroll Reporting.

Employee Self Service

  • Web Portal.
  • Benefits Manager.
  • Direct Deposit.
  • Multiple Employee Pay Options.
  • Employee Financial Wellness Program.
  • Automatic Notifications.
  • Payroll Management.
  • Employment Screening Service.
  • Self Service Portal.


  • Tax filing.
  • Tax Calculation.
  • Automatic Tax Payment.
  • Automatic Payroll Tax Calculation, Payment, and Filing.
  • Tax Management.

Benefits of Paychex Flex

There are many benefits that someone can get out of Paychex Flex. The primary ones include tax administration capabilities, management features, managing employee benefits, and so on.

Here are the detailed benefits of Paychex Flex.

Management of Payroll

In order to get an edge in the market and be able to perform in the most optimal way, Paychex Flex has a lot to offer. For small to large businesses, it provides its solutions so that they perform in the most fluent manner.

It also helps these businesses to manage their tasks in the most flexible way possible. The tool is known for storing all the information on the cloud and hence, makes accessibility easier.

Payroll Tax Administration

Businesses get into their comfort zone when the idea of tax management strikes them since all the major skills are to be addressed by them in a similar manner. Nonetheless, businesses also have the authority to decide the regulation of cash flow and the significant ways of maintaining it.

Therefore, this eventually returns more productivity, saves time, and acquires a talent pool to be compliant in the most effective manner.

Employee Benefits

With Paychex, there are tons of benefits for employees some of which include online benefits management, insurance management, and so on. Additionally, it also offers retirement services which are over the board for a payroll management service.


Users are also provided with different solutions for finance and accounting that help large organizations to work around in a way that draws them maximum benefit.

Why You Need Paychex Flex?

  • It effectively manages to ensure flexible outcomes for the employees.
  • The time and attendance feature is a great add-on to have an understanding of the hours you have.
  • Managing Calendar constraints is easy. Eventually, you can also disclose it to your coworkers that will help you to stay away from phone calls when you are not expecting it.

Paychex Flex Integrations

Quickbooks OnlineXero
Insight360LCP Tracker
AIGAccount Edge
Arizona State Retirement SystemAmeritas
Bank of AmericaAppfolio
AscensusAspen Systems

Pricing Plans of Paychex Flex

Paychex Flex currently has three packages to offer:-

  • Paychex Go.
  • Paychex Flex Select.
  • Paychex Flex Enterprise.

Also, if you are a new account holder, you are likely to three months of free benefit. Therefore, you can use the services for yourself to see which one works out the best for you.

Paychex Go works best for employees in the range 1 to 9. The coverage costs extend on a base level from $49/month and add off an additional $4/month for every employee.

Paychex Flex Select works best for employees in the range of 10 to 49. It also provides a bunch of services that works wonder with businesses that are medium in size.

Paychex Flex Enterprise generally is for large companies that have 50 to 1,000 employees. This plan works best for them. The Enterprise plan is designed in a manner that benefits these companies in the most possible way.

There are no monthly prices for Paychex Select and Paychex Enterprise. You are given a quote and you can work around it at your convenience.

Paychex Alternatives

1. Netchex

From big to small, Netchex works wonderfully for businesses of all sizes. It is great for industries, restaurants, auto dealers, and so on. All you need to know is the way to manage the system.

2. PeopleGuru HCM

PeopleGuru mostly aims to narrow down its services to medium-size organizations that have employees of over 100 – 3,000.

Paychex Flex Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Paychex Flex

Is ADP the owner of Paychex?

No. ADP and Paychex both work and function differently and are very popular companies running on PEO. They are distinctive from one another.

What is the cost of Paychex?

The services that Paychex offers starts from $59/month and for every payroll run, there is an additional $4.

Is there a background check process at Paychex?

Yes, if you opt for Paychex Enterprise plan, then there is a background check process.

Does Paychex sells its customer lists or services?

No, Paychex doesn’t rent or sell or share details of clients. Outside of Paychex, the information is not stored for outside use.

Wrap up

That was all we had for Paychex Flex, hoping you liked the review article. It is a great service option that works brilliantly well for clients and businesses.

Therefore, learning the insights is extremely crucial to consider the plan that you actually wish to use.

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