Penji Review – Pricing, Features, Pros, and Cons

Are you looking for a graphic design tool that doesn’t cost too much and isn’t overpaying and at the same time a tool that is both efficient, provides a quick turnaround, and also has super high-quality production?

Well, look no further!

So let me introduce you to Penji, which is a solution for all your designing problems. With Penji by your side, you will be able to reach your marketing goals in record time, create unlimited prints and designs for digital, UI/UX designs, ads and so much more at a flat monthly rate.

Penji makes it easy for you to design as many designs as you want on the Penji platform without any of the complexities such as complicated hiring, contracts, and besides you can cancel anytime you want!

So let’s start with the Penji Review.


What is Penji?

Penji is an all-in-one graphic design tool that will make your graphic designing process faster, simpler, and at the same time very much affordable just the way a graphic design tool should be.


On this tool, you will be able to submit an unlimited number of design projects, your design projects will be handed over to Penji’s very capable vetted top graphic designers who can take up any projects you request and always keep up to the mentioned deadline, fast turnaround, human support 24/7 and no hidden fees.

Penji is a community-driven startup and after experiencing firsthand how time-consuming and overpaying graphic designing can be for small businesses and startups, the founders came up with Penji.

You can also easily and seamlessly connect to the designers of Penji about your design project, request for unlimited revisions until you’re satisfied, and instantly download your files.

Features of Penji

Unlimited Design Projects

Create an unlimited number of design projects as many as you want on Penji. You will have Penji’s top designers assigned to you to work on your designs.

With this tool, you will be able to create the best graphic designs and you will also be able to queue and stack up as many design projects as you want.

Unlimited Revisions

You can submit unlimited revisions as and when you like until you’re happy and satisfied with your designs.

You will get your designs and design drafts back within 24-48 hours and can download all the designs and source files instantly and directly from the Penji platform and don’t have to wait for someone to email you these files.

Human Support

Get 24/7 human customer support that is ready to assist you with all your problems.

The best part about Penji is that you will directly be talking to a human support and not a bot which will basically make your life so much more simpler and your designing process smoother because you will be able to get your doubts cleared instantly instead of waiting to connect to customer support.

Easy Team Collaborations

Collaborating with your teams for the designing part will get easier with Penji by your side!

With Penji you will be able to ease the design workload from you and your team members. You will be able to invite your team, manage their permissions, add more team members and get so much more done with the help of this graphic design tool.

Flat Monthly Rate

Now no more hidden fees, no more hourly billing and no more hassle related to billing.

With Penji you will have to pay just one flat monthly rate and that is it! No more hidden fees no more hourly billing. It will just be one whole payment and it will be regardless of the number of design projects that you will submit.

Other Features

  • Create and manage unlimited design projects
  • Easy team collaborations
  • Organize and Streamline projects and clients
  • No more lengthy emails, communicate directly with the designers hence effective communication
  • Digital and print graphics
  • Marketing and ads
  • UX/UI and Illustrations
  • Packaging and labels
  • Promotional materials
  • Marketing, Social media content
  • Web designing
  • 24-48 hours turnaround for most projects
  • You will have 100% ownership for all source files created for your projects
  • Unlimited drafts and revisions
  • Instantly download your designs and source files directly from Penji
  • Affiliate programs
  • Effective team solutions for growing businesses and startups
  • Flat monthly rate
  • No contracts, cancel anytime
  • Human Support for a smooth and pleasant experience

Benefits of Penji

  • It is good for creating eye-catching graphic designs.
  • Unlimited design projects.
  • You get a top graphic designer assigned to you for your design.
  • You can easily communicate with the designers directly on Penji instead of dropping those lengthy emails.
  • You will get 100% ownership for files and also the source files used for your designs.
  • Instantly download source files and designs from Penji and avoid other hassles.
  • Fast turnaround time.
  • An unlimited number of revisions and drafts.

Why You Need Penji?

  • It will allow you to market better with their eye-catching and attractive graphic designs.
  • To organize and streamline your design workload better and more efficiently.
  • To achieve your marketing goals in no time! =

Penji Integrations


Pricing Plans of Penji

There are 3 pricing plans offered by Penji:

  1. Pro
  2. Team
  3. Agency

For all the 3 pricing plans, you will get a 15 day money back guarantee.

Pro plan starts from $399 per month and gives unlimited design projects, unlimited plans, and one designer and one user.

Team plan starts from $499 per month. Here you will get unlimited graphic designs, illustrations, UX/UI designs, website and app design, infographics, and everything included in pro. In this pack, you can add up to 5 users.

Agency plan starts from $899 per month. This plan contains all the features from Team and additionally has features such as prioritized support, 2 designers and you can add up to 10 users.

Penji offers three kinds of payment methods, Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly. You can save up to 10% and 15% on the quarterly and monthly plans respectively.

You will get all these powerful features. There are no setup fees, no signing of contracts and most importantly you can cancel anytime.

Penji Alternatives

1. Canva

For brands and agencies of all sizes and types, Canva is a graphic design tool with access to millions of templates and images.

Canva has in stock designs and templates for all your designing needs be it a social media post, logo designing, web designing and so much more.

With Canva you will be able to create professional designs with the easy drag and drop feature.

2. Adobe Create

Adobe Create is a user-friendly graphic designing tool that comes with features such as the Adobe Creative Cloud that will give you all the best apps and services all in one place to help you stay easily connected and be creative anywhere and everywhere.

Adobe will help you connect content and data and in the end, help you create beautiful and eye-catching designs.


PIXLR is a designing tool, that lets you create some great designs and edit right from the comfort of your browser! With AI-powered tools for professional designs and edits for next-level graphic designing and photo editing, you will be able to create some of the most beautiful designs on your own!

With smarter tools and faster editing time you will be able to create and put up content in no time!

Penji Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Penji

What is Penji?

A graphic designing tool that will help you design, curate, and create some very eye-catching designs which you can use on any platform and reach your marketing goals quickly.

What is Penji used for?

It is a graphic designing software and is used for creating unlimited digital prints, ads, UI/UX designs, web designing, packaging and label, marketing materials, social media posts and so much more.

Who are the typical users of Penji?

The typical customers of this software are:
Small Businesses, Large Enterprises, Startups, Freelancers, UI/UX designers, graphic designers, etc.

How much does Penji cost?

The pricing plans for Penji start at $399 p/m. It has 3 different pricing plans:
1. Pro at $399.00 per month.
2. Team at $499.00 per month.
3. Agency at $899.00 per month.

What languages does Penji support?

The language supported is English.

What level of support does Penji offer?

You will get support in the form of video tutorials and online support, human customer support, guides, ebooks, demo.

Does Penji offer a free plan?

No, you will not get any free plan with Penji. However, for every plan, you will get a 15-day money-back guarantee so that you can test it out and see if Penji suits your requirements.

Does Penji support mobile devices?

No, it does not support mobile devices.

Does Penji offer an API?

No you will not get API (Application Programming Interface) with this tool.

What other apps does Penji integrate with?

Penji offers integration with Slack.

What are the top alternatives for Penji?

The top alternatives for Penji are:
1. Adobe Create
2. 99designs
4. Canva
5. Invision

What are the main features of Penji?

The main features of Penji are designing general graphics, logo designs, infographics, presentations, marketing and promotional designs, free stock photos, unlimited design projects, UI/UX designs, packaging and labels, web designing, and many more.

Which operating system does Penji support?

The operating system supported by Penji are Windows and iOS.

What payment method does Penji support?

You will get Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly payment methods.

What is the deployment type?

The deployment type of Penji is SaaS/web/cloud-based.

Wrap up

In conclusion, Penji is a versatile graphic designing tool to enhance and fast track your marketing goals and attract more target audiences and increase your clientele base.

It has a flat monthly payment plan that is affordable and has no other hidden fees or hourly bills.

So this will be all for the Penji review and I hope that you have acquired enough and more information on how this all-in-one graphic design tool will benefit you in multiple ways.

In case you have any questions or queries, then you can ask these in the comments section and I would be more than happy to help you.

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