PieSync Review – Best Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

PieSync is an online automatic customer data sync software. It allows you to establish a two-way connection with one or more apps.

If you own a business, then you have contacts. And you use these contacts in many applications like opt-in forms, mailing lists, CRM, databases, etc. 

By tradition, a business needs to hire a data entry professional to enter all these data in the different applications. This means hours and hours of manual work for the exact same data. This is not only less efficient but is also subjected to human errors. 

Do you want to keep all your data synced efficiently?

Do you want to maintain data consistency with all your business applications? 

Do you want to automate the data entry process?

Then PieSync is your solution. Let us take a detailed look into the features, pricing, pros, and cons of PieSync to get a clear grasp of its functionality.


PieSync Review

What is PieSync?

PieSync is online automation software that synchronizes all the customer data between the business applications.

The customer data of a business is used in many applications like CRM, customer care, email marketing, finance, and lead generation.

Generally, data is collected from lead generation opt-in pages. This data is then manually updated on the CRM and email marketing applications. If they convert to paying customers they are added to finance applications too.

This data entry is a huge process that is easily subjected to errors. So to save all the trouble PieSync allows you to establish connections between all these applications to automate the data flow between them. Thus if there is a data or preference update in one application, it is reflected in all the applications.

All you have to do is a three step process:

  1. Choose your applications you want to sync. 
  2. Configure the sync by adding filters, actions, and field mapping. 
  3. Set the connection and it’s all done.

Once this process is done, the PieSync takes care of it all. It takes care of the past, present, and future data. It constantly scans and updates. So you don’t have to do a thing about your data.

Features of PieSync

The features of PieSync are listed below:

One way or two way connection

With PieSync you can establish one-way or two-way connections among two applications. That is you can allow the changes done in both apps to reflect on each other. Or you can update data in one app and let it reflect on the other.

Personalized rules

PieSync will allow you to personalize the conditions of the integrations based on your needs. They have a simple IF/THEN rule to choose where your contacts will Sync. For example, a new contact is synced to a customer if they decided to buy your product. If not it will be added to the subscriber’s database.

Full control over the sync

You can choose the field with which you can sync with each other. Generally, PieSync identifies common fields like First Name, Email ID, etc, and suggests them to sync. You can either go with the suggestions or you can sync with custom fields. You can easily map out the sync between the fields.

Avoid duplicates

One of the main problems of customer management is duplicate contacts. Just a little bit of difference in small things like spellings will create duplicate contact. However, PieSync scans the database regularly with a selected field like email or phone number. And removes the duplicates from both the synced apps. 

Maintain your subscription list

Whenever a new contact subscribes or unsubscribes from your service, it must be updated in all the applications like CRM, mailing list, etc. PieSync allows you to tag, subscribe and unsubscribe a contact from all the apps. This will make sure the customers receive the exact service they want.

Monitor connections

PieSync has a health dashboard that displays all the functions done by PieSync. You can see the number of contacts synced, errors that occurred while syncing, the reason for the errors. In addition, there is a search function and timeline details for all the apps, contacts, and connections. This is especially useful if you are handing a large number of contacts.

Work better together

With PieSync an unlimited number of team members can work on the same data with an account of their own. This will allow them to create their own connections with the needed application.  For example, the sales team can establish a connection with the leads group of the database alone. This will help with a smooth workflow.

Smooth Data flow

PieSync will allow you to sync all the customer data regardless of its timeline. It doesn’t limit its syncing to new entries alone. You can import your past data and it will sync them with other applications without any trouble.

Benefits of PieSync

The benefits of PieSync are listed below:

  • Easy to use interface and settings. Even a non-technical person can understand the process just by visiting their website.
  • Saves hours of time and effort spent on entering the data in multiple applications.
  • Completely automates the data flow between all the business applications. This will avoid errors, duplicates, and inconsistencies between the applications.
  • Extremely useful tutorials and speedy customer care to solve your issues.
  • PieSync is a cost-efficient software. You can pay based on your contacts.
  • It is suitable for data management for both small businesses and corporate businesses.
  • You can completely customize the data syncing process thus allowing you the flexibility of use.
  • Allows unlimited teams to access and customize connections based on their needs.

Why You Need PieSync ?

  • To establish seamless two-way and real-time synchronization between all your business applications. 
  • PieSync has a simple three-step process that is quick and easy to set up connections. Once set up you can easily add as many configurations as you want. 
  • To get reliable, secure, and up-to-date data. That is your database is constantly scanned and updated so that no data is lost and all the preferences are updated regularly. 
  • To keep all the teams empowered and aligned with each other. With PieSync all the teams can optimize the same data for their needs. Thus improving the overall productivity of the team. 

PieSync Integrations


Pricing Plans of PieSync

They have two pricing plans:


  • Starter Plan

Their starter plan costs $49 per month for 1000 contacts. You can sync any number of applications, set up two if/then rules per connection.

  • Pro Plan

Their pro plan costs $59 per month for 1000 contacts. It has unlimited sync, unlimited rules, custom field mapping, and more options to segment and filters your contacts.

The price of the above plans increases with the number of contacts. They have a free 14 days trial plan that allows you to test all their features.

PieSync Alternatives

1. Zapier

Zapier allows you to automate tasks between many online services like Salesforce, Gmail, Webhooks, etc. It allows you to connect the best SaaS applications with each other.

2. Integrately

Integrately is one of the top-rated integration platforms. It allows you to integrate two or more applications to allow workflow among the applications.

3. Jitters

It is a data and application suite that allows you to design, deploy and manage a broad range of integrations. It provides an easy, quick and cost-efficient integration solution.

PieSync Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on PieSync

What does PieSync sync?

The PieSync syncs contacts among multiple apps. Contacts are saved under different fields in a different application. It helps you map these fields with each other and allow you to keep them in sync.

How do I prepare my data before sync?

1. Pause any other syncing apps like Zapier, Integrately, etc you might be using.
2. Back up the data
3. Clean your existing contacts
4. Run a test Sync.

How do I get started with PieSync?

1. Choose the applications you want to sync.
2. Authorize your access by logging in to your accounts in each app.
2. Configure the sync by adding filters, actions, etc.
3. Run Sync and it’s that simple.

How to customise field mapping?

You can customize field mapping by disabling the default mapping by setting the toggle to off. And then you can select two fields you want to map to establish the custom mapping.

Why does my contacts still have duplicates?

Your contacts may have duplicates if they avoid duplicate box is not ticked off. Or if your contacts didn’t have an email address.

Why is my contacts not synced?

Due to long inactivity, changes in login details or changes in API restrictions may lead to losing access to your applications. You have to reauthenticate your application to sync contacts.

Why can certain fields only be mapped one ways?

It can be mapped only one way when a field cannot be modified in the app you are syncing, or when the field only allows a specific value or when two mapped fields have different types.

What happens when my contacts exceeds my plans limit?

It is automatically updated to the higher plan. But you will be notified and it will be done only after you approve.

How does team syncing works on PieSync?

You can invite an unlimited number of team members who in turn can set up unlimited number of connections based on their needs.

What is the authority of admin?

1. Admin can invite and suspend team members.
2. Only the admin has billing information thus they control the subscription.
3. Admin can see the number of connections set up by each team.
4. The admin can set another person as admin however they cannot demote that admin once set.

Wrap up

PieSync is an excellent customer data management software. It does everything related to data like sync data to all applications, update user preference regularly, remove duplicates, detect errors while syncing and it will give you a solution to correct it too.

PieSync is a leading customer data handling tool. With their easy-to-use interface and quick customer support, they have secured themselves a permanent place in people’s hearts.

If you have the need to manage data of any size, then you have to try PieSync’s 14-day free trial. Once you have tried it, then you won’t have the need to hire anybody for data management.

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