Pirate Ship Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Alternatives

Are you looking to save costs on postage by finding the cheapest shipping rates? If yes, then read this Pirate Ship review completely, it will surely help you.

Well, Pirate Ship is a free cloud-based distribution and shipping software that provides you with the lowest USPS-approved postage rates without any markup, extra fees, or any sort of monthly commitments.

Whatever you’re shipping, it makes it as affordable as possible by offering the lowest shipping prices and no fees or hidden expenditures.

The automated programming feature searches the United States Postal Service® for the best discounts and presents you with the best shipping costs.

You can try their USPS rates calculator to get a quote for postage.

Let’s deep dive into Pirate Ship Review.

Pirate Ship Review

What is Pirate Ship?

Pirate Ship is a web/cloud-based service that enables small and medium-sized businesses to purchase postage and print shipping labels for local and international packages.


It allows users to buy and print shipping labels in PDF or ZPL format and then send them to customers through a private link.

It also assists with the generation of purchase postage, return labels, and online payments via bank transfer or credit cards.

It includes customs forms for processing domestic and international shipments as well as delivering batches to multiple locations.

This popular shipping software is best for small businesses, online sellers, eCommerce stores, and companies that ship various types of subscription boxes to their customers.

Import / Export, Quotes / Estimates, Air Shipping, Shipment Tracking, and Parcel Shipping are all available through this online shipping software.

Features of Pirate Ship

Automatic Address Validation

It is an excellent feature where this software validates the recipient address with the USPS-certified address database.

If the address is not formatted in the correct format, then it will get automatically corrected and this will ensure speedy delivery of your shipment.

Saved Addresses & Address Auto Complete

This shipping software remembers all the addresses where you have shipped previously and then uses the global address database of Google Maps for suggesting new addresses as you type addresses.

Easy International Shipping & Customs Forms

It makes international shipping simple with the use of integrated customs forms. You can easily process batches with domestic &and international addresses at the same time.


Improved Workflow

It integrates well with e-commerce service providers such as Shopify, BigCommerce.

All the shipping reports and analytics are available for you to assess the speed and productivity on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis.

You can easily keep track of all the sent packages until they get delivered. There are many tools for inventory management for you to streamline the distribution process.

Benefits of Pirate Ship

The various benefits are:

Costs Reduction

You can save up to 89% off the postage costs because of the automated programming this software offers.


The various tools you will get with this software will help you speed up the process of package handling and processing.


It is very convenient for you to manage and control your shipping workflow as you will get tools for printing shipping labels from your office or even home.

Cons of Pirate Ship

1. No UPS or FedEx – only USPS.
2. No multi-user functionality.

Why You Need Pirate Ship?

The various reasons you need to have this shipping app are:

  • There are no monthly costs or hidden fees to pay.
  • It searches for the best shipping rates for USPS® without any markup or extra fees.
  • You can quickly turn addresses into shipping labels.
  • You can import directly from Shopify, Squarespace, eBay, Etsy, BigCommerce, Cratejoy, Ecwid, and WooCommerce, etc.
  • You will get 24*7 email and chat support.
  • Plenty of wide range of e-commerce integration options available.
  • Automatic address validation & correction feature.
  • You will get customizable shipping notifications.
  • Access to international shipping & customs forms.

Pirate Ship Integrations

CratejoyGoogle Print
EcwidBig Cartel

Pirate Ship Pricing Plans & Rates

It is free to use and you get a free trial as well.

You can try it as there is no risk!

Create a free Pirate Ship Account – No hidden costs at all and no credit card required for account creation.

Pirate Ship Alternatives

1. ShipStation

ShipStation is a cloud-based shipping software that lets you manage all of your small parcel shipping needs in one place.

ShipStation allows you to import, manage, and ship orders.

It offers a user-friendly UI.

2. Shippo

Shippo is an API platform that allows eCommerce businesses, online marketplaces, and platforms to integrate their shipping with a variety of major carrier service providers.

It allows users to optimize their shipping processes by connecting easily to carrier companies, allowing them to fulfil goods fast and easily while avoiding various risks and costs associated with it.

3. Easyship

Easyship is a popular shipping software in the world. It works with popular eCommerce platforms such as BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, ShopifyPlus, Squarespace, Ebay, Amazon, and Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

You can manage all order and shipment activity from a single dashboard.

Pirate Ship Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Pirate Ship

What is Pirate Ship?

It is a free cloud-based shipping tool and app for packages of all kinds. It sells USPS postage and offers various tools for generating labels and tracking packages via the postal service.

Who uses Pirate Ship?

It is used by small businesses, freelancers, and online sellers.

How is Pirate Ship so cheap?

It is cheap because it find the cheapest shipping rates for all USPS services using automated programming. You will get the best rates possible without any monthly fees, markup, or hidden costs of any kind.

Is Pirate Ship shipping legit?

It is legit and is great for you to find cheapest and reliable shipping options.

Is Pirate Ship really free?

It is free for anyone to use – a great shipping software built for modern small businesses.

Is Pirate Ship cheaper than USPS?

Kind of yes, as it provides you with the cheapest possible rate available at the USPS.

What type of pricing plans does Pirate Ship offer?

There are no pricing plans – it is free to use.

Does Pirate Ship support mobile devices?

No it does not have a mobile app. However you can use your mobile to access it.

What level of support does Pirate Ship offer?

The following support options are available:

Chat, email/help desk, and phone support are all available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (live rep).

Does Pirate Ship do FedEx?

No it does not. It only sell postage for USPS® shipping services.

What is Pirate Ship’s best feature?

The Automatic address validation & correction is the best feature.

What are Pirate Ship’s top competitors?

The top competitors are:


Does it offer an API?

It doesn’t offer an API (Application Programming Interface).

What languages does this shipping software support?


What other apps does Pirate Ship integrate with?

Some of the apps it integrates well with are: Shopify, WooCommerce, Chargify, Etsy, Ecwid, BigCommerce, Big Cartel, Recurly, Squarespace.

How long does Pirate Ship take to ship?

Delivery times for domestic USPS shipping services might range from 4 to 5 days (or longer). Depending on the country, international service shipping times might differ.

Does Pirate Ship send notifications?


Does Pirate Ship have tracking?

Yes, it allows you to schedule an email that delivers your recipient the tracking number.

What is the deployment type?

The deployment type is cloud/web-based.

Which operating system does Pirate Ship support?

Windows, Mac.

How does it make money?

It makes money through their official partnership with USPS®.

Can Pirate Ship use UPS and FedEx?

No as carriers like UPS and FedEx are not allowed to deliver to Post Office Boxes (PO boxes).

Is it cheaper than PayPal?

Both PayPal and this software offer competitive shipping rates and it depends on the package destination and size.


It is an excellent free shipping software to use and will save you tons of money. It has no monthly costs to pay.

It provides various tools for you to keep track of your packages from the starting point to the delivery point.

You will get 24 x 7 email and chat support.

You can check out their services here.

I hope you would have find this Pirate Ship Review useful and informative. In case you have any questions or doubts, please feel free to ask them using the comments section provided below.

See you in the next review!

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