Poptin Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Benefits

Engaging customers and converting them to leads has become a very crucial segment of life altogether. There is a constant need for businesses to create and grow in a manner that leads to evolving the professionals every now and then.

Collaboration has also a huge role to play especially when it involves marketers, owners, agencies, and so on to come together and engage at common terms.

Therefore, now that we are learning so much about collaboration and lead capture, let’s discover some wide-aloud platform that helps in conducting such processes in the easiest and hassle-free manner.

Poptin, a free platform that helps in capturing leads for marketers, portals, and so on. Let’s find out more about Poptin and how it is a great way to explore leads and capture them.

Poptin Review

What is Poptin?

In very simple words, Poptin is a free platform for capturing leads that help owners of specific websites to convert the visitors that visit their website to leads or subscribers.

This is a great way for marketers, bloggers, eCommerce platforms, agencies, and so on to generate leads that are helpful. Eventually, all of this results in increasing the engagement with the visitors as well.


Some of its extensive features are well-defined and helps in targeting the right kind of audience. This will in return help to convert visitors that land on your website to potential clients and customers.

  • Growing the list of subscribers.
  • Boost engagement of users.
  • Collect more revenue.
  • Generate more and more leads.
  • Reduces the abandoned cart rate.

Features of Poptin

Attractive Forms and Pop-ups!


This software works out great on your website and is indeed known to work better on all types of pop-ups and different widgets that embed contact forms.

There are always overlays that you can add on bars, widgets, sidebars, popups for mobile and screen, and so on.

With the tracking popup plugin of Poptin, it becomes very convenient to track the behavior of the visitors who visit the website. This also gives the added benefit to the users to customize and personalize the forms, popups, etc with their own messages.

Well, as said earlier, the entire target is to have visitors converted to leads and Poptin’s features make sure that this works out well.

The exit-intent popup is also a great way to engage users and enhance the experience. Also, it helps the users to not exit abruptly from your website.


Free, Free, and Completely Free Account

Poptin is a great and powerful web application that makes it easy to create pop-ups and eventually bring more leads in the process. Also, it lets you open a free account, yes, you heard that right.

It is all about the key factors put into action. Design your popup, forms, with the accurate messages that fit. This however goes well when you have your focus on tracking the behavior of your visitors.

For example, users get the chance to deliver a different form of pop-ups which also includes different sorts of widgets, popups, contact forms, and so on. Eventually, this helps in tracking down the numbers of cart abandonment and high rates which is a great add-on.

Auto Responder

The auto-responder feature is also one of the best things to have out of the feature. With this feature, users are able to save a lot of their time and can connect easily with other email-related tools.

Also, with the location and device triggering feature, it shows its efficiency to target location and languages.

Benefits of Poptin

Here are some of the benefits that you must definitely know to handle it for free of cost.

  1. The drag-and-drop popup editor allows easy building of popup campaigns. You don’t need to be a coding professional to understand how this works because it just does.
  2. Popup campaign statistics can be easily gathered and accessed. It becomes immensely easy to understand how many visitors in total you had today followed by the number who saw the popup displays.
  3. Popups are easy to customize especially with different backgrounds, HTML, and so on.

Why You Need Poptin?

Let’s shift the focus to the good points and understand ‘why we need Poptin’?

Poptin is one of the most brilliant tools out there because it eventually does what we expect it to and that is – solve problems. Moreover, it is not going to charge your pocket in the process either. It is completely free to start with.

Here are some of the reasons why there could be an actual need for the software.


  • The User Interface is great and can be customized as per the requirement of the user. For marketers and agencies, it is one of the easiest to use.
  • It doesn’t matter which plan do you opt for i.e. free or paid, you get a live chat regardless. In addition to that, there is customer support to help you out whenever you want.
  • Poptin starts free of cost and then you have to pay just $19/month. This is what we call ‘Gold’ at the most affordable price.

Poptin Integrations

SquarespaceSquare Payment
Marketo EngageIntegromat

Poptin Pricing Plans

There are basically four plans to choose from:-

  1. Free.
  2. Basic.
  3. Pro.
  4. Agency.

The price for Monthly and Yearly plans vary.

For the Free version, you don’t have to pay anything. For the Basic Plan, the user has to pay $19/month. If you opt for the Pro plan, you have to keep $49/month ready to invest and the final plan is Agency that is for $99/month.

However, if you opt for the yearly plans, you get to save 20% overall.





Poptin Alternatives

1. Pixel Together

A solution builds on the cloud and allows businesses of all types and sizes to work and construct websites that have a well-to-do interface. It allows animations, drag, and drops, and customization to enable users to fit their minimum requirements.

2. MyWebsite

Looking to build a website that adds a professional presence online? Well, go for MyWebsite. Create and curate your website even if you don’t have any knowledge of the software.

Poptin Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Poptin

What is the cost of Poptin?

Starting price for Poptin begins at $19/month. There are mainly three different plans for users: –

1. Basic Plan for $19/month.
2. Pro Plan for $49/month.
3. Agency Plan for $99/month.

The free plan provides unlimited features to use.

Does Poptin has API?

Yes, Poptin has its own API.

Does Poptin offers an affiliate program?

Yes, with Poptin there is an affiliate program and offers a 25% commission on a monthly basis.

Can you cancel your plan as per your requirement?

Yes, If you opt for the Basic, Pro, or Enterprise Plan, you can cancel the plan anytime you want. The billing page in the dashboard lets you cancel anytime.

Can you offer Poptin to your potential customers?

The answer is Yes. If you own your agency, you get to create and manage your own user accounts with the help of any of your clients. Alternatively, you can also opt for the affiliate program.

Is there a way to create your own designs on Poptin?

With Poptin, you can create designs that are unique. Also, you get to create designs that are of any size and you can upload them right on your system.

What is Poptin?

Poptin is a leading platform or more so a software marketing software that helps in converting visitors to potential leads and subscribers.

Wrap up

That was all we had for Poptin, a leading platform to capture leads. It is undoubtedly one of the finest marketing software to have right now. It also ends up offering advanced features at prices you can’t really believe. Therefore, a win-win.

Also, their parrot mascot is the most fun thing to have, isn’t it? Are you convinced yet? Then try Poptin out.

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