Proposify Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Benefits

When we speak of business, there are numerous things that can be considered tricky. Therefore, it is significant to know what exactly causes the trouble in a business flow.

Well, if you ask, for most businesses, one of the most critical undertakings is Proposal creation. This is why we have Proposify today.

Gone are the days when long and lengthy papers used to fill up those years of effort.

In recent years, there has been a drastic change as many new online programs have come into the limelight that not only helps in automating proposals but also helps in adding the touch of beauty to those.

Hence, it is extremely important to choose a tool that works best for your company because these tools are going to add value to your business. This is exactly why we are here, to review Proposify.

Proposify Review

What is Proposify?

Proposify is a cloud-based management software for conducting and offering online proposals. The entire focus of Proposify is on developing high-end proposals.


The limited additional business services that it offers are also taken care of through its integrations.

Direct knowledge helps in ultimately recognizing the limitations that are being set in the process. If you have a business that is small to medium-sized, then Proposify is going to work out just fine for you.

This is basically a great way to drag down more business. The platform is so amplified that it offers privileges to easily narrow down the whole idea of writing a proposal without hindering the quality of the work.

Therefore, if customers are looking ahead to have their writing proposals that help them do the best for their business, Proposify is going to take care of it.


Features of Proposify

Content Library

Content Library is an important aspect of Proposify. In this section, you can save all your images, pricing, etc. that you are going to need for re-use. Moreover, you can get proposals, new or existing to easily develop in a library.

Further, you can use the content to add it to a new bid. For instance, we all know how crucial terms and conditions are, but these have a huge role to play and vary from customer to customer.

Therefore, if the most updated terms and conditions slip is stored in the content library, all it will need is two clicks to embed in any proposal you want.

Roles and Permissions

Most of the time, it is beyond our understanding how documents related mistakes occur. Therefore, it is significant to stop documents to mistakenly cause errors.

To avoid this, it is best to apply and define various user privileges for the data in hand.

In this way, you get access only to what you actually need. This will helps reps to have control over what they make and eventually will design them quickly. This further reduces the chances of blunders done. In addition to this, you also don’t have to worry about these proposals hitting off the client’s inbox. Setting permissions for approvals, in this case, will work out best.


Well, it is always a better idea to be ready for your next move since you may need it anytime. Therefore, getting live updates about your deals especially when they are making the noise is the best idea to crack the deal.

Furthermore, you can also track all the views, sign-offs, payments made, and many more. Alternative to notifications, you can also set reminders.

This will help you to follow up with your existing and previous clients as and when you want.

Benefits of Proposify

Some of the primary benefits that Proposify offers are: –

  • Ability to do audit trailing.
  • You can do proper management of Pipeline.
  • You can easily do the version control.
  • Plenty of tools for collaboration.
  • Access to the content library.
  • Management of documents.
  • Electronic Sign.

Why You Need Proposify?

Sales Game on the High

One of the primary benefits that Proposify offers is to help put the team in a better place. it makes sure to put the team in a place that helps in getting rid of the administrative works and thus, reach the end goal without any hassle. in addition, it also brings more impressive proposals that help in eventually closing more deals.

Also, it makes it convenient to figure out more time to build healthy relationships. Further, it also offers the accessibility to add more documents that helps you gain an identity and stand out from the crowd.


Brand Protection

Locking down the elements of the brand is one of the best things to extract out of Proposify. Alternatively, you can also add beautiful designs. No more worries about your brand as we have got it all covered for you.


Proposify Integrations

AsanaAgile CRM
Teamwork ProjectsDropbox
copperGoogle Drive

Proposify Pricing Plans

There are basically three plans to choose from:-

  • The Tall Plan.
  • The Grande Plan.
  • The Venti Plan.

If you are a solo entrepreneur or a business that is typically small, then you can opt for the Tall Plan. This plan helps to manage the small number of proposals.

Overall, the cost of the plan is $19/monthly and $16/month if you annually bill it.

The Grande Plan will work best for teams that range from small to medium. This helps in multiple usages and also allows to conduct ongoing proposals.

If billing is done annually, you will need to pay $42/month whereas monthly billing will need you to pay $49/month.

Finally, the Venti Plan is another one that is intended mostly for enterprises and companies that are huge. These involve organizations and people who are large teams of people.

The pricing of this plan depends on the way you want to use it. Therefore, based on the features and usage, you will be presented with a custom quote.


Proposify Alternatives

1. PandaDoc

PandaDoc is another document management app that provides extensive support for paperless operations. There are different features for users like standard and advanced that will help in conducting and building an empire made to only win.

2. Seller Snap

The best thing about Seller Snap is game theory. It uses the game theory which helps in producing business products that brings the maximum profit. The prices of these products are also competitive making sure to derive the margin at the most.

Proposify Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Proposify

Is it possible to import my proposal from one to another program?

Proposify doesn’t import files directly. The different industries get their stake as fully customized templates.

What is the way to remove ‘Sample Watermark’ from the Template?

Watermarks present in the template can very easily be wiped off. This happens as soon as you import the template editor directly to your content library.

How does printing a PDF work?

It is easy to print a proposal. All you have to do is, download the proposal as a PDF. You can do so from either of the views that is snapshot or client. You need to open Acrobat and then print it directly once you successfully download the PDF.

What is the way to get access to different features and add-on?

To get more out of the features and add-on abilities, you must consider opting for the Venti Plan which is by far the most suitable option.

Wrap up

Proposify is a great software to have and use. Overall, it works best for businesses that are medium to large in size. It also works well with businesses that are small. However, as per the latest discussions, Proposify is trying to maintain its focus with enterprise clients.

The high value of this tool usually comes from its extensive features which users can use via the Venti Plan. Therefore, make a choice that works best for your organization.

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