Pydio Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Benefits

Do you want to share large scale files with your team?

Are your files sensitive and you want to share them in a private server?

Do you want a secure channel that gives you full control over your files and data?

Are you worried about your file privacy?

Let me introduce Pydio, which is an open-source file-sharing application that can be deployed on your own server or in a cloud of your choice. It allows you to share a large number of files with the highest security.

In this Pydio Review, we are going to assess this software application in detail and we are going to see if they can deliver the features they have promised.

What is Pydio?

Pydio is an open-source enterprise-level file sharing and synchronization solution that can be deployed on private servers or on hybrid clouds. Pydio has all the features for highly scalable file sharing with the highest security.


It was first started in 2007 as AjaXplorer when it’s now CEO Charles Du Jeu was concerned about sharing his music albums with his bandmates. Thus an open-source file sharing platform was born before the era of Dropbox and clouds.

They have more than one million downloads worldwide and are available in 27 languages in various countries. Pydio emerged as one of the largest open-source file-sharing platforms.

They introduced many new concepts to the world of file sharing. They created cells that are dedicated file shring groups with chatrooms.

They focused on security with their GDPR compliance, simple and safe authentication protocols, auditable logs, programable API, etc.

They also upgraded to the modern microservice architecture that is easy to scale and manage.

They are used by famous enterprises like Nikon, University of Cambridge, Seagate, Guitar Center, etc. They are at par with common SaaS solutions that the users are used to.

Pydio can be customized to fit various business solutions for the media and communication industry, finance sector, health, and hospital sector, educational institutions, etc.

Features of Pydio

  • Pydio can be installed in your own server or in a cloud or server of your choice. It works well on all the mediums.
  • You can easily share files from anywhere at any time through your mobile device, desktop application, or just the browser.
  • You can chat, comment and share files online for effective collaboration with your team. You can create your own collaboration spaces with the people you invite to share files among yourself. This allows effective communication and collaboration.
  • It has a microservice architecture that is easy to scale and maintain. You can share huge files of size up to 5 TB.
  • It is developed in Google’s modern language GoLang and is thus is a service with the future in mind. It will support data volume growth.
  • They have powerful admin tools to take back control of your data. That is you can distribute the authority of your data on your own terms. You can set rules and access control over the data.
  • You users can also have a granularity of control over the data according to their needs.
  • It allows you to centralize all your data through their workspaces and cells. It can be accessed from any device.
  • You can easily organize your files according to their sensitivity and easily search for them using filters.
  • They comply with all the modern data protection regulations like GDPR thus tightening the security of the data.
  • You can easily track and monitor sensitive data files for any misconduct or misuse.
  • You can easily identify if there are any bottlenecks using their diagnostics and thus resolve them effectively.
  • You can customize their workspaces and cells with your brand identity to increase your brand awareness among your team and customers.
  • It allows you to integrate on a deeper level with many storage systems like Local Fs, Network Mount, object storage, and directories like LDAP, AD, SAML, etc.
  • You can even connect with third-party services with cell flows vis HTTP, FTP, Webhooks, etc.
  • They allow metadata, tagging, and annotations. They have a flexible metadata system with a feed for comments on files or folders, image and video annotations, and tagging. This will increase the value of the data.

Benefits of Pydio

Some of the benefits of Pydio are:

  • It is very easy to share files and do a content collaboration with your team.
  • You can own your data with permissions, brand identity, etc.
  • You can prevent content theft or plagiarism with this privacy-oriented content-sharing platform.
  • You can easily manage up to 5TB of data. Pydio is created to be scaled according to your needs.
  • You can design permissions and access rules to allow a granularity of control for the users without exploiting your data.
  • Your data is secure with the help of sensitive data tracking, GDPR compliance, data protection protocols, etc.
  • You can create personal spaces to not only share files but also to comment and chat about them with your team.
  • You can access, edit and share your data from anywhere and anytime because all your data is centralized in a single platform.

Why You Need Pydio?

  • To share content with privacy is an utmost priority so that your data remains secure.
  • To centralize your data from multiple storage systems into a single platform. It is available for you regardless of time or place.
  • To handle a huge amount of data without any hitch.
  • To effectively create a place for content collaboration with your team.

Pydio Integrations

ZapierAzure Blob
Google cloud storageHTTP/FTP

Pydio Pricing Plans

Pydio is a self hosted software with three plans:

1. Cells Home
2. Cells Connect
3. Cells Enterprise


Cells Home

The Cells Home plan is free for life and is perfect for home use. The features included are storage file system, file sharing, embedded user directory, Rest API, WebDAV, prebuilt binaries, etc.

Cells Connect

The Cells Connect plan costs 2980 per year for 100 users. They have additional features like AD/LDAP directories support, SSO, oAuth2 identity provider, Azure ADFS, supported cloud images like OVF, VMWare, Amazon AMI.

Cells Enterprise

The Cells Enterprise plan costs 4980€ per year for 100 users. They provide volume discounts. They have more advanced features like compliance for security, additional storage options, multi-factor authentication, advanced web sharing interface, and priority support.

Pydio Alternatives

1. Droplr

Droplr offers one of the effective solutions for file sharing and screen recording. It offers smart synchronization and sharing for files with high security.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the most popular file-sharing platforms with seamless collaboration and file sharing creating a trustworthy reputation for itself.

Pydio Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Pydio

What is Pydio?

It is an open-source file-sharing platform that can be installed in your private server or a hybrid cloud.

What is Pydio used for?

Pydio is used to share files among your team, clients, stakeholders with utmost important to privacy.

Why do I need Pydio?

You nees it to centralize all your data from different storages. And to share highly confidential files with your team or with your clients.

Is Pydio free?

Pydio has a free plan called cells home that is suitable for personal use. But you have to upgrade for any professional uses.

What is the pricing for Pydio?

1) The Cells Home plan is free.
2) Their Cells Connect plan costs 2980€ per year.
3) Their Cells Enterprise plan costs 4980€ per year.

Can I custom code Pydio?

Yes, you can customize coding on Pydio but you will have to sign an OEM/private licensing agreement.

Can I track my data?

Yes, you can track and manage sensitive data and you can even give a small control to your team for their content.

Can I transfer big files using Pydio?

Yes, you can transfer files as big as 5TB using Pydio.

What are the industries that commonly use Pydio?

Media and communication industry to share scripts, songs, etc., hospital and health care industry to share patient history, insurance information, etc., Legal and financial services, educational institutions, etc. It can be fit for all types of industries.

What are the devices Pydio is compatable with?

Pydio is compatible with all sorts of devices and with web browsers, mobiles, laptops, desktops, etc.

Wrap up

Pydio is one of the largest open-source enterprise-level file sharing solutions that can be tailor-fit for any business needs. It is easy to use, customizable, scalable, flexible, and highly secure.

What more can you need from file-sharing software? And they have a fully functioning free-for-life plan. So Sign Up without a delay if you are looking for a self-hosted file sharing platform.

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