Reachdesk Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Benefits

Do you know what is the real struggle nowadays? Well, honestly speaking, there are lots. What comes as a major shock is the way people break through the noise, just so they could gather some rightful response in the process.

No longer worries, as all of these are vividly taken care of. We are here to review one such platform that makes sure to offer the right way to open and close your pipeline.

Let’s dive into the Reachdesk Review.

Reachdesk Review

What is Reachdesk?

Reachdesk is best known to offer a platform that helps in the effective management of building pipelines and dealing with emails.

Source: Reachdesk

Additionally, you can also make the right pick from the tons of eGift cards that are available for the users to choose from. Increasing the rates of reply followed by driving loyalty, it all comes to a halt. This is exactly where you need Reachdesk.

Source: Reachdesk

Furthermore, you can also easily collaborate with other members of the team to check on how budgets are taking a swift.

This will eventually help indirect scaling and make the process of gifting easy and hassle-free. Some of its integrations work well with Salesforce, Marketo, and so on.

Features of Reachdesk

Here are some of the basic features of Reachdesk that you can go through to understand what it exactly has to offer to its customers.


There are more than 100s international eGiftcards to consider. This is one great way to stand away from the crowd and send delightful messages to other users’ inboxes.

Address Confirmation

The Address Confirmation system of Reachdesk is also great. It allows users to reach out to anyone regardless of where they belong or are located. You can reach out to them anywhere and anytime using the confirmation system.

Handwritten Notes

Who said Handwritten Notes are gone long back? Well, Reachdesk says otherwise. It helps to sprinkle its magic in the marketing world by allowing customers to send handwritten notes followed by messages that you can easily personalize.

Team Budget

It is easy to effectively work around a budget. This can be easily done via Reachdesk that gives the flexibility to manage the team as well as the budget. This in turn ensures that direct mailing and gifting are carried out easily.

Personalized Sourcing

Creating custom campaigns has never been this easy but with Personalized Sourcing, it gets 10x better. The project management further ensures to take care and distribute the load so that it works effectively.

Warehouse and Fulfillment

The global network of warehouses is where you can store the items in every section they are dedicated to. Additionally, accessing items from storage to send them out is also a pretty leisure option that you get out of Reachdesk. This is one of the greatest features that this platform has to offer.

Benefits of Reachdesk

Reachdesk follows the three basic rules and they are the ones that are the building blocks of the platform. Let’s get to know them more, shall we?


What if there was a way to reduce the gap between the sales and the marketing world? Well, with easy integration Reachdesk actually allows doing that. The platform is built for modern sales and to sense the customer teams of success.

All it is going to need from you is 1 click and you are good to throw them directly using CRM. All of this becomes a lot easier when channelized in the right way to allow the exchanges to process.

Integrations also ensures Security and Simplicity.

Source: Reachdesk


Automation is one of the best inventions to hijack the manual flow of things. You can therefore automate the whole gifting, emailing, and all that Reachdesk offers to reduce and get rid of the load.

The audience could also be set and there can be possible audiences and then send triggers that will solely depend on the kind of triggers being sent.

With Automation, you get Friction and Visibility.

Source: Reachdesk


Measuring what matters and the way it starts to work out for you will help you set goals, conduct campaigns all over. This will also grant real-time visibility.

It allows users to save and increase rates by 6x. Additionally, allows you to save more than 20 hours for every campaign that you decide to be a part of.

Why You Need Reachdesk?

Reachdesk could be used for multiple reasons and to handle multiple projects.

First off, integration is pretty flexible. Secondly, the execution of one-to-one direct emails is done in a jiffy compared to the longer days they took.

Branded Bundles using which you can send any personalized gifts from one corner to another. This could be anything, chocolates, cupcakes, etc.

Some of the other common reason includes:-

  • Dashboard.
  • Tracking conversions.
  • Analytics.
  • Mailing List.

Reachdesk Integrations

Microsoft DynamicsDemandbase

Reachdesk Pricing Plans

Reachdesk has pricing plans which are based on Quotation.

Therefore, if you want to use the services, you have to put forward a quote. The team will then get back to you with the necessary details.

One thing to note here is, there is no free trial version. Therefore, you can just get started with the platform and the ways it will bring you benefits.

Reachdesk Alternatives

1. Suttle-Straus

Designers are always in a mood to grow themselves and be creative. Therefore, this can only be done when they have an easy market and efficient ways of customizing the products for the customers.

This is where Suttle-Straus marks its presence as it eventually helps tons of big brands like Sub-zero etc to get rid of their customization burden. Creating brand portals for them is how things eventually work out.

2. MoonMail

Email Marketing Platforms are nowadays immensely popular. It lets you send Email Marketing Newsletters to a variety of audiences.

MoonMail allows you to design, create, and have your own campaigns for email marketing.

The statistics and reports that you get from MoonMail also inform you’re clear about the progress and success you have been making. The Template Library in MoonMail allows users to customize and adapt to the messages in the most possible and easy manner.

Reachdesk Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Reachdesk

Which out of the two do you work best with – Marketing or Marketing and Sales?

Reachdesk works well in both areas. Customers working in both fields have reported huge success whilst using the platform. The collaboration of the team and its members also make it worthy enough software for usage.

Who do you currently work and extend your hands with?

There is a large range of business associated presently with Reachdesk. Some of the names are Hootsuite, Tricentis, dotdigital, and so on.

Do you work on a global level?

Currently, Reachdesk is working with EMEA and APAC regions. In addition to that, they also provide eGift cards and options for gifts all over the globe. Therefore, all you need is the right platform to gift internationally to the audience you wish to.

Is it possible to track sent items?

Everything that you send is easy to track. This also means real-time tracking i.e. you can locate your package and confirm the status of the delivery. That is not all, you are also registered to receive notifications in real-time.

Wrap up

That was all we had for Reachdesk, Hope you like the details that we have come up with.

For any other questions that you might have, don’t forget to scroll down to the FAQ section.

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