ReferralCandy Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Benefits

It is very crucial that you reach out to your business in the best possible way. Therefore, to ensure that, there is a lot you need to do as a pre-requisite.

Spreading the word out to the world is not the only thing you can do but there have to be additional efforts. This brings me to affiliate marketing and how it can be helpful in turning your business upside down.

There is a lot you would need to do to have your business follow the right path and grow simultaneously. Affiliate marketing is a great way that can help your business to grow and promote in the best possible way.

Well, now that you know the trick, you can make your customer happy and if you have the idea, then it is okay to proceed. This is where you will need Referral Candy, a marketing strategy for your business.

Let’s find out more about this in the review.

ReferralCandy Review

What is ReferralCandy?

ReferralCandy is a marketing business platform that gives an open privilege to the shoppers to refer their familiar ones.

This is one of the finest ways for shops to attract more and more customers. Businesses from big to small can benefit through ReferralCandy and that is exactly how this strategic platform has been placing its bets.


The platform knows how referrals work and that is one primary reason why it developed a business model to help in reducing the gap between enterprises.

Overall, it is a great concept and with a pinch of technology, the whole thing just gets better. This has introduced the concept of word-of-mouth marketing and people are using it the most to make benefit from it.

Features of ReferralCandy

Automatic Integration

With this business strategy tool, making connections with other eCommerce platforms has become easy. You can now easily connect to platforms like Shopify and Zencard.

Email Integration

On to the checking page, you can add tracking code and then run it for the next 20 minutes to ensure everything works brilliantly well.


Benefits of ReferralCandy

Flexible Rewards

There are regular reward programs that this platform conducts. In addition to that, it also allows users to create their own reward program.

Some of the ways to do it are through store credit, freebies, discount coupons, and so on. Moreover, store owners can also choose the payout method of their choice.

Customizable UI

This platform is designed keeping in mind the need of users. The white-label feature lets you choose the color of the logo that you would want. This confirms assurance to the customers.

Why You Need ReferralCandy?


Eventually, we all want to save money and use a platform that works effective, don’t you? This is where the pricing structure of ReferralCandy comes to play and helps in effectively offering the solution.

This works well for business big, medium, and even small.

User-Friendly App

It is simple.

Connect your ReferralCandy directly with your eCommerce shop. This is how it helps in launching referral programs.

This not only saves a lot of time on setting up but also helps to attract customers to buy more products.


Referral Candy Integrations

3DCart Ecommerce PlatformCelery
Yahoo!Shopify Ecommerce Platform
BigCommerce eCommerce platformWooCommerce
VolutionKlaviyo Email Marketing
Google AnalyticsMailchimp Emal Marketing

ReferralCandy Pricing Plans

The pricing plans of ReferralCandy are convenient for all kinds of businesses depending entirely on their business needs.

You get a 30 day trial and you can cancel the program anytime you want.

The plans include: –

  1. Premium
  2. Enterprise

The Premium plan costs $49/month planned and billed monthly. The Enterprise plan on the other hand, when billed annually costs $3,999/month.


ReferralCandy Alternatives

1. Post Affiliate Pro

Tracking and monitoring your affiliate network gets easy with a powerful solution like Post Affiliate Pro which works brilliantly well for eCommerce websites and online stores.

You can easily manage your struggles in the affiliate network with this platform.

2. Tipalti

Tipalti is a solution, primarily cloud-based and helps in automating complex global payment methods to help conduct operations that help out businesses. Additionally, it also helps by offering high-end security.

ReferralCandy Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on ReferralCandy

What are the different ways rewards are applied and how?

As a customer if you earn a reward for a customer, then percentage discounts automatically gets adjusted to your next order. In addition to that, if you decide to pay customers through PayPal, then you can get rewards too but they will be incurred out of your range.

How can I test ReferralCandy?

Before you try to test out, make sure that you have ReferralCandy configured with the integrated process.

Moreover, to share with your friends, you will have to make a purchase. Once the process is complete and the tests are run, you can pause the campaign and then get it done with. That’s easy.

What is ReferralCandy?

ReferralCandy, as the name says, is a very popular referral application that works best for an eCommerce websites.

More than that, this platform allows you to automate the products you are using, track the results, and make sure that there are lesser frauds.

What is the pricing plan for ReferralCandy?

The price that you pay to use ReferralCandy is pretty minimal entirely depending on your usage. There are two basic plans to choose from.
The first is Premium and the second, Enterprise.

The Premium Plan is billed annually at $49/month whereas, for the Enterprise value, users will have to pay $3,999/monthly.

What are the limitations that can be set for the customers?

On your account, you are free to set a limit on how many times a person can refer their friend. This will determine the number of rewards they get.
Alternatively, you are also free to set the size of the reward to go ahead with referrals. You can directly reach out to the team to know more about it.

Wrap up

Regardless of whether you own a big shop or a small one, you can use this tool very easily to build a large customer base and to receive positive response. Additionally, customers are eventually going to get attracted when they find something offering them so many benefits.

The tool has inbuilt tracking system which makes it easy to track referrals and reward them whenever they want. Overall, it is a steal deal.

Go for the platform and then you will know what you are actually missing out on.

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