Roadmunk Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Benefits

When you work for a company, it is needed to conduct campaigns and work around with high-end profs. In cases like so the best workaround is to have a management that takes care of it all.

What if there was a way to manage and conduct campaigns and launches that don’t go well? In general, all of it is synchronized which is a good enough way to acquire the end results.

Companies go through a lot of strain and pressure anyway, therefore having a solution or a roadmap that helps them to eventually get there might just help.

When you belong to a network, the vision has a strong role to play and hence, there is a constant need to understand the scope that needs to be achieved.

Time to drift down to the subject of focus, Roadmunk, a roadmap that is the platform that you most definitely need. Let’s get down to the Roadmunk review.

Roadmunk Review

What is Roadmunk?

Roadmunk, a roadmap-based application or a platform that is basically aimed for product and management managers to help them in managing and launching their products in the way that counts.


Additionally, it also provides tons of features that are flexible and easy to use to be a part of. There is so much to actually say about the platform since it has so much to offer for effective growth. Nonetheless, the features are user-friendly too.

Speaking of how the software works around, it is interactive, excellent, and ready for launch. However, the one prime reason why it stands out though would be its scalability.

Therefore, if you have a business, big or small, you can utilize the platform to fulfill your utmost needs and especially collaborate with the branding.

Roadmunk allows users to choose their own templates or roadmaps and even generate them. Alternatively, you can also choose your template from the list of pre-made ones. All of these templates will go well with your project ideas and would turn out to be a great fit.


For a team that is working together, Roadmunk has a huge role to play to help them plan effectively for the future of the organization or team. All of these roadmaps are also easy to share with relevant reviewers to gather their feedback.

The export engine feature of Roadmunk makes it easy to have all the roadmaps ‘presentation ready’ and to convert them to PDF or Powerpoint. Its integration with JIRA also adds to bring more advanced visibility in the process.

Features of Roadmunk

Capture Feedback

It is important to make and have decisions that are customer-driven. Therefore, with this feature of Roadmunk, you actually get to have feedback that will help you in making such effective decisions.


The crystal-clear roadmaps are also efficient and help to put the idea right on the table. Therefore, you can also align your whole organization so that they have a clear image of the process too.

Prioritize Ideas

Roadmunk has practices that in-built for product management and hence, it helps to prioritize your products and ideas.

Benefits of Roadmunk

Options to Filter and Design

Advances filters that you find out on the software is something you definitely need to try out. There are tons of custom options available to the users to make a pick from.

Therefore, now users get the access to select their own design and plan everything they want. This also helps them to stay flexible and continue with their assigned task with minimum trouble.


Users get a chance to share their knowledge and plan with the other members of the team and other clients too. Additionally, there is also a way to add comments or chat with them to discuss the plans that are in action.

Also, you can mention any member of the team as well so that they know what is happening around.

Simple Presentations

Roadmunk makes the understanding clear on how tough it can get to specify a product and get along with its presentation.

With the help of this tool, it becomes easy for users to view data that are put forward for viewing.

Templates also play a huge role in the process to help users understand how the data is presented in manner to extract the most relevant details out of it.

Why You Need Roadmunk?

Here are some of the common reasons why you certainly need ‘Roadmunk’:

  1. It is a cloud-based solution that is highly effective when it comes to project management. It fits well with businesses of any sort regardless of their size.
  2. For every member in the team, users are allowed to set permissions. Therefore, to maintain and manage security in the right way, there are set of permission level that ensures having files and documents secured and accessible to anyone who might require them.

Roadmunk Integrations

Roadmunk APITrello

Roadmunk Pricing Plans

Roadmunk basically has four plans for users to choose from: –

  1. Starter.
  2. Business.
  3. Professional.
  4. Enterprise.

The Starter plan is for $19/month and focuses on single road mappers. For the Business Plan, you need to pay $49/month and it is mainly for small teams.

As for the Professional and Enterprise, the prices are $99/month and Contact Sales.

To save a total of 20%, you can choose to bill annually or monthly depending on your usage needs. Hence, you can go for the plan that suits your requirements.


Roadmunk Pricing Plans Monthly


Roadmunk Pricing Plans Annual

Roadmunk Alternatives

1. Upchain PLM

To work in real-time, Upchain PLM is the best option that has come up so far. CAD files are easy to access through PLM software. Also, with its own set of 2D/3D CAD tools and viewers, it certainly makes the reviewing and editing process easy.


A solution or rather a discovery made to help companies grow. These are basically centered around entrepreneurs, managers, and so on such that they are able to identify the business ideas.

Roadmunk Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Roadmunk

What are the different browsers that Roadmunk supports?

The different browsers that you can use with the software are Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.

What all do you get from free trial?

Simply put, everything that you might need to get started with road mapping is what you get out of the free trial. You can create unlimited roadmaps out of it.

What is the validity for the free trial?

You get to use the free trial version for good 14-days.

How is my data secure on Roadmunk?

Well, the software is compliant with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 which is also one of the leading security assets to count on. Security of the customers is of utmost importance and hence, helps to norm down the security requirements.

What are the different paid plans that you can opt for?

There are three different pricing plans to consider from and they are Starter, Business, and Professional. To save a total of 20%, you can choose to bill annually or monthly depending on your usage needs.

Wrap up

Roadmunk, as mentioned earlier, is a roadmap platform that helps in effective management to help organizations, industries, and different companies to build their own roadmaps and to follow them too.

Overall, it is a great software to have for executives, managers, etc. to get along with the whole road mapping process from start to end.

Therefore, to give it the right thought, it is immensely helpful to create ideas, manage feedbacks from customers, and so on. In return, you get roadmaps that are intuitive and interactive.

Hope the review tells you about the details about how efficient the software is. Try it out to know for yourself.

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