Rocket.Chat Review – Details, Features, Pricing and Pros

Are you looking for a private platform for your business, so that there are no distractions?

Do you want a simple yet highly secure communication with people?

Rocket.Chat is a communication platform that allows you to securely connect with your teams, customers, suppliers, and partners in one place.

Rocket.Chat has all the features you ever need. It allows you to manage conversations, find data, speed up service in one place.

In this Rocket.Chat review, you will learn all about its features, pricing, and benefits.

What is Rocket.Chat?

Rocket Chat is an open-source communication hub that is able to bring infinite people and tools together. It is trusted by thousands of companies in more than 150 countries. review

It unites all forms of communications in one place regardless of the devices or the messaging platforms they are using.

Being an open-source company, they have evolved and changed to fit the users’ needs. They have broken all the barriers to cross-team communication regardless of the hosting or services used. And best of all, it’s very budget-friendly software.

They have deployed more than 845k servers, 57k SaaS trials, 627k total contributions and 73k apps purchased.

They are used by 12M+ users. They have even been awarded many prizes like best open source application in 2016, first place in All things open’s startup, and highest ranking in remote and Live chat software on Capterra.

Features of Rocket.Chat

Let us see some of the attractive features of

  • It is an open-source service, thus it is constantly improved by developers and it is completely flexible and adaptable for all communication needs.
  • You can keep the workflow by centralizing all your tools and touchpoints in one platform.
  • It is made for team collaboration, customer management, and DevOps.
  • You can reduce cost and increase productivity on an omnichannel platform.
  • It seamlessly adapts to all types of company needs from military services, government services to small business. It suits all.
  • You can customize your workspace with various user permissions, integrations to centralize all your data required by your team members and customers.
  • You can hold effective conversations with the use of @username mentions and organizing the conversations with high transparency so that you don’t miss any information.
  • You can provide an effective user experience with the help of their chatbots, visitor tracking, automated responses, priority assignment, and agent transfer.
  • You can hold omnichannel communication with your customers from one place. You can integrate many applications like Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, LiveChat, CRM software with This will allow you to communicate with a customer through a channel they are comfortable with.
  • They provide a secure messaging experience by Message Audit Panel, End-to-End Encryption, ID-only Push Notifications, Multi-Factor Authentication, LDAP / Active Directory, Social Network Login.
  • They also provide data ownership by Engagement Dashboard, Flexible Hosting, Custom Storage, Custom Domain, Customizable User Permission, Analytics Reporting.

Benefits of Rocket.Chat

  • You can centralize all your communication in one place to conduct effective communication.
  • You can conduct effective communications with file sharing, media sharing, screen sharing, audio, video, media sharing, etc. regardless of the customer location.
  • You can increase the performance of your team members by streamlining the workflow in a single platform. This will avoid missing information, miscommunication, negligence, etc.
  • You can completely customize the application to fit your needs. You can add features, flexibility, authority, priorities to fit your needs.
  • The OmniChannel chatting option is a key feature that will provide a seamless user experience and thus make your customers trust you.
  • They have a completely functional free plan with all their basic features.

Why Do You Need Rocket.Chat?

  • To communicate with your team members, developers, and customers on a single platform without the distraction of multiple messaging channels.
  • To improve the user experience with the help of omnichannel chatting, LiveChat, automated responses, priority assignment, etc.
  • You can customize the service to tailor fit it to your requirements. You can add permissions, priorities, organize data, integrate applications according to your needs.

Rocket.Chat Integrations

Facebook MessengerSalesforce
WebhooksHubspot CRM
RapidPro ChannelTwitter
Google AnalyticsTrello
AnnonymizerPush Channel

Rocket.Chat Pricing Plans

They have three pricing plans:

1. Free
2. Pro
3. Enterprise. pricing plans

1. Community Plan

It is a free plan, it includes a 1K user limit, unlimited message history, 10,000 push notifications, Omnichannel basic, etc.

2. Pro Plan

The pro plan costs $3 per month. It includes unlimited users, social network login, 25,000 Monthly push notifications, Omnichannel standard, etc.

3. Enterprise Plan

The enterprise plan is customizable with many advanced features like high scalability, message audit panel, unlimited push notifications, etc.

Rocket.Chat Alternatives

1. Discord

With Discord, users can communicate in any form. It has voice calls, video calls, messaging, media, and file sharing in private chats or in group chats.

It is one of the best communication software out in the market.

2. Cisco Jabber

It enables effective communication with features like instant messaging (IM), visual voicemail, audio, video, and web conferencing, and enterprise voice.

This allows you to hold effective communication with transparency.

3. Webex

Webex enables crystal clear team collaboration with the help of their video conference, group and private messaging, file sharing, and whiteboarding.

Rocket.Chat Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Rocket.Chat

What is Rocket.Chat?

Rocket.Chat is a communication hub in which you can connect with your staff, clients, stakeholders, etc.

What is Rocket.Chat used for?

It is used to have a private and dedicated communication platform exclusive to your company or service alone.

Is Rocket.Chat free?

It has a free for life plan for up to 1000 users with all the basic features.

How much does Rocket.Chat costs?

1) It is free for up to 1k users with basic features.
2) It cost $3 per month for its Pro plan with advanced features.
3) Their enterprise plan is customizable for large companies.

What does Rocket.Chat do?

It streamlines all your communication by centralizing them in one platform. It is omnichannel. That is you can communicate to many platforms from a single dashboard.

Why choose Rocket.Chat?

It is OmniChannel, flexible, and highly secure. So it’s the best communication platform out there.

What are the security measures taken by Rocket.Chat?

Their safety measures are message Audit Panel, End-to-End Encryption, ID-only Push Notifications, Multi-Factor Authentication, LDAP / Active Directory, Social Network Login.

Can I communicate with my clients on other platforms through Rocket.Chat?

Yes, you can communicate with customers on Facebook, Live chat, Twitter, etc. From Rocket.Chat itself.

Can I add my code to Rocket.Chat to customize the platform?

It is an open source platform. So you can add your coding to it to make it personal.

What type of support is available?

They have a strong community of developers to assist you, they have tutorials, blogs, and documentation to support you.


Rocket.Chat is a technical advancement when it comes to business communication. There is no service quite like the Rocket.Chat.

It allows clear and continuous communication among the team members, customers, and other stakeholders.

Even though it can have a little bit of a learning curve, it will be worth every bit of the money and effort we put.

This will increase the productivity of your company by excluding missing information, miscommunication and improve customer experience. They give a unique solution to an ever-existing communication problem.

You can subscribe to their free plan to test their service for free. You can easily upgrade the plan according to your needs once you are satisfied with their service.

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