Salesmate Review – Details, Features, Pricing, and Pros

Salesmate is a sales CRM and automation software that offers a simple, personal, and productive experience for both the sales team and the customers.

Do you want to maintain a professional and consistent relationship with your customers?

Do you want to empower your sales team with smart tools to improve their efficiency? 

Do you want to skip complications and automate many scut work involved in CRM? 

Then Salesmate provides you a solution for all that and more. In this Salesmate review article, we are going to see an in-depth review of Salesmate.

Salesmate Review

What is Salesmate?

Salesmate is a customer relationship management and task automation software that has all the required features to improve the sales function.


It is designed to improve the efficiency of the Salesmate by empowering the team with smart tools, pipeline visuals, task automation, reports, etc.

Salesmate saves time by doing all the scut work related to sales like contact update, bulk email sending, typing numbers individually to contact prospects., etc.

It breaks down even the most complex sales workflow into a simple and understandable workflow. That allows the team to complete more tasks and this closing more deals.

Salesmate truly is the best CRM available in the market. It is sure to grow your business and make more deals.

Features of Salesmate

Contact management

Salesmate has 360° contact management that allows you to import, capture leads, enrich them, track conversations, activities, and better insight. They do it with the help of features like:

  • Reliable data repository 
  • Filters, segments, and search
  • Auto profile enrichment
  • Auto assignment 
  • Sales activity tracking
  • Bulk actions. 

Sales Pipeline

You can clearly view, organize, prioritize leads and then follow up using the simple pipeline view for each stage of the deal.


This will help you close more deal with the help of features like:

  • Clear Visual representation
  • User friendly
  • Automation of activities 
  • Sales Forecast based on insights
  • Improved collaboration of various stages of a deal
  • Manage deals on the go. 

Smart Emails

You can easily optimize your sales process by building email templates and measuring their performance. Some of the features used to do it are:

  • 2-way email sync.
  • Email tracking for open rate.
  • Personalized templates.
  • Email analytics.
  • Send bulk emails.
  • Schedule email.
  • Link email to a deal.
  • Team inbox. 

Smart Queue

You can automate your task by creating a queue of tasks you want to get done in a time period. Queue them according to the task priority based on features like:

  • Designing your ideal day.
  • Customize the Queue to your needs.
  • You can call prospects in a queue.
  • You can perform more tasks.


Create a sequence of activities like emails, text, follow-ups for every prospect to close more deals. You can automate the sequence using the following features:

  • Email Sequence.
  • Text and MMS sequences.
  • Reminder to take action.
  • You can mix all the above features. 

Built in phone

You can completely skip the grueling process of manually typing each phone number of prospects with Salesmate’s built-in phone. You can easily make calls with the tap. Its notable features are:

  • Use clicks to call.
  • Automatically log calls.
  • Conversation history.
  • Record calls.
  • Report overall activity of the team.
  • Text messaging.

Activity Management 

You can increase your team’s productivity by tracking both what had happened and what had to be done. Some of the features are:

  • Use activity template or custom activity.
  • Collaborate by sharing activities with teammates. 
  • Notify when you have an activity to perform.
  • Get detailed reports.


Reports give you better insights to make better decisions. Salesmate allows you to fuel growth with reporting features like:

  • Visual Sales report.
  • Detailed analytics with multiple filters.
  • Activity reports. 
  • Goal-oriented reports.
  • Pipeline reports.
  • Custom reports.

Product Management

As a salesperson, you have to be updated about the products you sell to close more deals. You can easily create, add, manage a list of products. You can keep track of it all with features like:

  • Add product.
  • Associate the product to a particular deal.
  • Adjust pricing.
  • Tracking product reports. 

Benefits of Salesmates

  • Easily create and manage your contacts/leads. 
  • Simplify any complex sales process with the help of a pipeline to view, organize and prioritize. 
  • Send and track emails to optimize your sales process.
  • You can improve your sales efficiency with the help of task automation by creating a queue of events to be completed.
  • You can tailor fit Salesmate to the need unique to your business with a wide range of customization. 
  • You can do all the above tasks even from your mobile with the help of IOS/Android applications.
  • You can integrate Salesmate with multiple applications.
  • You can make calls, send emails and texts right from the dashboard.
  • Manage activities and products for improved productivity. 
  • Make better decisions with detailed analytics and reports.

Why You Need Salesmate?

  • To empower your sales team with activity and task automation to improve their efficiency. 
  • Salesmate allows you to complete more tasks thus closing more deals. 
  • To make better decisions based on reports and analytics.

Salesmate Integrations

Google AnalyticsClearbit

Salesmate Pricing Plans

They have three pricing plans and a 15 day free trial. You can save 20% on annual subscription.



Their starter plan costs $12 per month. This plan is suitable for small teams.

Growth plan

Their Growth plan costs $24 per month. This plan is suitable for growing teams.

Boost plan

The Boost plan costs $40 per month. It is suitable to boost successful businesses.

Enterprise plan

They have an enterprise plan for larger teams with additional features like dedicated IP, SSO/SAML, etc. You can contact their sales for a personalized quote.

Salesmate Alternatives

1. Teamwave

It has integrated CRM, project management, HR platform, contact management, sales management. It has everything your business needs.

2. Keap

Its CRM and sales management tools allow you to get more done with less work in order to grow your business. You can set up appointments, track leads, generate quotes.

3. Zoho CRM

You can maintain high-standard communications and relationships with your customers. You can reach your customers on any medium be it phone, SMS, live chat, email, or through social media.

Salesmate Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Salesmate

What is Salesmate?

Salesmate is a sales CRM and automation software.

What is Salemate used for?

Salesmate is used to improve the sales team efficiency, maintain a good relationship with customers, automation of tasks like contact entry, email sending, and make better decisions.

How much does Salesmate cost?

1. The Starter plan costs $12 per month
2. The Growth plan costs $24 per month.
3. The Boost plan costs $40 per month.
4. The Enterprise plan is customizable.

What industries does Salesmate have templates for?

Construction, real estate, SaaS, agencies, consultants, startups, small business, remote sales, etc.

Can I make a call from Salesmate?

Yes, it has a built in phone that allows you to make calls and send texts with a tap.

What are the automation features of Salesmate?

1. Setting up a sales sequence.
2. Lead assignment
3. Sales automation
4. Activity automation.

Can I extend my 14 day trial period?

Yes, their team will extend your trial period if you contact them.

What platforms is Salesmate available on?

Its available for Android, IOS, Chrome Web Store.

How secure is Salesmate?

They have enterprise-grade security, ISO certified, and GDPR compliance. So it’s pretty secure.

What are the modes of support provided by Salesmate?

They provide live chat, email, phone and one on one video support.

Wrap Up

Salesmate is an efficient software that improves the sales product with their 360° coverage of tasks and automation.

They have cost-appropriate plans suitable for businesses at various levels of growth. Their smart technology will ensure improved sales with no doubt whatsoever.

It is one of the robust and reliable Sales CRM and automation software in the market. You can try their excellent feature by signing up for a 14-day free trial. After that, you can make a decision to continue or not.

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